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  1. Just for information, all my long flights are multiplayer. I have never done a single player over a long period of flight.
  2. Interesting. I also had a problem after well over an hour in flight several missions back. Flew a different mission yesterday and released GBU-12s with no issues within 25 minutes into the mission.
  3. Are they sending you some replacement cables?
  4. These tactics are what we are using as well..."Wild Weasel".
  5. Not sure how to remove this Mod...have to research. I recall over a year ago, this Mod was required to play a particular mission. Thanks for pointing this out. My parameters are as follows: *User made mission...I'm Hosting * Syrian Map * GBU-12@1688 *Fuze: INST *Altitude = Approx 18000 feet *Auto-Lase with ATFLIR If I recall, it seems to happen when I have double rack on both, either the inner or outer stations. Also, I was carrying a centerline fuel tank, 9Xs on wingtips, -120 on right cheek. Anyway, I will remove this Mod and see what happens. Thanks... Edit: Never have a problem in SP...only when playing in MP.
  6. There may be situations where the SA-10 site is located with no terrain masking available. In those cases, just "wild weasel" until the site is out of SAMs. We are flying a mission with this situation.
  7. I get to desktop by hitting the Winkey (on the keyboard) then clicking Desktop (with the mouse). I also never use the controllers.
  8. No Mods. I had the GBU-12 "Await" prior to the last 5 updates. I posted my dsc.log then and no one could see what the cause was. I'm going to just stop using the -12s for now. Thanks
  9. For clarification, does it appear the AGM -154A could have caused the "Waiting". Dispatcher did have a -154A enroute to target when I released my GBU-12. Thanks
  10. I see 7 downloads. Has anybody seen anything here? Thanks
  11. You can check here: Litening pod won’t slew to waypoint - Page 2 - Bugs - ED Forums (eagle.ru)
  12. On the Syrian Map, I had a DCS freeze (monitor says "waiting") upon immediately releasing my GBU-12. Flying MP with two of my flight mates in VR. The only way to exit was through the "Alt Ctrl Delete". Even my ESC key on my keyboard would not work. I attached the only DCS.log I see for this date. Does anybody see anything of interest...Thanks dcs.log
  13. Can confirm ATFLIR has the same issue.
  14. Does your problem only happen when the throttles are moved from the far back position? Move your throttles all the way back...still have the problems. Trying to determine if it is the same problem I had.
  15. Have you adjusted the volumes under the "Options" tab on the main DCS screen?
  16. Roger...thanks. As I fly in VR, was hoping it would work.
  17. Not yet. Per the first post, other modules will be coming soon.
  18. Fantastic! Can't wait until it is available for the Hornet.
  19. Doesn't the Marines that are carrier based use the ATFLIR?
  20. Although I have not looked at the track, did you confirm the HARMs page is SOI?
  21. Will be watching the reviews...
  22. We have been using the JSOWs to conduct Wild Weasels. Once the SA-10 site was no longer launching missiles, we would go in for the kill. If we can now use JSOWs to take down the TR radar, that will give us more flexible. I will test tomorrow. Thanks for the info.
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