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  1. Doesn't matter for DCS - no USN/USMC = no DCS Hornet
  2. The thought is: it's just how track replays work. They record all inputs made to the birds in order to essentially replay whatever happens. Due to the intricacies of this, at some point (specially in longer tracks) desyncs WILL occur and stuff will go wrong. Essentially the track replay is not a "video replay" function, but a debug function to log stuff that happened and see how it affected the simulation - but you would use shorter, isolated tracks of the incident you want to debug / file a bug report on for that.
  3. Redkite makes the best indepth videos, Wags' own videos are great as well, of course - I wouldn't go the video-way of learning, though (but that's me, it's just taking too long) but rather grab Chuck's Guide to the Hornet: https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-dcs-f-a-18c-hornet/
  4. Source for that? I mean, we DO have more than on/off in the A-10...
  5. But you said it takes all of 5 minutes: put a target on a map, hop in a Hornet and verify that the Mav isn't slewing when it's been handed off from another sensor. Where's that 1+ hour coming from?
  6. What are you talking about a GoPro? If you can reliably reproduce the issue, why don't you create the requested track yourself? Do what you said: take those 5 minutes to put a target on a map, hop in a Hornet and verify that the Mav isn't slewing when it's been handed off from another sensor. Finish mission -> save track -> upload track to your bug report -> done.
  7. That said: is the discrepancy between age-out of the *bricks* and actual age.out of the trackfiles being worked upon? Because the latter shouldn't age out to begin with.
  8. They are knee-deep in the FM review, Bignewy said so in several bug reports lately. It's coming sooner rather than later, now.
  9. It isn't, though. What's your specific issue, and please show a trackfile of that issue.
  10. It only works when you set the interior lighting to "NITE". Did you set it such?
  11. Thanks, but no thanks. Single Player is perfectly fine. (that said: I play MP a bit, but strictly PvE with people I know)
  12. Of course we can compare the LITENING to the LANTIRN. While the LITENING (and you are right in that we probably have the LITENING II AT in all LITENING equpped birds) should deliver a somewhat higher clarity than the LANTIRN, it absolutely should have digital zoom and the associated loss of resolution modeled, resulting in blobs similar, but maybe not as bad as the LANTIRN. There. I compared the two. Bottom line: our LITENING is overperforming since forever, in the A-10, the F-18 and F-16. THAT should be tuned, and would consequently make the ATFLIR (and in future the SNIPER) stand out more. I am fairly certain we will see those things modeled when the IR render rework arrives at some point in the future.
  13. The most recent revision of the MULTI-SERVICE TACTICS, TECHNIQUES, AND PROCEDURES FOR MULTI-SERVICE BREVITY CODES, short BREVITY is from May 2020: https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1009227 While there is indeed no brevity call for JDAMs or GBUs per se, you could say that: PINBALL [A/A] [A/S] Laser guided munition has separated from its launching vehicle and captured laser designator. Is related to LGBs, but more relevant is the actual JTAC operation: if you read up in the JP 3-09.3 on CAS, you will see that the talk on process with the JTAC clearly defines the munitions to be used during the gameplan and 9-line, so when the pilot is cleared hot and performs the laser-related comms for use of LGBs, or announces the release of the weapons in question during attack ("1 away, off to the north" or whatever), the JTAC will exactly know what is on it's way, without the need for a specific brevity code. Compare that to the more dynamic, less structured nature of air to air combat, ASuW, etc. where that sort of comms are not in place, thus creating the need for call-outs to give a picture of the weapons in employ.
  14. Upload a track, please, or no one will be able to look into it. UFC is working without issue for me. Which training mission are you struggling with, exactly?
  15. Hey IronMike, sorry for the quote, just one small question: on the facebook DCS group someone said you told him via PM that ED refuses to give you guys the "wheel chocks code", which seems pretty ridiculous. I'd agree that wheel chocks are super low priority and I am not here to nag you about it, just wondering if you could confirm that ridiculous "refuse to share code" statement. Thanks!
  16. What do you expect from someone who literally has "CSGO" mentioned in his user name. You'd kinda think these air-quakers would stick to Ace Combat.
  17. Zero curves, always - it's the only linear input which keeps the movement inputs 100% predictable. No matter the hardware, I always fly zero curves - with my old X56, with a Warthog, with my VKB setup. It only comes down to training, a gentle touch, more training, not being so hamfisted and more training. It IS complicated, and great hardware may make it a bit more accessible - but I know people refueling while flying with keyboard, so blaming the hardware is just an excuse.
  18. Nope, the callout is IAS
  19. When you initally call the tanker it will report to you it's speed and altitude.
  20. Looks like it is not possible to set up OAP for markpoints:
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