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  1. Roger that. Hoping there is some fixes to the radar and SA page in reference to seeing air threats. Tired of being shot down do to lack of situation awareness.
  2. Update: My flight mates and I flew the mission again. This time, I put the double rack GBU-12s on Stores 2 and 8 versus the inner stores. No issues this time around.
  3. Roger...maybe I should have said "Patch". Hopefully, that's the right terminology.
  4. I see their is discussion of a "Big Patch" coming out in late March. I know we had several "Hot Fixes" this month. Will there be any "Mini Update" this month?
  5. @kreisch - For our group, we did a "hot start". The map was the "Persian Gulf". One thing we do have in common is "double rack" GBU-12s.
  6. I also had the same problem. When I pickled the GBU-12, I immediately got a freeze (TV/Monitor icon with the words "waiting"). I posted this issue on another thread with my DCS.log. It was reviewed, but they could not see anything that would cause this issue. For reference, i was hosting the mission with two other players.
  7. Roger. I will be hosting this mission again Wednesday with my flight mates. When I pickled, the "monitor/TV icon came up saying waiting". I fly in VR.
  8. Well...releasing GBU-12 has caused my mission to hang-up again. I have attached my DCS log. Does anybody see what's going on? dcs.log
  9. My process is as follows: 1. Turn the power on to my G2. 2. WMR automatically comes up. 3. Put on my G2. 4. Move my mouse to gain control of it and then left click. 5. Now I can see my desktop. 6. Select my DCS icon to run DCS.
  10. Yes, it can be used effectively for the Hornet radar cursor.
  11. You are correct. I had looked it up in the manual after I posted. Now I need to figure out why VA is picking up my commands based on my daisy-chained profile...without PTT.
  12. I am having the same issue. Should REL HOT be selected or not? Currently, mine is not selected.
  13. Metashader folder is also empty on my end.
  14. Roger...If the mission already has a recommended loadout and changes should not be made, then it will be tough against a SA-10...if it is your mission objective to destroy the SA-10.
  15. Not sure the location of the SAM (assuming SA-10) site, but if it is on a mountain top, go in with rockets. I fly along side of the mountain the SAM is on and popup at the last minute to target the radars. Once the radars are down, I am free to go higher if need be.
  16. I don't like it either. To get around it, I set a switch to turn it on and off. Like you, want to use slammers at my option.
  17. I also had the same problem with the Interactive Kneeboard initially. I was able to solve it by adding customs commands to VoiceAttack. It did not like JTAC. It was showing up as "jay TAC"...so I just added it.
  18. What SAM system is shooting down the JSOWs?
  19. Drac

    Reverb G2

    In my case, I have to tilt down slightly. It may be different for others.
  20. Drac

    Reverb G2

    Also have to tilt as well. Makes a big difference.
  21. Drac

    Reverb G2

    I agree with captainHelmet - I get a better sweet spot with the G2 further down my nose.
  22. Sirrah - Looks like you did not complete the "Finish" process...at least from the steps you stated.
  23. Should be the v2 unless you specifically ask for v1.
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