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  1. The "the JF 17 is overpowered and cant be simulated because its too new" crowd will go nuts.
  2. Even if you are looking forward to something, for some people you are still not doing your part, because you ask questions and if you apply enough twisted logic, it might seem like you dare to believe that something might not be perfect. Edit: Sorry if I sound triggered, but I really hate this subtle way of pointing the "you are just a hater who cant get his mouth full enough" finger. I understand that as of now we have not seen the final product. However if everything would be good enough all the time, there would be no progress no going forward, no improvement. So yes, part of what define
  3. Yea, you can pretty much mess up every airfield / carrier anyways if you desire, thats an admin problem, not a module one
  4. That sounds like a really bad comic book and is obviously false. Its the driver not the plane that wins the fight. BFM aswell as BVR. The expectation of some people that you autowin BFM because you fly plane X just bends my mind. There are fighting styles in which the viper is superior and will win yes, but the same is true for the hornet. So the trick is to force the other dude to fight your fight. But I guess thats not as easy as just winning by plane choice and comparing random numbers so it obviously cant be true.
  5. Yea thats why I am asking. While it looks very nice, and better than everything done so far, you can also clearly see that there still is a lot of room for improvement. Dont get me wrong its still wip. go to 9:30 for example. Thats not what I would call alive or think will be in the final product.
  6. Just watched the Launch Operations video on youtube and uh boy, that looks promising. But I have to ask what happens when you diviate or something happens? Will random failures on have an impact? Will something like for example happen for example? What happens when you do something stupid? Like going back to idle after saluting. Will the deck crew just shoot you into the ocean or are they able to react? What will happen when you for example dont proced while being guided? Will the guy just be stuck in his animation, or will he try to get your attention after a while? Like yea
  7. There seems to be a missunderstanding. You dont have reported anything yet. You have literally done nothing that is worth a devs time, because you did not provide a track file. Right now you are a random dude just stating your opinion. If you want to report something, the way is not to call everyone else explaining stuff to you a troll. At this point, you are the troll unless you provide some evidence that your issue exists. For me there is no other explanation why you dont want to do that besides the two options given allready. As others have pointed out allready just because you are
  8. I hope we will get a rework for the remaining missiles without having to have a major outcry like the one that was needed to make this happen.
  9. Says the dude who just states something and refuses to provide evidence like a track file. Since the jet is "quite modern" I would freaking hope so. I dont even get why someone would assume that the radar shoul not be quite modern or has concerns of the radar being quite modern in a jet with a full glas cockpit :music_whistling: First of all thats only half true, second please provide a track file.
  10. I would also be interested. If you go all the way with custom pcbs, have you considered a plug in piece to convert the mfd into a normal 5x5? Like a snap in 3 button piece. Been thinking about that for some time, but could not come up with a working solution for the connectors yet, that is not custom pcb, thTs why I am asking. Something like that could be awesome for multi module use.
  11. Dont try to frame HB for this mess. I am concerned about the communication on EDs part here to be honest. It bends my mind that ED shows the tomcat working with the carrier while being fully aware that it does in fact not and might never. Wags answer was "we dont know yet" and not will be included later. I dont think the work in progress not final product etc. tag is a valid excuse for false advertisement. You cant just raise expectations and then be like "nah we said not final so its your fault" The information that the tomcat does not work should have been included before people
  12. Well at least there were no tomcats shown in the trailer, because if there were and you know that as of now they would not even work, that would be misleading....
  13. No. You select the autopilot via ufc and the button turns it off.
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