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  1. I think this is for many months now for me that the Hornet uses a lot of CPU on multiplayer servers where other aircraft F15, F16 F86 perform well. I use vR and have fps VR installed and visible all the time. So I can glance at it whenever I want. The hornet is about 19-20 ms and other aircraft 12 ms. But everything longer than 12 ms leads to stutter and a lower achievable frame rate than 75 fps. I have a ryzen 5900x CPU and an nvidia RTX 3090 and 32 GB Ram. That should be good enough i guess. Does anybody else experience the same issues with the Hornet only?
  2. Default is very flexible if you pull quick enough and the limiter cant catch up
  3. So you guys are saying that OB and stable will be compatible in MP all the time, also while one version gets an update and the other still needs to wait for an update? Its really just a waste of hard disk space then. Just go with OB or Stable, how you prefer, right?
  4. Yes thats my feeling too. In the F16 you have just one good turn and then it takes ages to get energy back. Although this is an F16 thread here and I am not very used to the F15, but it seems that even in the F15 you'd struggle to outrate the F18 which again stresses that the turn rate of the F18 is too optimistic. At least when I fly the F18 on a dogfight server its just about to accelerate to 360 kts pull the exact amount of G to stay at that speed and now just wait and outrate the opponent most of the time. The F18 can do that 360 kts turn forever.
  5. .... and you still gonna lose 2 circle. Why? Because the F18 going nose high whips around for 5 seconds with a peak of up to 25 degrees / sec. Nothing to blame the F18 pilot for. No paddle used, no over G. Seems all legit what he did. Except the turn rate the F18 gave him. At least to me it does. Then clever people tell you to go uphill and stay fast... and get hit by the F18 again with 24 degree /second @ 6.8 G. Every time the Hornet gets some of those in credible turnrate peaks for some seconds you lose more and more in the rate fight. I'm not qualified to judge.
  6. I think the habit of locking up a bandit off bore sight before the gun shots comes from flying the F16. The F16 will give you the exact closure speed and distance to the bandit in the HMD, so you can prevent an overshoot. Well the Mig, as far as I know, just has the arrow symbol with the scale on the left of the HUD, which is basically just a visualisation of the distance to the bandit. But as long as this is just in the HUD and not in the HMD too, I wont look at it too often. So having a lock on the bandit before he is in the HUD and ready for a guns shot is more or less pointl
  7. Yes. I already had the buttons assigned, but I quite wanted to understand what the radar was doing under the hood. But now I think I have a good feeling about whats happening. I think its one of the expectations you get from playing western fighters all the time. That the HUD or something just has to tell you exactly what to do, and what mode it is in.
  8. Yes. I think I have found a good workflow for me now. Apparently the radar remembers the last used mode when switching to guns, but does just not show the symbology any more. Maybe the HMD is still working but without the circle symbol its very hard to use. So what I do before a guns fight: Go to vertical scan mode and activate guns. When I lose lock, even when I dont see the symbology but know approximately where I will regain lock a again and start pressing the lock button. Had a couple of dogfights tonight, worked pretty well.
  9. Okay that makes sense. One more question. In case I decide to use the long process of using the HMD getting a first lock, but unfortunately losing lock while having the bandit somewhere jinking in front of me, needing to re-akquire lock now. When I just press the lock button over and over, I manage to get a lock again, but where is the area the radar is scanning now? There is no indication like the boresight circle or vertical scan bars. Which mode does the radar revert to and use after a lost lock coming from HMD mode?
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. But somehow the dogfight handling of the locks in the Mig does not work quite smoothly for me. I can go to boresight or vertical mode then activate guns to lock a bandit up. Thats cool for a front pass. But up to the point I get into a scissors situation I always have to wait until the bandit crosses the hud to lock him for a gun shot. If I wanted to stay in guns mode all the time. Because what I think is, that if I locked someone up first with the HMD, lose lock, the Mig automatically reverts to boresight locking mode. I feel very unconforta
  11. I dont want to start a new topic here, because it might be obsolete what I am asking, as people here talk about an english mod. I watched grim reapers Su27 and Mig29 tutorials from 2018 and he has not an english cockpit but english HUD symbology and letters. To follow his tutorials it would be quite useful for me to have it set accordingly. But if I do as he suggests go into the flaming cliffs custom menu and try to find the customized cockpit as english variant, it just does show "default" to me. Was that option taken away? Or how can I activate the english HUD symbology?
  12. Thanks for clarification. The question is, if I'd change the custom curve manually on top of the actual curve to get a more linear feeling, doesnt that give a totally distorted response curve? I dont know, maybe its a stupid idea. But if ED offered in the custom aircraft settings a checkbox to remove the gradient, which then leads to a linear response curve, wouldnt that be better and easier for users with a traditional gimballig stick? Of course that would be sort of unrealistic, but the minority of people around here own a force sensing stick (FSSB or equivalent) like used in
  13. I am using the HMD only to lock. So this report is just about ACM locking with JHMCS. I know about the workaround smashing TMS up to make the radar update. But I think that issue was solved. When that bug was still present, you could see the radar moving on the left MFD exclusively when you pressed TMS up. But at the moment you can see it following the head movement continuously, when you glance at the left MFD. ( If you zoom out and move the HMD while watching the radar cursor on the left MFD) One thing I noticed though is when you press TMS up the radar retu
  14. Here is a video of the current behavior when trying to lock an aircraft with JHMCS. You can clearly see that the radar seems to favor the aircraft closer to the nose of the F16 instead of the one I am looking at with the JHMCS symbol. Every time you see a line pointing out of the JHMCS egg symbol indicates that a lock ocurred and where to look for the locked target. I tried different ways of locking. By pressing TMS up, then putting the eye on target. Or by putting the radar symbol (egg) on the target then pressing TMS up. It is very unpredictable which aircraft will be l
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