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  1. hello, this is just a quick question. How could I play a mission on a campaign that is already marked as completed? I was doing Raven One Mission 3 and mistakes and distractions were made and I crashed hahaha :cry: so in the debriefing screen I selected "end mission" and it just took me to mission 4 and I want to retry mission 3 because I want to complete it properly, how could I do it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Ok it might just be that i am just so bad in life but i failed one landing, had to bolter and when contacting ATC again it do the check, i do the "see you at 10" and ATC confirm but it does not give me new contact options. Is this normal and am i missing something or could be a bug?
  3. No, but if the problems are persistent as people say i don't want to waste my time to be honest...
  4. Thanks for the feedback. It is really sad. I was very happy with the performance in 2.5.5. My system can handle it with no problem at all, i have a high end pc with modern hardware, but the frame drops and load times increase with 2.5.6 were so bad (even disabling ASW and shadows and doing a full reinstall of the sim) that i is just imposible to fly under that conditions. I have not make a single flight since then, it is the same as with simracing, once you have tried it on VR, you never want to come back again to the screen. I hope it gets solved soon because i really want to be in the skies
  5. Hello, i am just making this to know if there are still the bad performance Issues for VR (or at least for a lot of the users like me) because i saw nothing specifically related to that in the Changelogs of the last updates and i stoped playing since then (nearly 2 months now) so i am just checking if this is still an Issue and if there is some feedback about advances in that direction or something like that.
  6. After a few more test. I have also activated the VSYNC and im quite happy with performance now. So recap: - Ryzen 7 2700X - 16gbs ram DDR - SSD - RTX 2080 - Im using the Oculus Rift S headset. My Performance was really poor after update and i have solved most of the problemas by: - Turnin ASW off in Oculus Tray Toll - Pic VR qucik Set Up and modify next: Textures: High Terrain Textures: High Civ Traffic: Low or Off MSAA: 4x SAA: 2x Aniso Filter: 16X In game Screens: 1024
  7. As this friend in here says, i have disabled the AWS in the oculus tray tool. The performance improved A LOT. I still get some fps drop when doing a low pass, but much less than before, and cockpit textures no longer Blur and decompose, BUT i am still not as happy as i was with performance, overall when doing low passes it seems like a small motion blur, but i have it disable, it seems more like a blur caused for the FPS rate being irregular. ANYWAYS, DISABLING AWS IN THE OCULUS RIFT REALLY IMPROVES PERFORMANCE
  8. Hello Wags. So, I am one of those having some serious Trouble with VR performance. I have not make the metric yet in exact numbers, but im going to provide some feedback on the things i have notice. My specs: -Ryzen 7 2700X -16gbs ram DDR -SSD -RTX 2080 EDIT: Im using the Oculus Rift S headset. The thing is i found some nice grphic settings for VR, and since patch 2.5.6 the performance with those settings dropped dramatically. The main Issues were: -Cockpit textures started to blur a lot whenever i turn my head quickly. -Overal FPS drop. -Unplayable FPS drop when doing a low
  9. Hi! so, since the last patch im having severe performance issues. My Specs Are: Ryzen 7 2700x 16gb ram ddr4 SSD RTX 2080 Oculus Rift S The game was working fine and i was happy with the graphic settings that i had. But since last update the frame rate dropped dramatically. When flying low the stutering is just unplayable. When i Fire the gun the frames drops like hell. And when i turn my head quickly the textures on the plane blurs a lot. I don't know if this is a common issue on other ones, but i have not change anything from my settings, it all begun to happen after the last upd
  10. I am from spain. I speak English and of course spanish.
  11. Hi, I have been in DCS for a year now and im interested in looking for some squadron to join. English is not my mother language but i have no problem speaking it and i have no problem understanding it. MAPS: Nevada, Persian Gulf and Caucasus. Modules: F/A-18, A-10C, F-14, F-16, Harrier, Mirage, Flaming Cliffs. The ones that i fly the most are the f/A-18 and the A-10c, and are the ones that im more confident with and have more knowledge. Gear: Logitech x56 HOTAS. Oculus Rift S VR. SRS Installed. I'm mostly interested in a squadron that looks for training, realisim and giving inmersiv
  12. New Campaing hey, could i start a new campaing without loosing the other one? Thanks.:)
  13. Hello everyone. So, apparently most of the people is getting beter performance and loading times since last update but for me is the exact opposite. My loading times are ridiculous, several minutes some times and the performance in game (mostly online) is just terrible, with lag freezing that last even one minute (not joking, it's literally one minute of freezing screen sometimes) and endless loading times. Now, it's not a hardware thing because i was playing with no problems until last update and i have 600mb connection (obviusly not wifi). And since the last update everything is going far wo
  14. Thank you very much for your response. I can't find the ltws option though. Could you please be more specific on where to find this or what steps to follow? Thank You.
  15. Hello! So the problem is as follows. Whenever i have the D/L on. If i see a target on radar and lock it. The radar is perfectly clear about where the target is. But the info displayed on Hud is like crazy. It does not give any info about the contact direction or range and it blinks as if he was no clear about the location of the target. So if i set D/L off, the display turns just fine. It place and lock the square into the enemy aircrat and tells the info of bearing and range just fine. So it seems that it has something to do with the D/L but im not sure what...i think it did not happen before
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