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  1. Like me, it also happens to me in cool and dark, and its line also appears to me, just as pronounced and sometimes less, I will do the tracks, when I am at home tonight
  2. ah ok, I'll try to do it, but basically it's the screenshot, I'll still record the video I don't understand,I only play custom missions (not the mission editor) the mission customization mode within the game, you know ... where you choose how many enemy and allied units you want to have (the default mode) are not missions from the mission editor
  3. Hello Big New, call me ignorant, but ... how is it done? I've never recorded tracks
  4. HI Bignew, yes, the plane is perfectly aligned, since I always make sure that this procedure comes out perfect (at least something has not changed) pos: GRN countdown: ok pos: NAV the alignment has no mystery In fact, yesterday I tried and was convinced that it would go wrong, as it turns out that when activating and deactivating the AG mode several times it returned to vertical, but after a while it stayed at that angle again The maps where I play are in Caucasus, Nevada and Persian Gulf and in custom mission
  5. well guys as the title says ..., when I go to AG mode to practice bombing with silly bombs like the Mk82 / snakeeye etcetc, the CCIP mode line does not come out vertical, the plane is perfectly aligned in case someone asks, it is a bug? If it is not a bug, what am I doing wrong? I wanted to clarify if that helps, that I do not play online, I only play custom missions, I play singleplayer offline. In case it helps.
  6. What I am not going to do is buy a new pc, for 1500,2000 / 3000 euros for a single game, have you read my other messages? Let me explain, I play at 1080 and the simulator / game works for me at 60 fps at all times, what happens and many people with much more powerful computers are random fps drops when looking at a specific point. My pc moves well optimized software to 1080p at 60 fps without problems, the problem is not the machine, that is due to lack of optimization, in FSX for example it did not matter if it had a GTX titan, at most it works at 30 fps. What I'm going to do, if af
  7. Until they optimize it, little will be able to be done, in my case I get 60 fps in the air but sometimes it has fps drops when you leave the map and return to the cockpit, it stays anchored at 30 fps, or on the ground, where direct your view, then if you move the cockpit view it stabilizes at 60 fps, that is to say that it is poorly optimized, I hope that with vulkan these small fps drops will be solved, and my pc is not a nasa computer but with dcs a 1080p resolution can spare, if not directly the simulator would not work well
  8. sorry,there was an error in the notifications
  9. I have put it in the description of the message, but I also put it here i7-4770k Gtx 1060 6GB 16RAM 250Gb SSD
  10. With my pc everything at the maximum default it works for me at 1080p resolution at 60 fps like butter in the air but when you are on the ground especially in Nevada both on a ramp or flying over Las Vegas it blocks at 30 fps and fluctuates (very annoying) with the configuration of the screenshot works at 60 fps with slight dips at 58/59 fps, I have not tried other configurations, if you have suggestions, let us know. in case someone is useful or has a similar pc or like mine MY PC: i7-4770k GTX 1060 6GB 16RAM SSD 250 GB
  11. same here, performance is horrible. From my point of view and personal opinion, I sincerely believe that eagle dynamics should focus on seriously optimizing the graphics engine or the base of the game, let me explain I think they should make a break in terms of creating modules (let's be honest we have modules for 7 lives) and they should focus on optimizing the graphics engine / base, I have understood and had read that it only uses one processor core, right? If so, they should work on it, and optimize the base, I had in mind to buy a new computer, but I will save money for the mome
  12. Well, for you it may be worth, but I prefer the super hornet on a personal basis, because it is my favorite plane and that of many people, I suppose that the tastes of others are totally respectable, I support that someone make the super hornet or that VRS make the jump to DCS, what the hell, I'm looking forward to a quality super hornet for DCS
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