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  1. Well... Microsoft has HUGE reserves of money, and huge reserves of talent, and dramatic amounts of ndustry support. And... if you look at some forums, it seems they have not actually perfected it either, problems here, problems there. But it IS impressive, and they will soon perfect it, I'm certain. And it also does prove it can be done. ED's plan is to attempt to make a "global map" for DCS or it's successor, but they aren't certain if it will work, or how much time it will take. Nor do we really know any other real details. I just know I'm wishing both companies great success!
  2. Few aircraft look as sleek or as fast as a Mirage even when they have their park brakes set and wheel chalks!
  3. So is this AI or will it be flyable? Does it have a "stolen" cockpit, or a unique cockpit just like a Mirage 3 ought to have?
  4. The long term eventual plan is for ED to somehow offer a global map, the whole world. But that would be likely around 5 to 10 years away, don't hold your breath waiting! And even in that time it might not happen for reasons. But it seems they have been quietly running small tests for the last year or so, to see if it's possible, and are comfortable enough to mention that they want to do this for the long term. I'm not sure where this leaves 3rd party map makers like Ugra Media, maybe they would still be needed to make super-detailed map areas for conflict zones?
  5. Sure, that's fair. It's worth considering they've been at it for 1.5 years so far, although that might be limited to tiny tests. That said, I think Wags was saying this was years away, if at all. So no "comming soon" previews, just an indication of what they'd like to acheive sometime in future.
  6. Eh... I hope it's soon too, as does everyone including the dev team members I'm sure! But more than that I want it to be FINISHED and GOOD out of the box, not a half-baked "product" that needs endless patches to work halfways ok. So I'm willing to wait until it's properly ready, not "early". As for marketing... we fans worry too much about this. Far too much IMO. Why? Because when it's about to drop, and available for sale/download, we shall see the same things as I posted in the Kiowa Warrior thread: Same for the F4U Corsair.
  7. There is a Seafire at my local military museum in Calgary Canada. Supermarine 377 Seafire Mk. XV (Serial No. PR451), TG-B. Naval Museum of Alberta, the Military Museums, Calgary, Alberta. https://www.silverhawkauthor.com/post/canadian-warplanes-5-supermarine-seafire
  8. I put a link to a thread that dives into this new news... it's on this very page! Go to the link and then look up a post by Northstar98 Posted November 7 in that thread
  9. I always thought the Hurricane warbird was a mono-wing aircraft, but I recently discovered there was a biplane variant... ok variant is maybe not the word I'm looking for, maybe "prototype"? Anyway, here's an interesting bit of history I knew nothing about until the other day!
  10. And even some switch between civil and military and back... an example is Russia's Khemim Airbase on the coast of Syria, which used to be civilian, and may well revert to civilian use when Russia decides to leave, if/when that happens.
  11. I'm not sure about the true edges of the map, they might actually need to be rectangular... but the "real useable map", the area that people actually use, can be any shape really. It's more about the amount of detail and how much that will impact framerates or not.
  12. Whenever the Kiowa is ready, you won't need to be watching this forum every day... you'll see a spike in post activity, you'll see youtube videos showing the launch trailer, you'll see youtubes from DCS based influencers showing off the near-final product, you'll see it pop up in the DCS store, you'll see "OMG Kiowa !!!1!" posts... ... it won't be a secret. I'm frustrated too, I thought it would appear last winter. Ah well, these things take time, moreso on a tiny production budget with just a handful of devs. Just the way it goes....
  13. The cliffnotes version Posted November 7 by Northstar98 in that thread. Read the quote. Also on Hoggit apparently
  14. Last night I watched cockpit footage of a recent flight in a B-29 (!!! had no idea there was still one flying today!), and got to thinking about a global map along with DCS multiplayer with dynamic campaigns... ... and it suddenly dawned on me that... in theory at least... it might be possible to create a full WW2 historic recreation. Which campaign specifically? Well, ALL of them. In chronological order. Maybe a few missions per campaign, and from the first of the month being the war's start, to the end of the month being the end of the Pacific war. Or maybe a full year might be better, starting with the invasion of Manchuria, then war in Europe, Battle of Britain, the Afrika dustup, Pearl and Doolittle, ending with B-29 raids, and everything in between. Or how about one server that spans the conflict in real time.... 6 years of missions, digging up historical missions actually flown and assigning them to virtual pilots to carry out. Maybe it's a little loopy, but some might enjoy that if it's technically possible! That might be entirely WAY too much work to create missions for, too much units for a server to track for months or years on end, server stability would likely need fancy coding... but...
  15. Hey guys... Don't hold your breath, it's probably years away, but... yay!
  16. You might want to check this thread here:
  17. Cuban Missile Crisis... I'm imagining the F-8 Crusader doing recon runs from carriers, only to fictionally get intercepted, touching off a shooting war (that everyone prays hard won't go nuclear!) U-2 and Blackbird recon missions from Turkey, England, Japan. Sure, there's no U-2 mod or module yet, but there's a decent Blackbird mod already, and who knows what the future holds for mods and full paid modules intercept inbound Tupolev Bears over Canada's north, using Starfighters, Phantoms, Eagles, Hornets and Vipers, and other future modules Red Storm Rising Korea Vs Korea 1950 edition, 1970 fictional edition, 1990 fictional edition, and present day edition Colombia Vs Venezeuela, Chile Vs Argentina. I'm not super familiar with the history of conflicts in those regions, but I do know that recently some Super Tucanos (free mod avail, and future Razbam full module, though ETA is unknown) were sent on a night commando style strike mission into Venezuela to destroy druggie insurgents that would themselves do crossboarder raids. Maybe some of the trainer mods could do battle against the Mirage F1 ? India Vs Pakistan, Sabres vs Migs, Migs Vs Vipers in the later era Taiwan... I think we can use our imaginations! WW2 Solomon Islands, WW2 Papua campaign, actually the entire Pacific war, the entire African campaign, the entire Russian Front, Battle of Britain, the battle for Europe of course... Atlantic and Pacific sub and convoy hunting... I'm realizing now how absolutely vital a global map is, to maximising WW2 modules and assets, for campaigns and such. Of course it could be done on a few limited maps, but somehow the ability to place things on a full scale globe, where they actually occured, theoretically enabling ALL possible events and campaigns seems to provide so very much more! Guam based missions in BUFF's to Hanoi, cross border flareups along the Ho Chi Min trail and possible future AC-130 gunships of the era (they got their start in VN after all, and were seriously capable even from day 1 ). No, sorry I've not heard of any projects for the BUFF or AC-130, but I think both MIGHT be possible either as mods or modules. They'd be longshots, but still POSSIBLE, I think. EF2000 and Vipers defend Norway from a resurgent Russian invasion! We already have the Vipers and Flankers, and Heatblur with TrueGrit doing the Euro... with the new global map providing an awesome mountainous terrain!
  18. Rick50

    CF-5's coming soon

    So I've driven by this CF-5 a few more times now, in different lighting conditions, and have a new opinion. It's definately confirmed to be Ninja paint by sneaky Canadians! More specifically, I do think they did someting sneaky: I believe the darker color, the one that sometimes looks medium grey or a mild green... I think the color is right in between the grey and green, and so when the lighting is dreary overcast, it appears somewhat green-ish, but in brighter sunlight it looks moderately grey. I'm totally convinced now that this was a deliberate choice, though I'm not fully understanding the reasoning behind the choice.
  19. I don't believe it's looking for dense metal. According to the Wiki page, it looks for heat signatures (engines hot or warm) and the object's physical shape, which it compares against a data library of shapes to destroy. You may be correct about the possiblity that maybe it doesn't have military aircraft in it's "library of doom", thus rejecting an enemy fighter that's cold and not the shape this droid was looking for... but that's just a guess, I don't really know. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CBU-97_Sensor_Fuzed_Weapon
  20. It's not just a good scenario, it's also reasonably plausible, the way things are unfolding these days! I'm not sure it'll result in a full blown high intensity war, but it's definately a fairly new flashpoint that could result in several smaller skirmishes, but also COULD blow up into major conflict too. Especially since Vietnam would probably suddenly gain many brand new friends to play with.
  21. The arrow deal could be a great solution for now, it's just that most maps are not beside each other. But the Syria map is located just below the Caucasus map, with maybe just a couple hundred KM's not represeted, so those might be an early candidate. Not sure about the Channel maps and Normandy... I think the global map plan is to move away from individual maps, maybe. I'm not sure, and ED may not have a final decision on that either. But I suspect we'd all be happy with the long term stable release, once available.
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