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  1. Am i doing something wrong? when i click the link i just get a bunch of numbers not the file to print with for the HDG/CRS panel. any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I got my seat foam from hobby lobby. They sell different thicknesses and I think I went with 2” and it’s been very comfortable on my plastic bucket seat from Jeggs racing.
  3. Welp, after finally getting them late last week (thanks postal service) I finally got around to installing my version 1’s. Only to break them on the first brake press. The spring was set on the hole closest to me. https://flic.kr/p/2jvbNz2
  4. Shipping is going to be more for those in Europe i think. He said the company he's working with is in the U.S.
  5. somewhere I read that bergison spent about $1500 on parts to build his seat. He was buying individual parts so if this goes into production, large part orders may bring the actual part cost down, then there's labor which he did not account for. Then there's also the software side of things. I can see this being right around the $2K mark or possibly slightly above...
  6. Same, it feels muuuuuch smoother in my reverb. No stuttering or anything on a simple SC mission with 3AI -18’s taking off and a few targets on land.
  7. And I finally get the not logging in thing ive seen members post about....
  8. But what does that mean?!
  9. Below $2K is my buy point. If it's over that I'll just keep drooling.
  10. Ugh! my updater isn't showing an update!
  11. In the hour long video Jar did with the virtual stingers he said he was getting great performance with his Rift S in the beginning of the video.
  12. So, I went to fly today and my slew axis just stopped working. the button press is recognized, but X/Y, nothing. it worked for a brief second in the -18 then nothing. Ive had it installed since august with no issues. tried unplugging it and replugging it to no avail. re-ran the calibration tool, nothing. What are my next steps? order #2149
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