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  1. yeah, i would prefer no animation at all instead of that choppy animation
  2. i'm having the same issue.
  3. is the new vr mask for better performance
  4. with the g2 the center HSI in the hornet is impossible to see anything
  5. i have the same issue when is loading a second mission.
  6. If you can have 1 and only 1 bird then the hornet.
  7. i used to play in front of a 4k 65inch curved tv at 60cms with trackir and it was more than ok, but then i test the rift S and i never use trackir again. I know is a matter or preferences, but for me is no brainer. Now i use the G2 and is fantastic i with my hardware i can get solid 45fps.
  8. I Know is possible to edit de snapviews, but in vr is a pain in the ass cause is a try and error job. Also after i find the correct angle i have to edit the views.lua so is saved for a vr default. And after all that, no matter how a edit the views.lua in the f18, the camera remains in the default position. I wish there is a slider type of adjustment by module, so i can edit the fov, x and y position
  9. i own the rift s and is good. But i`m waiting for the reverb g2, The early review is promissing (the original reverb have a reallly small sweet spot). If you can wait, i think it can be the best choice for vr sim (if you have the machine to run 4k vr of course)
  10. i use it as 2 button for the gear up/down. really inmersive in vr cause is easy to grab
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