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  1. Paperwork, coming soon to DCS 3.0 !! Because realisms!:joystick::lol:
  2. T.16000M has a "twisting" grip that allows for "rudder" or tail rotor function, if you need that control but don't want rudder pedals +Twcs throttle has a large paddle, that can also be used as a "rudder" or tail rotor control. Its spring loaded to center nicely.
  3. Have you looked at Helios? Allows for very similar to this, also allows for touchscreens to interact with cockpit switches too. Think it's freeware. I'll be interested in trying to get this working myself in a month or two, have a 15in touchscreen monitor for this. think there's another similar software, can't recall it's name
  4. Wow. In Canada they sell em for near double that. Actually, that's the price for a Hornet stick up here!!:pilotfly:
  5. But then redforce jets would dispense "DON'T LASE ME BRO!!1!" signs countermeasures...
  6. I'm curous... are those custom dampeners you added? What brand / size are they ? Thinking about dampeners for a heli stick...
  7. hmm... I tried googling that... didn't come up with anything at all. The Wiki page for B-17 variants... didn't see any reference to "avacs", so I've no idea. Could you explain the basics of what this variant was??
  8. Ah well I'm gonna have to pass on all of it for now. Spent a lot on the computer, monitor, and have a lot of other spending coming real soon. But thanks for the offer!
  9. Nice! Can you tell us more about your two button boxes on the left and right?
  10. I remember in the early 1980's seeing Eagle A's with Mk.82's. Also, I believe the Israelis sent F-15's along with F-16's on the Osirak raid, but I thought for a long time the Eagles were A to A only on that raid... but then I read one source that said nope, the Eagles AND Vipers dropped slick dumb bombs, and the big takeaway at that time was the then "incredible" accuracy of the CCIP dropping dumb bombs. Top story of the month in the news. I think all of that lead to the USAF deciding to develop a new concept and make the Beagle (Bomb Eagle, or Strike Eagle) I found a few pics, but their hosting wouldn't let me display it here, so do a google image search with "eagle mk.82"
  11. Saw a Virpil set for sale, the throttle Mongoose T-50, warbird base, Constellation stick, and a few other bits lke mounts and such. Not sure how old. The Constellation grip seems nice, but thinking I'd eventually replace it with the Hornet stick from ah the TM company. It's not cheap, not even sure yet if there's even a discount, as I'd have to price out each piece, then consider shipping cost he paid for it. I'm sure it's quality. But it's a lot of money to drop, so I want a better idea what I might get from it before paying a random dude a large chunk of cash!! Is there anything I should know about, problems with older models, maybe a known issue, or maybe some form of registration? Maybe issues with getting drivers? maybe a possible problem i've not thought of yet?
  12. Any plane that's not carrying cargo or passengers, no bombs and a half tank of fuel, will be fast and nimble. Burden it with max takeoff weight... why would you still expect it to be nimble? Load it with bricks, expect it to fly like a brick! Same is true of cars, and a Formula1 car is especially light, go figure.
  13. Interesting... and it seems he added a few of his own buttons too! So he did remove the spring altogether then?
  14. Actually that's the idea... but I wonder if without the spring, will the stick still be held in place? Will the sensors and commands still work? I might use some R/C car dampners on the stick instead of the spring, but either way it would feel more like a helicopter cyclic, as the further you move it, you don't get increasing resistance that you do on fixed wing a/c. I know some other sim heli pilots have removed springs from their joysticks for this reason, for more precise control of their helis, but I don't know if anyone's ever done it in the TM T.16000M yet, not even sure it's doable!
  15. Thanks. Though rare, i have seen people put up sticks and flight peripherals for cheap, in part because person selling isnt interested (husband died, son moved away got married), but also because sometimes there's not much flightsim enthusiast interest in the used market. In my region there's a guy who's had a TM TopGun stick for sale, but because he wants $50 for it it's been for sale for 9 months with no takers. Same with cars, my buddy was looking for low cost beater just run about town a little, found an ok car listed for $2500, but the seller had had little interest, and suddenly a CV joint needed replacing, my bud offered $700 cash and the guy agreed to the sale! It won't impress the ladies at the club, but his bank account impresses since he only had to make one car payment! Just saying it MIGHT be legit. But yea, it does sound like a suspiciously low price.
  16. Not too likely IMO. That tends to happen for larger weapons hitting older tanks that have not received ANY upgrades at all. The term is "spalling", and pretty much any decent army with even a modest budget, have long ago upgraded even their oldest tanks and many APC's to have internal "spall liners", basically kevlar panels that trap the steel fragments of spalling. Thus protected. And we aren't even considering kevlar that some tank crews mIGHT sometimes wear inside the tank during a particularly risky hour. Of course that's rare because air conditioning is also rare in most tanks. Edit:: If the 30mm was an explosive round, and hit an APC that did not get a spall liner, not get standoff armor, or explosive reactive armor, then yes, it would likely have a bit of spalling flying around inside creating chaos.
  17. Recently I saw a recommendation for helicopter sims that a very light or even removed spring makes it easier to fly a heli in a sim with better precision. I have a spare T.16000m stick, and I wonder if I can remove the stiff spring, but wonder if it won't work properly anymore, or if it would be fine??? I suspect this won't work, but hope I'm wrong. What do you think???
  18. Ah, perfect, that's EXACTLY the info I was looking for!! Thank you!!!
  19. I might be able to source a Pro Flight throttle quadrant, that normally is sold with and used with the Yoke. I saw a review of the yoke and throttle, and now I'm not sure if the throttle quadrant can be used by itself WITHOUT the yoke. I think it can, as I've seen that some people double them up and have six levers for various multi-engine aircraft. I want to use this throttle quadrant with other controllers, including joysticks from other brands... is this possible? Can i plug it directly into any USB port and expect it to work on its own? Or can it ONLY plug into the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke?? :huh:
  20. AFAIK If you do multiplayer, or larger missions with many units interacting, the consensus seems to be that 32gigs of RAM is the new "recommended" amount. Both officially and also unofficial observations by the users.
  21. I think I heard of someone doing that, I think he said it worked. maybe.
  22. It never went into production, but the RAH-66 Comanche had fly by wire. I think there is a modern version of the specops "Littlebird" advanced prototype that features both fly by wire and even the ability to operate as a drone flying some by autopilot commands and by an operator handflying from satellite comms. I have no idea if this is in service, I think it's likely still in R+D or testing phase. Boeing is/was testing this. The idea was they could do all the normal missions, but if the situation was extreme, they could run it unmanned to fly supplies into a hot LZ, if the expectation of being shot down was unacceptably high but felt the flight too important not to do. Think there was a full glass cockpit aand the ability to use Hellfire among other things. Here's a bit of info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_AH-6 hmm, no mention there of FBW systems... but I'm certain that I read somewhere else that they had a FBW system running on a prototype variant...
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