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  1. While you are waiting, did you by chance search your email (with the key word "Vaicom") to find your original key license? I had a friend do an email search with "Vaicom" and he found his.
  2. @zildac - Many have complained in other Threads. I'm thinking we will have to wait until late March.
  3. Many have complained about this issue on other Threads herein (including me). Most likely a hotfix will not come out before 2.7...since a number of hot fixes have come out recently with no resolution. They may surprise us though.
  4. This is the one I use. See attached.Virpil-VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Throttle Button Layout Template.pptx
  5. I am getting this "This channel doesn't have any content" when selecting your YouTube link.
  6. With the A/A situational awareness issues, I flew a mission to use TWS to see if things improved. Had a lock in TWS and release three -120s and they all missed. Eventually got shot down by that threat. Was hoping there would be a hotfix...
  7. I guess we are stuck until the end of March... Edit: SA Page also affected.
  8. If you are talking about the bricks/target icons, that is the problem I am having as well. We are not the only ones though...was hoping for an update to correct situational awareness.
  9. Roger that. Hoping there is some fixes to the radar and SA page in reference to seeing air threats. Tired of being shot down do to lack of situation awareness.
  10. Update: My flight mates and I flew the mission again. This time, I put the double rack GBU-12s on Stores 2 and 8 versus the inner stores. No issues this time around.
  11. Roger...maybe I should have said "Patch". Hopefully, that's the right terminology.
  12. I see their is discussion of a "Big Patch" coming out in late March. I know we had several "Hot Fixes" this month. Will there be any "Mini Update" this month?
  13. @kreisch - For our group, we did a "hot start". The map was the "Persian Gulf". One thing we do have in common is "double rack" GBU-12s.
  14. I also had the same problem. When I pickled the GBU-12, I immediately got a freeze (TV/Monitor icon with the words "waiting"). I posted this issue on another thread with my DCS.log. It was reviewed, but they could not see anything that would cause this issue. For reference, i was hosting the mission with two other players.
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