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  1. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/ru/news/2021-12-03/ Я надеюсь, СФМ тоже оставят -- для ботов, которые не находятся в прямой видимости игрока. А в идеале сворачивать бы СФМ до точки на предпросчитанной траектории в случаях, когда игрок далеко и ему всё равно. В таком режиме можно сотни тысяч самолетов единовременно гонять без потери производительности.
  2. I see. This is very sad, since my main problem was hardware requirements of 2.5+ and resulting problems. Please notify us when the Steam version of 2.5.6 will be repaired. In the meantime I'll just run disk versions of A-10 and Ka-50 which are luckily still in existence in my shelf.
  3. Thanks for the timely reply. Do you mean I should fill the request form at https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/ ? I understand that. Of course, if ED was releasing modules and updates for all the versions of the engine, that would be perfect, but I know they don't do that.
  4. I'm tired of 2.+ performance and want to set up myself with the version that is far less taxing on the hardware. But suddenly, when I open version browser, I can't find 1.5 in the list: 2.5.6 isn't running, I can't for obvious reasons switch to 2.7/OB, so how do I install the one I need?
  5. Please carefully re-read my previous post here on the explanation of why this is mathematically impossible.
  6. The current monetary system is extremely corrupt because of no proper populace control and regulation over it. You can literally convert large enough amount of money into power, which can then be used as a perpetuum mobile or philosopers' stone in extracting new money without expending your power resource, serving as a permanent capital which everyone with "large enough amount" of money attempts to control. ...and the science can be controlled by that "few" people you mentioned above. Well, the science per se can't, but scientific outcomes -- can. Elon Musk has demonstrated this phenomenon on public, with his single social message raising the prices through the roof. At the moment, the crypto is used as a voucher exchange that's not government-controlled, tracked and regulated. Of course, you can try to buy yourself a pizza or a Tesla with it. But realistically, unless you're an extremely enthusiastic person, you're buying slaves, drugs, illegal ordnance, ordering murders and dealing in CP and racket. As a miner, you're facilitating aforementioned exchanges. As a public person that's dealing in it (like stock market speculation, offering your goods in exchange for it, etc), you help create a smokescreen for such dealings. So there's totally no reason not to investigate and persecute people dealing in this kind of currency in any practical way imaginable. Also, everyone seems to outrcry about how unecological a lot of stuff is. Yet, the current cryptocurrency transacrtions are extremely calculation- and as such power-demanding, meaning these heat up the planet probably more than anything else -- and I see no public outcry about it. Funny thing that, say, Etherium is long ready to switch from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake mechanism which is extremely low-power consuming (compared) -- yet the change is postponed time after time, and this seems indefinite. Again, we can clearly see transition of "money" into power, where few producers can block off everyone else by influencing the "science". That's how the real world works.
  7. Well hello there from the a few months forwards! Somehow knowledgeable people like some Huang here (who's he to question The Law of Supply and Demand anyway?) https://finance.yahoo.com/news/nvidia-ceo-we-dont-have-any-magic-bullets-to-deal-with-chip-shortage-212549454.html?guccounter=1 tend to publicly acknowledge what was written by me here. Like I mentioned, it's just a math.
  8. I've said it before and I will say it again. The main problem in DCS is community separation. Having a paid map of this and paid map of that immediately activates a vicious cycle the Battlefield caught itself in at some point: there was a clear stratification of players by their pack, which reduced player involvement (if we're playing with friends and my friend goes to a map I don't have, instead of running to the store page and upgrading my pack, I just switch, like the most does), splits the playerbase and reduces overall interest in the game. In DCS this strategy is absolute: there are not even packs of maps, there are just separate paid maps. So to get something to play (a campaign), you have to have a corresponding module, a corresponding map and sometimes a corresponding vehicle pack. If you miss any of these, you're out. But you're not the only one out -- the campaign designer is also out on your purchase. ED is out on their cut of that. And perhaps there's not much to do for you in the game, so perhaps the community is out on you -- and you might just be that mission creator that would make a great campaign making studio for DCS. Which returns us to step 1, the lack of content to play. So about that China map. You'll fly over it for several weeks -- then what, exactly? Perhaps some Taiwan activist will create a campaign of "Defending THE Taiwan from hordes of evil Chinese MiGs", which will give you something to play for a fraction of time you dedicate to studying the module of choice. But activists burn out quickly on their bare enthusiasm, and without a reliable business model you can't create content at a steady pace -- while DCS model with it's "hit 3 of 3" strategy straight out prevents that. So even if you get this map, it won't hold your attention longer than any other one. Sad and true fact.
  9. If it still matters, I use Saitek X-52 as HOTAS and Genius Speed Wheel 3 pedals as rudder pedals (you still have to keep the wheel part plugged in, though). It still allows for precise control if you set the curves to 10 and use trim button as you should, while being not that skyrocketing expensive as some ultra-premium setups mentioned in this thread. Of course, you can use the programming tool to create profiles for each aircraft, so the functions are grouped more or less as you're used to. E.g. I use the mouse stick on throttle as a hat switch to control gear, speedbrakes and wheelbrakes on every setup that supports it (be it IL-2, DCS or the F-16 sim), or index finger hat switch on throttle as a target designation hat (TMS) in normal mode and display control hat (DMS) in shift mode (bottom trigger on the stick is assigned as a shift button). That way I don't have to re-learn the motor skills associated with different aiframes.
  10. Sadly, once you've mastered the flying, there's not much else to do. ED tries to make DCS into a game with dynamic campaign, but at the moment it's much more of a toy than a game. If there are static campaigns for your module, these can be used to prolong the fun, of course -- but these run out pretty quickly. Ususlly the joysticks today have rotation control or some other axis to use for the rudder. It will be enough to start. Also, it's quite unnecessary to buy expensive aviation rudder pedals. I, for example, use cheap Genius Speed Wheel 3 pedals (which are in fact bound to a single axis) and it suits me just fine. You can see that it doesn't detrimentally affect the quality of my control here:
  11. Maser double-back stick movements (you move the stick farther than required, then move it to the required position) and don't swing it around -- it will quickly become quite a tame beast. Also, adjust your response curves to 10% and use force trim button to reset the central point of the curves. That way, your control will be precise if you're not swinging that stick (which you shouldn't). Also, try starting in the air with some airspeed -- that way it's much easier to understand the response of the machine to your inputs. Baby steps will take you all the way. Also also, rotor separation is usually achieved through mast bumping -- a literal rotor hub strike on its axis (yep, Bell engineering at its finest!) -- so avoid it through not rotating unloaded rotor. The easiest way to do such a rotation is to get some speed, pitch up, pull the collective down while you're at the top -- and pushing the cyclic forward to seemingly execute the /----\ flight profile (like moving over a hill). You'll immediately find your profile will most likely be /---| one. Just try it several times to get the feeling of the situation to avoid. Of course, you can change to coaxial robotized helicopter aka Ka-50. In it the only thing you have to fear is overspeeding and pulling on the cyclic while overspeeding (which will cause your rotor discs to collide). But Huey is a very controllable aircraft once you know its quirks.
  12. That's not because it doesn't provide value, though -- more likely because you haven't used this to its extent yet. For several examples... which is just not how it works. When a member of your friendlist is online, you know he's interactable. And if you have fun playing together, you'll find Discord channel or other means of communication, which is secondary to said list. Also, your main objection was a memory footprint of Steam -- well, you've just traded it with Discord's of around the same size (160-210MB depending on server content). And I don't even mention this friendlist integration into many games, where you can invite a player to/join a game via a single menu function press from the overlay. It's a bliss if it's implemented. Yes, and you have to go to picture hosting and manually upload these to share them. Of course, then you have to link them somewhere on some forum and invite people who'se opinion matters to look at it and comment, if necessary. And if the upload site decides this picture is too old, you know what happens. An alternative: take, easily manage, comment in one overlay app which doesn't remove your content. E.g. If it was doing nothing, DCS would not be there. Players are there. Games are there. Communities are there (and on Reddit, obviously). And it's all done not by EGS (ha!), not by Microsoft Store, not even by GoG -- by Steam. If you want to be in players' filed of view, you have to be on Steam, period. Yes, they take 30% off your sales. Yes, they could take 20 or even 15 and take no hit for it. But it's unavoidable. Also, AFAIK ED still does not provide meaningful user migration back and forth -- so you're basically stuck with the version you're using.
  13. No pre- and unattended autoupdate, no Steam infrastructure (semiautomatic online screenshot repository, Community Hub, etc), no Steam streaming (for those who use it), no friend lists, no easy version select, etc etc etc -- and that's assuming you've got only a single game (which doesn't need cloud storage). People don't use Steam just for the giggles. I presume you're joking. You're joking, right? Gauging 200MB of Steam memory footprint's influence on DCS isn't funny, though.
  14. It does not. Very few games survived on this model and much more died of player starvation. Also, frost is not a hindrance to fire -- as clearly demonstrated by the modern AAA "game" industry, paying subscription or buying a game will prevent neither ingame shop (aka "time savers", meaning game designed around wasting your time in industrial quantities, and "convenience improvements", meaning the game is designed to be inconvenient without those purchases), nor battle passes (turning the game into a second job), nor lootbox casino, nor gacha -- nor any other form of aggressive and manipulative monetization. It just doesn't work that way. Good thing making an A, B or even indie games is now easy enough, paving the way for smaller studios with creative people to step forward. Personally, I'd very like to see how DCS or F4 look and play on Unreal 5. CoViD-19 is an extreme hindrance to building virtual testbeds and working with documentation, I suppose? Come on, this can be a valid excuse for something real-world related -- like tourism or even agriculture -- but for a small indie studio working indoors on computer game this cannot do any noticeable harm (unless it hits some key personnel).
  15. Sadly, ED seems to have bitten more than they can chew. They keep pumping out EA modules which can then possibly take years to complete. This is a vicious cycle, and overhyped players feed it by buying EA modules, therefore allowing for such strategy. Sadly, this kind of relationship is not regulated by government and law, so there's no limit on stretching the release window, feature completeness, feature quality... or almost anything else, for that matter. And players in flight community are usually pretty isolated from other gaming communities, meaning they are far less cynical and easily hyped for their own good. I don't see a solution to this situation. Well, personally I stopped purchasing anything EA, but this is a bandaid that will affect nothing on the global scale. Thus, for me one module completion is not a justification of getting another which is still in EA -- instead, that second module's release can be one. Only when almost every buying player follows this logic, the vicious cycle described above can be broken, but that is not actually possible due to the reason stated above. There is no escape © Hades.
  16. According to this video (startup part), it aligns at around 30º per 20 seconds. But in a 30 second fragment before 7:09 it doesn't seem to align at all, despite level-ish flight. In any case, I fail to understand the reasoning behind giving a pilot such an instrument without manual align function. The one with "they'll mess it up" fails at remembering the pilots were the most educated servicemen in the field, learning an immence array of information from meteorology to exact construction and functioning principles of every mechanism on board -- so quirks of "align" function of one of the many cockpit instruments is a drop in a sea.
  17. Obviously. When the card is not an investment to make more money (via "mining") but an entertainment, the price matters. $3K for a video card (3080 in this case) in mining is just a somewhat longer-term investment, while for entertainment purposes it's completely impractical and for the total most it's more sensible to switch the entertainment platform as a whole. It's just like some cool magnetic force-feedback joysticks which are totally available for similar prices -- several people have probably got these, but the rest doesn't even consider these as an option. They'll have to get these same as everyone else -- either on their own lines, or put a request for the bigger manufacturers to do it. So it'll be another bunch of products which fof the most of us exists only on paper. And no, I don't believe those who say that in 2025 everything will become if not as it was before, then at least sensible. While video cards are used as an industrial appliance, general users have to compete against industrial ones (with obvious results). And that will be a direct blow against the whole platform. Only the global crackdown and total ban on cryptocurrency infrastructure -- trading sites, miners, users, everything connected -- can alleviate this. Sadly, it's the only sensible move in this situation.
  18. Nice one The inavailability issue may start sorting out in 2025 according to some analysts, but I have my doubts. I'd guess that video cards will start becoming available somewhere around 2027 (after new microchip production plants are up to speed and the market is at least somewhat saturated) -- if nothing drastic happens and no one screws up the long chain which is video card production and distribution. And if PC gaming will still be a thing by that time.
  19. Bumped into this relatively recent video on the internets. Link to the paper itself is in the description. For simplicity, here it is: https://matthias-research.github.io/pages/publications/PBDBodies.pdf I reckon DCS could use some of it in its PFM to speed the whole simulation up.
  20. Each DCS module comes with 2 manuals -- Mods\aircraft\<Name>\Doc\<Name> Flight Manual <Language>.pdf and Mods\aircraft\<Name>\Doc\<Name> QuickStart Guide <Language>.pdf I am talking about the latter. It usually holds all the necessary procedures to jumpstart with the jet -- how to start, how to navigate, how to shoot, etc.
  21. Any difference to quickstart guide? Also, I didn't notice mention of enabling radio, ILS and missile warning system, as well as selecting the proper comm channels.
  22. Я, конечно, извиняюсь, но не вполне понятно, как связана вакцинация и перенесенное заболевание. При вакцинации Спутником человек получает аденовирусный вектор с нужной для синтеза определенного белка информацией. Реакция будет зависеть от активности иммунитета (т.е. в общем случае -- от возраста, чем моложе, тем сильнее иммунный ответ).
  23. 1. Nothing will save you AFAIK 2. No, it just needs to be on SSD. If you want to go all the way -- it can have a different SSD. Swap file should also be located on SSD. 3. Of course. Just remember to point the Steam game directory to said folder. 4. The game is in a permanent photo mode. As such, you can't have a smooth game on a normal PC without server hardware (now more than ever, with 32GB RAM recommended and some witnesses reporting even more is actually necessary), but you can have a smoother game. Yet it requires tricks like disabling some shaders and such, which may cause multiplayer unavailability.
  24. Значит, это самовнушение или лицемерие (или смесь оных в произвольной пропорции). При 30ФПС после 60 комфортно быть не может, за исключением случая, описанного мной выше. Это не имеет ровным счетом никакого значения: поворот камеры и плавное движение земли и объектов имеет принципиальное значение для ощущения игры в любых играх, где точка обзора привязана к линии зрения персонажа. Достаточно просто повернуть голову при 30 и 60 кадрах в секунду (а потом опять при 30), чтобы ощутить, как прыгает всё при 30. 30 ФПС -- это отсутствие качества. Увы. Хотя если не жалко свои же глаза на таком стробоскопе -- кто ж тут может помочь? Суть была не столько в настройке под "высокий" (если его можно так назвать) ФПС, а в том, что при нем играть хотя бы возможно -- и в том, что в доработанном оригинале (Ф4) при кратно большем ФПС находиться гораздо приятней (картинка там, к слову, тоже четче -- это говоря о красотах). Ну так если Беседка рукожопы -- кто ж им виноват? Мододелы из релиза в релиз фиксят не просто одинаковые, а одни и те же баги. Куцость и убогость их ИИ вошла в легенды куда прочнее самих Свитков, вместе с великолепной анимацией, особенно вертикальных перемещений персонажей. Игры с каждым разом всё упрощались и уплощались вплоть до уже легендарного ассет-флиппера ФО76 и такого же успешного мобильного казино, замаскированного под "игру". И да, финал их пути был вполне предсказуем -- куплены Филей оптом и за бесценок (с учетом ИП, которыми они владеют, и Скайрима, конечно же). Будут продолжать работать так же эффективно -- случится то же, что и с Близзардом, Филя шутить любит не больше Котика. Ну и да, без "собери свою игру сам" и Скурим, и ФО4 интерес представляют весьма посредственный. В отличие, например, от Морровинда. В том же, что ДКС плохо и размазанно выглядит при средних настройках текстур, а при высоких требует уже серверных мощностей, винить, наверное, надо именно разработчиков, разве нет? Или кто-то ещё в этом виноват?
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