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  1. 46 minutes ago, SharpeXB said:

    They’ll just shoot down the JSOWs for sure. I’m thinking low pass with Mk-82 high drag or rockets. Also the SAMs will switch off their radar the instant I launch a HARM and they can get a lock on me before I can lock them. 

    Yeah I know.  That's why I "Wild Weasel" using them.  Load up on four of them and fire in succession.  SA-10 site expends a lot of missiles shooting them down.  I then go in and cause them to fire the rest on me (if any missiles left) until they are all out.  Then I can go in to complete my task.

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  2. 10 hours ago, weaselgx said:

    I just started having similar issues today. From reading this, it sounds like I have cable issues too — glad to actually hear it’s from the cables likely getting damaged from the throttle and not something more serious like a circuit board problem. 

    I was playing Star Citizen so there’s a lot of back and forth movement on the throttle.

    Are you getting any reds in the circled area when you move the throttles?  In my case, it was the right throttle that needed a cable replacement.

    InkedVPC Configuration Tool Screenshot_LI.jpg

  3. Is this a mission you setup through the mission editor, or is it someone else's mission?  If it is through the mission editor, set your elevation for the waypoints to "zero" and the proper elevations will be set.

  4. In the mission editor, how does one set one aircraft for cold start and other aircrafts for hot start?  My flight mates prefer hot start; however, I want to do a cold start in multiplayer.


    I am able to make the change to cold start but it affects the other three aircrafts as well.


    Is it possible to set one without affecting the other aircrafts?

  5. 2 hours ago, Ben27603 said:

    Sorry/delay - Yes. Work kept me from really exploring the throttle function in the last two weeks. Virpil sent cables.

    1. Replaced left throttle cable. Worked better, but not precisely.
    2. Calibrated fully last night and logged onto DCS.
    3. Throttle seems to work okay. But when it was not working I re-set some of my key-bindings and now need to re-set them for the throttle again.

    They sent two cables so I will likely do the right one as well.

    Did they send you the sleeves for the cables?  I brought it their attention when I got my cable replacements without them. They later sent them to me.

  6. Decided to install again the proper way.  So far, I did experience a FPS increase on the Syria Map.  Still more testing to do.


    Edit:  Had to remove this driver as it was giving me a low FPS in multiplayer. Single player...no issues. I fly with the HP Reverb G2.

  7. This latest driver did not work for me in MP.  Had all kinds of weird issues I've never seen before...like four large white balls floating around, checkboard coming in and out, and extreme stuttering.

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