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  1. Sorry to keep bothering you but do you know if they're still working on the DCS version of the 229?
  2. I love the Horten's work and think they made really really beautiful airplanes and hope Opitz is wrong but suspect he might be right.
  3. It is a very good book and i'd really recommend it, I'm debating wether to get his other books about the Hortens. The dogfight thing came from a pair of people that I spoke with about the 229 and maybe a book I read as a kid- Basically it's a story i've heard a number of times from different places but got curious about confirming or proving it false. I agree that the battle would have been quite unlikely, though I won't rule it out as totally impossible given the rather unorthodox nature of the whole Horten operation and chaos generally in Germany at that time. One other thing from a
  4. https://i.imgur.com/bf7dPv3.jpg https://imgur.com/VklnykI I took pictures of the relevant pages if you are interested!
  5. Hi, The sources for the above mentioned source that I was quoting are Myhra's direct interviews with the Brothers Reimar and Walter. Not to contradict the individual that stated that the V2 flew 3-4 times of course, I would be interested to see where the 3-4 number came from. I looked through that area of the form but found no source of where he got the number from, would be interested to know though just to get the facts on the planes straight.
  6. Thanks for your reply, I was reading the Myhra book about the Horten Brothers, he says that the Horten test pilot Ziller flew the (229) V2 "numerous times" and by mid February 1945 he had flown the V2 a dozen or more test flights following the initial test flight program of December 44/January 45. I figured if they did fly the aircraft that much there was the possibility of the fight happening. As you say, if it was still in early testing maybe the mock battle never really did happen.
  7. Hi Everyone, I remember hearing a story a few years ago that the Horten 229 fought a mock dogfight against a 109 or 190, is this true? Can anyone find a source for this information? Many thanks
  8. Thanks for the info on the KA-50, it is much appreciated! I was wondering if there was also a good procedure to follow when using the laser for datalink/navigation functions like setting ingress points etc? This is my sort of go to manual for everything KA-50 laser, not sure how good of a source it is. https://lyndiman.com/2013/07/30/notam-ka-50-black-shark-shkval-laser-burnout/
  9. Hi Could you explain? I have the Hornet but have not flown it in a year or so. Any clarification on the KA-50 laser would also be much appreciated.
  10. Hi Everyone, I had a couple of questions regarding the Laser and its functionality aboard the KA-50. I have seen a number of posts relating to the laser and it failing due to overuse (heating). Some people say that it just gets too hot due to antiquated Soviet coolants, others say there are a certain amount of times (measured at 300 Seconds) you can even fire the laser. I have also seen that you must allow it to cool down for 30 minutes or simply do a fullstop shutdown and repair the aircraft. There seems to be a lot of differing opinions on the functionality and of the laser and I was
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