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  1. WOW... despite the cost... it's amazing that doing a flight in an F-4 Phantom is even POSSIBLE these days, given its age and cost of maintenance, at ANY price! anyway, back to the T-45 mod, yes I know we have been waiting for 2.7 to drop, because the team wanted a 2.7 compatible release... but we fanbois need to have patience, it's more than simply them getting the update, and fire it up for 15 minutes and say "yep, good to go let's release now!". It will likely take weeks to test all the avionics modes, the flight parameters in all modes of flights, and then f
  2. Redneck nuke? Slim Pickens' next ride? Fresh water resevoir for extra long missions? Piddle pack x-tra large?
  3. The 2.7 patch notes includes a line worth looking at, not sure what it means though: Does this mean anything regarding mods? Meaning, won't allow Mod projects? Or am I not understanding this, and it doesn't affect mods present and future???
  4. hmm?? Does this mean anything regarding mods? Meaning, won't allow Mod projects? Or am I not understanding this?
  5. Ha... no! "rear aspect" exactly means that you should only get a lock on a jet when you are pointing your 'Winder up it's tailpipe! Sure, it MIGHT a brief lock on afterburner if full stage, but it ought to break lock before you could launch, and having it actually intercept a jet won't happen unless you are behind it!
  6. History is the past. Pre-set would be a game scenario. I'm talking about the use of DCS to game out a real invasion plan. To find weaknesses, strengths. Use the product as a simulation tool to help enable a real world attempt at seizing the island nation. Doing so with any of the other maps would not help an aggressive airforce, but an accurate map with teh correct size body of water, might be quite useful for mission planning, then test out the effectiveness of mission types, planning, frequency of same. The tactical realism would help to give an idea of levels of attrtion to expect, enablin
  7. Use a different stick for helis. Put an extension on it: you'll need the greater throw for more precision anyway. The extension also greatly reduces the spring's effectiveness due to greatly increased leverage, and increased weight. Casmo found a file to 3d print that extended his TM T.16000m, and found the stock spring was basically no longer a factor anymore.
  8. hmm. yea there is. I wonder if maybe someone posted cockpit screenshots from the paid module project, in the freeware mod thread maybe??
  9. Oh of course, the dreaded Idenfitication Friend or Foe Cloud, IFFC for short!
  10. Different conflict types. Low level guerilla wars don't benefit as much from simulations. But a "invade Taiwan" scenario would benefit hugely from a realistic combat flight simulation with realistic aircraft. Realistic loadouts, realistic fuel burn and capacities. Somewhat realistic air to air refueling. REalistic map size, pushing the limits of tactical aircraft combat radius. It could be used to test test and re-test so many thousands of variations to find weaknesses in Taiwan's defensive capabilities, and then allow them to see ways of hurting specific targets early, to ensure
  11. Forget intentional nuclear exchanges, there was a LOT of fear during the Cold War of ACCIDENTAL nuke detonations. Not from mistaking enemy behavior... but pure accidents. Tac nuke falls to the ground during loading or unloading operation... plane has in-flight emergency, is dropped freefall into a swamp near a city, or is still on jet when emergency landing and gets exposed to thousands of pounds of burning petroleum. Now, it's unlikely any of those would have caused nuke detonation... but it was still POSSIBLE, with massive consequences. And all those scenarios actually happened for real, and
  12. Exactly. I don't believe it was anything other than a two seat prototype rotorbird. YES it was developed to carry weapons into combat, with lots of systems... but I think it got cancelled before any of those systems were mounted to an airframe, before it carried any live seeker heads, before it had any electrooptics installed, before the HUD or helmet mounted display even got anything more than basic flight information... and forget documentation, ED likely wouldn't be given any, and there might not even be documentation of any real worth that got published even inside hte company, or that w
  13. rearming on the clouds is one thing, but the big question is can I refuel?!?! You know, ACR? Air to Cloud Refueling ? Hmm, we really should call these SkyFARTS!! ... i mean SkyFARPS !! As for 2.7... "are we there yet?"
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