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  1. I have no idea, but maybe take a deep dive into Canadian CF-18's (CF-188), which started as early A and B models, and remained like that for a long time... but they have received a few upgrades. Apparently Canada bought JSOW's recently... and since we don't have SuperBugs, I have to guess that our old A's have gotten some kind of upgrade to use these, along with other things. I do recall reading somewhere that our originals did not have encrypted comms, and lacked some fancy IFF gear, which made it difficult for when Canadian fighters were doing international missions. So they were sometimes restricted to flying close to other more current/updated coalition aircraft when flying from Aviano to Yugoslavia for operations. If I understood that correctly. Another shortcomming of the originals is apparently they did not come with RWR's or at least not US 1980's era RWR capability, I think this was intended to be upgraded too. Don't take this as gospel, as I'm very far from an expert on RCAF aircraft details!
  2. Try to find a really old CH Flightstick Pro with a "gameport" instead of USB. Why? Because obsolete and so very cheap on used market. I just picked one up a few weeks ago for $10. BUT... the grip is sweet. Comes with a trigger switch, three thumb buttons, and an 8 way hat switch. Now take it apart, change whatever buttons and hat switches you want, and now attach it to whatever stick you like. No printing required. Could fit 3 or even 5 of the hat switches on it, IMO.
  3. Thank you for your recommendations Gentlemen!
  4. Wow, that's pretty sweet! I only vaguely recall seeing an ad for that as a kid, never saw one up close. man, you are right, that does look very much like someone got a printed cockpit training aid and used many of the same elements onto a basic plastic "dashboard"!! Think whoever designed this toy must have been a legitimate aviation geek!
  5. Good to know, just got a MS SW FFB2 myself!
  6. indeed, to hit a fast aircraft, using smallarms, is anywhere from very difficult to impossible, depending on speed and altitude, attitude. BUT... look at the real world. Jets HAVE been damaged by small arms, in rare cases (out of operation flight hours I mean). Crew HAVE died from a smallarms shot. On the one hand, some jets have been hit by missiles and flown home, rebuilt and got flying again a year later. But that's also rare. But at low level, a projectile is still a projectile, and aircraft don't like damage. Bird strikes are dangerous to aircraft. Many fighters and some airliners have been downed by birds. Those too are rare but they do happen. Mostly in battle it seems like smallarms are generally used on aircraft, as a desperate act of frustration. But they can also be effective in making the pilot more cautious, distract him from paying attention to other threats like MANPADS and so on, he makes a mistake, doesn't see the missile trail because of all the trace heading toward him, and now he's parachuting down to enemy soldiers he just bombed 5 minutes ago. That's a bad day at work. Armor?? What armor?! Few military aircraft carry ANY armor of any kind. And those that do, protect very tiny areas of the aircraft. The most armored aircraft I know, are the A-10 and Ah-64 Apache (Su-25 also has some too). Apaches went out on a night attack in 2003, and by the time the night was done the WHOLE GROUP was grounded from damage from small arms. One of the crewmen died in his helicopter, got hit and bled out, despite the armor. The A-10 is tough too, but it can be damaged too. A couple have been shot down. Look, armor does NOT make you invulnerable. And most of even armored aircraft is unarmored aluminum, easily damaged by smallarms like the .30cal MG's. Hit a hydraulic line, that pilot is walking home. Or getting a ride in a chopper. If the chopper doesn't get hit too. Hit the aluminum magnesium casing of a gearbox, and now you drain oil lubricants, and it will likely fail before making it to a friendly airbase. Look at the Vietnam war. I think the Americans had around 5000 choppers shot down by the end of the war, and nearly all of that was from smallarms fire. And some of their fast movers got hit and minor damage from time to time. I don't know for sure, but it wouldn't shock me if some aircrew in fast movers got hit themselves by the "golden BB", as they called it. You mention the A-10 30mm, not sure why. That cannon was meant to destroy trucks and APC's, a LOT tougher to destroy than other enemy aircraft. The only reason aircraft armament for A to A has gone to 20 and 30mm, and larger warheads, is not because smaller won't wreck an enemy plane, but because they are looking to efficiently destroy the enemy jet as fast as possible, to eliminate the threat pronto.
  7. Think I'm using the right terminology, if I want to turn my flight into a video, say for youtube or making a movie, what do I need exactly? I think I need a video capture device/app, is that right? What do you guys use nowdays? Long time ago the only way was a program called Fraps I think, but if I understand it, it took a huge performance hit, while today there seem to be hardware types that don't lose much performance? is that right?
  8. Hmm, I think you might be right about that.... kinda sucks. Maybe something for an eventual upgrade maybe? Or suggestion to the company that makes the forum software?
  9. Hi, I'm still relatively new to this site, but I'm having trouble with the very tiny font size when replying, typing into the "post message" dialogue box. Already posted text is just fine for me to easily read. But when I'm typing, the text size is small, and borderline for me to clearly see poor spelling, edit it. It doesn't help that it's also not black fonts but blue. I tried to change this using the "sizes" part in the top of the dialogue box, but that just gives the code for how the post will appear after submission... which is good, but doesn't help me when I'm tired and trying to compose a clever post. What I'm looking for is: - ability to increase the size appearance of the font while I type in a message post, not just after it's posted. - ability to make that text bold - either the choice or make default the text be made black for better contrast... I'm not a real fighter pilot, so my eyes are not as good! I tried to find an option in the Member Profile page, didn't see any options for this kind of thing. i tried to find options in ED Forums » User Control Panel » Edit Options but saw nothing of use there. I then saw this ED Forums » User Control Panel » Customize Profile And thought that looks like it would work… but it seems even after making a test selection, pressing Save for the specific box, and then Save at the bottom of the page… it doesn’t seem to change how text displays when typing. Help! Am I missing something? Can I not edit or change this so I can more easily post?
  10. Welcome back rel4y !! I just wanted to say, I have two Ch Fightersticks, so I'd be interested in getting upgrade kits for both of them, if possible at some time. I also recently bought an old gameport CH Flightstick Pro, more for curiosity and nostalgia... but if you offer sensors for the Fighterstick, I might check and see if they would work on the Pro. Resurecting good old sticks like that would account for probably very few customers, but if it's the same or nearly the same effort, might still be worthwhile. I personally would love to have the extra precision in a CH !! Thank you for your efforts!
  11. You sir, win the internetz today!!:thumbup:
  12. I think at a certain point, you might want to look at this thread: That sim covers tank warfare, infantry, infantry AT teams including TOW Milan and Kornet, combat engineer hull down pits, attack helicopter threats to engage with your Army weapons like 23mm ZSU, CV90 with 40mm Bofors, Tunguska and Shilka, Humvee Avenger, Bradley Linebacker. As a tank crewman, I believe you can be inside Leopard 1 and 2, Abrams, T-72, T-55, Marder IFV, and probably many more (but I'm just going off what I've seen in videos.... info about this sim is not that easy to find) Now, the thread page is in Russian, so get Chrome to translate it for you. Also, while there are current posts on page 30, I think the pricing on page 1 is out of date. The page I link to has youtube videos of the latest current version. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=108936&page=29 Pricing... is around $150 US dollars for a new purchase. Upgrade pricing is less than that for previous owners. Yes, this is not DCS and you don't fly helis or jets in it... but it does simulate ground stuff well enough that real world armies use it for training. There are two versions: Pro PE is meant for individual soldiers and civilian enthusiasts to use at home on your own personal computer. And there is the "Government purchase, Army only" version that you and I can't buy at any price! I plan on buying it soon. These guys have been making armor/tank simulations for retail enthusiasts AND military training contracts since the late 1990's, so they do know what they are doing.
  13. Been away from sims for 10 years, got the chance to fly a two seat plane IRL recently. It was a Vans RV-10, 210mph cruise speed 300hp, center joystick HOTAS style. Very nice plane. I just bought a game machine primarily for DCS. While I loved flying the complex fighter jets in the past... "Hornet Korea" appears to be "arcade simple" compared to the DCS Hornet, from what i've seen of the videos from Wags and Grim Reapers, and the official manual and Chuck's Guides. I'll be buying the Hornet, no doubt. But I think I'll be starting with Warbirds and maybe Korean era jets, build up in complexity through the F-5 Tiger, before getting super deep into the Hornet, Harrier and Bombcat! That said, I do suspect I'll be wanting to fly the Hornet on simple free flight to try CASE I landings as soon as I get the sim running! I get the feeling though, that the A-10C, Mig-21 and Mi-8 Hip may be quite the challenge to learn, maybe mores than the Hornet and Tomcat... what do you guys think?
  14. Ah thanks Bearfoot! I always wondered if the original claim was...um... "exaggerated" or not! Still, I have to think there are reasons for wanting the weight switch to turn radar on/off. Maybe to reduce likelihood of cancer? I think also to reduce interference with airfield/carrier radar and ground reflections?
  15. Also, Chuck makes great information guidebooks too: https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides/
  16. yea, in normal operations they are never actually emitting while on the ground, landing gear switch as mentioned above. The urban legend suggests the more powerful fighter radars, like the F-15 and Su-27 could microwave a turkey in a couple of minutes! Not sure if anyone tried that, or if it's accurate, but it seems like a bad idea to try!
  17. From what I've been told by Canadian Armored guys, they say there is a HUGE difference in armor between various versions of T-72's. The cheapest export versions have little protection for crews compared to the top of the line Soviet Army T-72, owing to higher quality armor. They relayed that in the early 90's they got ahold of a few T-72's to field test here in Canada (in CFB Gagetown maybe? not sure), and one involved using Leo1's with what the CF was fielding at the time, against these '72's armor... and they were SHOCKED to see our rounds were ineffective :cry: I could be wrong but I believe there was then a quiet emergency purchase of new tank rounds that could actually accomplish the job! :thumbup: That's old news now, what with us using the upgraded Leo2 A6M, and bigger tank gun, but I'm just pointing out that not all T-72's are created equal, and the Avenger cannon might rip some of them apart, others may simply keep driving :joystick:
  18. Wags recently mentioned about the basics, think it involved basically emailing them, letting them know what your abilities/stkils were like to actually complete it, and then they would discuss more details. If it all looked good, then there would be more steps, like signing documents with ED, geting the SDK and stuff like that. If you really have the skills, I'm sure they'd be interested in talking with you!
  19. Might this be affected at all by some hardware? meaning no problems on stick brand AA, but brand GG just won't play fair ??
  20. Awesome! Thank you gentlemen!
  21. Planning to make a button box for myself, primarily focused on the Hornet. But... I'm not sure what to do for the black buttons with green illuminated "AG" or "AA" on the top left for selecting Air to Air mode or Air to Ground mode... What have you guys come up with? What have you bought? What have you made yourself? I know one guy 3d printed his own, but are there easier ways to do this? Maybe modify an existing button?
  22. Ok so I have some ideas for button boxes, maybe a few additional hats to HOTAS, and I'm thinking I'd want to use the HID function that some Arduino's support. So I have a few questions: :cry: - I think that for HID support I need to ensure 32u4 chipset, as many Arduinos don't support HID due to different chips/drivers. Is this true? Is there a different chip that does also support HID while others do not? -Thinking I might need to use MMJOY2. What prerequisites must I need to know about this?? - For projects where a tiny board is desirable, I'm thinking the consensus is the Pro Micro, partly for small size but also the chipset / HID. However, I get tripped up in selecting which Pro Micro to buy, because it seems there are 5 volt versions... and suddenly I can't find 3 volt versions,,, do they only come in 5 volts, or are there other 3 or 3.5volt versions like some other Arduino boards? If there is, why might I pick different voltage versions?? What other considerations do I need to think of, for choosing an Arduino for such a project? Thanks!
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