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  1. Was looking for a way to just take down only the TR radar.
  2. Well...there goes my strategy for taking out a SA-10 from distance with the upcoming SLAM-ER.
  3. Can a SA-10 take out a SLAM and/or upcoming SLAM-ER?
  4. Were you getting a black screen in the headset?
  5. I will give it a try....Thanks
  6. Fired my guns for the first time in awhile a few minutes ago. Guns overshot the target. However, I did not assign the TDC to the HUD. Is that something new in 2.7?
  7. I was on the email list since early December 2020...no luck for me. Even spoke with the company and they indicated they did not believe any were coming in. When were they last stocked?
  8. Roger. That's where I had it originally. Decided to move this function to the "Z" axis for comfort.
  9. Got it programmed and tested yesterday evening...working great. Now to figure out what I want to program to the other button which I moved the zoom from.
  10. Also got "out of focus". Never had that issue before. G2 user also.
  11. This is the video I was referring to and bookmarked for further review. Thanks for your response and confirms this is the most applicable video out there.
  12. Roger...I'm using a Virpil CM3. I did manage to find a video that may explain how to do it. I'm going to watch it several more times before making an attempt to try it out.
  13. That will work for me. Any recommendation on how to set this up?
  14. I'm flying VR. Is it possible to assign the "Z Axis" to zoom in and out (slowly)? If so, how...
  15. My "metasharder2" folder is empty. Is there suppose to be something there?
  16. My order is as follow: 1. Turn on Reverb G2 2. WMR starts and states "Ready" on my desktop 3. Put on Reverb G2 4. Move your mouse around and you will see a "sleep symbol"...left click the mouse and you will see your desktop 5. Start DCS
  17. @hotrod525- Where can we download?
  18. My friend just told me he ordered another cable. Like you, I believe it is USB related. Time will tell once he gets his "second" new cable.
  19. A friend of mine also is getting black screens on his G1 Reverb. The error codes he is getting are 1-4 and 7-7. He has also tried swapping to his new cable with the same issues.
  20. Good to hear it's working for you. I replaced the cables in my CM3 today...so far so good.
  21. Exactly what I had to do as well.
  22. I managed to get a diamond, but don't remember how I got there. I was doing a bunch of TDC depresses and SCS Rights.
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