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  1. Navy should repaint it "if you can read this EJECT EJECT EJECT!!"
  2. Rick50


    Hmm... I know the ideal would be to have a full detail module... but if that's not possible, would anyone be interested in a simpler "FC-3" level Tornado IDS ?
  3. lack of moisturizer ? :joystick: Honestly, not sure... but I'm guessing the earlier talk about turbulent instead of laminar is likely the key to dumb bomb accuracy. The newer JDAM types don't care about that as they are guided so maybe those are smoother for less drag/longer standoff... but that's just guessing on my part. I don't think it has anything to do with fragmentation as that's probably formed a different way, maybe on the inside of the casting.
  4. Rick50


    If my memory serves well, I believe that three developers have mentioned interest in doing a Tornado... BUT.... ... the big problem is lack of detailed solid information/data to actually make such a module with any realism. The info is just not much in the public sphere, it's tough to get anything, and far from enough to make a module. Maybe the data situation may change in future, but for now it's an idea that many like but can't move forward on. At least that's my understanding. Getting enough data to do DCS level modules is tough in every case, but some of them it doesn't seem to be available at all. After that, you need permissions, usually licencing and such. Lot's of hoops to jump through before you can even really get going on investing the money to fully develop an idea into a module.
  5. While that was it's stated peacetime role, from what I gather abt it's Vietnam service, it did more than only FAC. I believe it did sometimes do CAS. Also, the night variant, the D model, did CAS / Interdiction at night, with FLIR and a 20mm gatling on an underside turret. I've also seen Bronco's delivering small teams by parachuting out the back, be they sniper teams, FAC ground teams, or special forces.
  6. Not sure why the talk of Miniguns, as the Kiowa D seems to only use M3 '50cals, not the much smaller Miniguns. I agree, the dispersion would seemingly help the pilot at closer ranges, seem to be more realistic, and that's what I'd like to see: a realistic amount of dispersion,.
  7. I'm looking forward to this Kiowa Warrior, it looks amazing! It occurs to me though, that this helli was originally designed to be working in cooperation with the Apache and it's more modern Longbow variants. Which causes me to ask: will we be able to assign AI's like Apaches to be our wingmen? So that we have comrades with 8 or 16 Hellfires each, to sneek up on convoys and armored formations? I don't mean strictly AI that you set in the mission editor, that just act independently, and then get shot down because they were silly near a Shilka.... but AI wingmen to whom you can give orders, formation orders, orders to hold fire and then weapons free... cruise speed, or slow searching and when enemy detected go to a hover... come to a hover at this location, form up, RTB... It might be quite a bit of work to do. And that may be up to ED rather than yourselves, as I'm not sure who is responsible for the AI programming... but I REALLY think this would dramatically increase the interest in this module product!!
  8. I've seen some vids of real Kiowa's firing the 50 onto a hill, and there appeared to be some dispersion even from modest distances. That is to say, when the pilot holds steady, there is still a bit of "shotgun" pattern to the rounds hitting. I mean, the heli is vibrating, winds buffeting, the mount would vibrate under recoil, and so on. I also saw one of the preview live streams, and in it one of the participants straffed an airfield with the 50. It seemed to provide a "laser" like performance, as if you could reach out quite far and have precise hits. Now, It's my understanding that the stream featured an already out of date build, and that this is still some ways from becoming the final product... but is it planned for the gun to have some dispersion, for the final product? Have your real Kiowa friends mentioned this to you? Note, also the rate of fire in the real video seemed slower than in the sim livestream too
  9. Yes, but at that price Alibaba needs a minimum purchase of 20,000 units!
  10. Yea, this one is great... built almost as tough as a Hornet's landing gear! It won't break, Or you can make your own... just get the right LED's, check some simple tutorials online for headtracking. But the Delan is what I just bought, cheap and an improvement.
  11. When you test the stick in the Windows joystick setup... can you see a deadzone then? meaning, when centered, and you move the stick slightly, does the icon on the screen not move for a little bit, and then move? Or does it track your every input in Windows, but DCS doesn't do this anymore?
  12. Have you tried the very simple "magnet mod"? you just buy four little magnets, pop the back cover, and put the new magnets on the old magnets... Might not solve your problem, that might be software related... but maybe work for you.
  13. Hmm... Cheap, easy simple effective...this is brilliant! :)
  14. Rick50

    Arctic Map

    THIS!!!! Actually i'd be happy with any of the suggestions in this thread, but the more Norway, the better!!
  15. WOW... just love this beautiful jet!!
  16. Wanna fly B-2's and B-52's ? Then try the "civilian" flight simulator products! One of them includes both of those in the original install as default aircraft! Of course the B-52 has a pylon to carry the X-15 rocket plane, and I think you can easily download a mod for Vietnam era version w bombs. The downside is no integrated air defenses, or enemy interceptors.... and the cockpit and systems won't be realistic... but on the other hand, you can fly from anywhere to anywhere and take the scenic route back home! I did this using B-1B's, B-2's and B-52's in an earlier sim some 15 years ago... an alternative to flying Airbus from A to B endlessly!
  17. Ok so I don’t have these jets yet. But I want the J-11 and all of the FC jets, like the Eagle, Hog and Flanker. How do I get them and also the J-11 too? What do I order?
  18. Nice! When available, I will be ordering Ch Fighterstick kits for two joysticks... one for use, and a second as a ready-to-go backup! BTW: have you considered making an upgrade kit like this, for the civilian flight sim market? I'm specifically talking about the CH Products Flight Sim Yoke (both the basic version and the "Eclipse" yoke which is an upgrded one with more buttons functions and color throttle levers) and CH Rudder Pedals? Their yokes seem to be quite common and popular among civil FlightSim set, but also seem to suffer a little from lack of precision. I bet such an upgrade, especialy if it included an upgrade to the throttle pitch and mix levers, would sell VERY well. I say don't overlook the non-shooting flight sim market if you want to expand your business!! Even back in 2004, the one sold by microsofties in Redmond, sold big numbers. And today there's flight software by Laminar, Lockheed, Dovetail and very soon a sequel that is getting a lot of attention too. But yoke hardware market consists of only two inexpensive and very common yokes, the Ch pair of yokes, and the Saitek yoke. Honeycomb yoke is nearly double the price, and the rest is basically nearly a $1000 and up.
  19. can you use Opentrack with TIR 5 hardware then?
  20. I like the idea too! I'm curious though, I thought I'd seen some very very old screenshots of KC-10's, back in the LockOn era ? Huh, ya, just found a screenshot! EDIT: Nevermind... tried posting what I googled but only the one pic isn't shy! But do a search yourself, you'll see they used to have a KC-10 backin the LOMAC LockOn days! The video showed a crude/easy AAR between an A-10 and KC-10. By easy I mean once connected it was all rigid, not requiring formation flying skills to keep getting fuel... the kind of thing that was common in games and "sims" of that era.
  21. Wow... that's stunning really! Kinda makes me wish that became a real livery for the Tomcat in real world! Maybe a Superbug will get that paint?
  22. Have a new build, but I've been away from Windows and games sims for a LONG time. I think the last sim and OS I was using was FS 2004 on a Vista!:lol: Now I'm about to dive into Win10 and know nothing about this OS. - what settings do you feel are optimal for gaming/sims? - what is a resource hog, that can easily be turned off, or safely deleted? - what do I need to concern myself with, for security? I mean, back the last time I used Win, I used a Firedfox browser, a microsoft firewall, microsoft also had a basic antivirus... and I have no idea if any of that is still relevant. - basic utilities, like text editor, free painting software maybe for basic crappy skins (anyone using GIMP ???), what about unzipping downloads?? - considerations for stopping scammers, whether they are credit card obsessed or email spammers? - anything else I ought to know??? HELP!! :helpsmilie:
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