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  1. I mean, whoever is not realizing that those Clouds are WIP probably didn't spend a minute looking at DCS so far, so - ok, I guess? Like Bignewy said, can't please everyone *shrug*
  2. You literaly complained about them showing WIP stuff (here: clouds) because they are not included in the immediately following patch 6 posts further above. And then continue about "false advertising". That's a bit hyperbolic IMHO and I wanted to point out to Bignewy that not all people think so strictly as you seem to do. Not more. Not less.
  3. Just to bring this out there: please keep showing stuff in progress, even if it is not coming in literally the next patch. I fully disagree to the person above me and would like to give you positive feedback on Wags' videos, just so it doesn't get swept under the rug by naysayers. Us guys that like how you do things are out here.
  4. Had an extensive CAS evening Sunday, works like it always did for us... (10 players)
  5. It is the Acquisition Point Cue: the ACQ Point cue indicates the highest priority MSI trackfile if the HAFU for that track is not currently displayed (e.g. it is not the L&S or DT2). This cue will indicate the acquisition point if AACQ is commanded at that instant. This cue also represents where the L&S target will step to if the Undesignate button is depressed. Slewing the TDC cursor over the ACQ Point cue will remove the cue in favor of a HAFU if the LTWS option is selected. The ACQ Point cue is also removed when the cursor is positioned over any MSI trackfile. The ACQ Po
  6. Which plan? F-18? I think you should ask that question in the F-18 bug subforum (as well).
  7. Yes, thats how it works IRL. Mav takes precedence of the HOTAS FOV command.
  8. It's implemented for ages now, but was somewhat buggy a long while. It's working pretty perfectly nowadays, though, including the AACQ cue, that has been added a while ago.
  9. And it will automatically turn off with the APU turning off, later.
  10. Also that would be an excellent time to look at the Mission Editor. Setting up a refuel training takes all of 5 minutes.
  11. "Dark aspect", lol, calm down. Your TGP is in ATRK or PTRK, which are both modes that are not slewable. What you CAN slew in those modes is the offset cursor (your small crosshair). Make sure to be in standard inertial track (OPR) and you can slew. As per Wags' videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvzxfqymFq0 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cr7--PXczpM Nothing in that is weird, nor is it weird that stuff changes during development. Hate to be that guy, but: things will change during Early Access (and this got implemented *6 months* ago) Also: my F-mav
  12. IIRC laser designator range in DCS is hardcoded to 8nm, so at Angels 30 your slant range indeed might have been to high
  13. Afaik 20 degree bank until 20 degrees off carrier heading, then reverse is correct
  14. Wait, you are seriously whining about your spending money because one type of ordnance isn't displayed correctly in a 3rd party program? Wow. Whenever I thought the entitlement issues of DCS players has reached a limit someone easily knocks down that goalpost.
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