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  1. EU based, events Thursday 1930z + Sundays 1845z We’re a milsim group of virtual aviators, flying the AV8B using as close to real life procedures as we can simulate in DCS. We are dedicated and committed and are looking for fellow DCS pilots who would like to join us. We offer training and support, 3 dedicated servers, a group with a mix of military and general flying experience who have extensive hours in the DCS Harrier. We run regular training sorties, covering not only systems and weapons use, but tactics, techniques, procedures, and teamwork - to get the absolute mo
  2. Hello, Just updated to todays patch (steam user) Unable to log in on main menu with correct credentials - keeps saying 'incorrect login or password'. Multiplayer completely greyed out and unavailable. Have done system restart, steam restart, game restart. issue persists.
  3. Hello, User error on my part, apologies. Im seeing the SITE work correctly relative to correct delivery table Sight Angle mils. Thank you for responding.
  4. Hello, Believe there is an issue with aiming carets: Process: - Stores page - Select Bomb/Gun/Rkt - Box SITE - ODU select SITE - Enter calculated Sight Angle Mils for desired Target Placement Angle, per Z-chart (i.e. set 30, or 22 as shown). - Current result/behaviour is aiming carets incorrectly placed ABOVE the velocity vector. Problem: Aiming Carets should be below the velocity vector. Their function is to aid Target Placement Angle management during Dive deliveries. You don’t want your TPA above your VV because then you’re flying s
  5. There is BUG is still ingame. - With TPOD in INS, TDC Slew Left binding (key, not axis) slews the EHSD to the RIGHT and vice versa.
  6. Same problem here. I use a Hat for Slew (for exact same reason as OP) and finding that TDC Left keybind = DMT Left but TPOD Right, and TDC Right keybind = DMT Right but TPOD Left. Controls are inverted. The Slew Axis itself seems to have different slew speeds associated to X and Y. Dont understand why that would be. EDIT: Seems specific to INS mode as OP states above.
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