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  1. Hi all, I have an issue in OB with troops transport using the Huey: When I start the mission in single player I have no issue to get troops getting in the Huey, however when the same mission is hosted by a server for mutliplayer usage, then, when calling troops to embark, they just run in circle and then just stop moving Anyone knows how to make troop embarking working in multiplayer? Thanks
  2. TRy this: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=251377 It solved it for me
  3. I dont have stutter anymore since I applied that fix...!
  4. Dear all, When I host a multiplayer mission and I replay the server track, I see everything except my own (host) aircraft... Is there a way to have everyone visible including server host in the replay track? Thanks for help!
  5. Exactly, same mission on 2.5.5 was showing the radio items in F10 menu, and not in 2.5.6
  6. Unfortunately not... was waiting for someone from ED to reply...
  7. Dear all, Since 2.5.6 my home made mission does not show the F10 Radio options anymore. Those were working on 2.5.5... I am using the Add Radio Item option in the ME Thanks for help
  8. Yes, before we should be tasking to drop the GBUs. The Gazelle are invincible so basically Max just turn around and shoot, and it never triggers the following step
  9. Hello, Not sure if I should report that here but in mission 16 where you have to GBU some AAA, the Gazelle garding the spot are invincible so the action from MAX cannot triggered the follow-up actions Thanks to have a look! Taking the opportunity that all your campaigns are so good and immersive, so much that I take modules to play them...!
  10. Sorry for late feedback: It fixes the issue! Still need to fix the global issue that puts random failures on even if it is not turned on in ME THanks!
  11. OK but it is still a bug as in the mission editor the random failures are turned off. They my have been turned on at some point but they are off now Tried to update the mission, not sure where to change to remove the failures, what is the name of the section? Then some fields enable = true to change to false I suppose? Thks
  12. OK, so I just need to look into the .miz and removed any random failure event I could find in? As advised it happened to me in a core F/A-18C mission (part of the integrated small 5 mission campaign), so this exists for pure single player mission too
  13. Here is the mission file In both example I used the BN Blue #03 F/A-18 aircraft (cold start on Kutiaisi) CAU_BN Training - Global_ALL_OB.miz
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