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  1. Great new, thanks a lot <3
  2. Since the last MAJ, impossible to lock any aircraft ! The cmd STT/TWS Toggle doesn't work :( Answer : 1. Radar HOTAS Buttons/Switches The following Radar HOTAS buttons/Switches have changed functionality: * "TDC CENTER" - It is now "TDC DEPRESS (Lock Target)". Its unique function is to lock AA targets. The radar now has a default lock mode. This means that you can lock an AA target as TWS or directly to STT. * "STT/TWS Toggle (Target Lock)" - It is now "STT/TWS Toggle". It no longer locks an AA target, that function is carried out by "TDC DEPRESS (Target Lock)" Its functional
  3. Salut, Le M2KC a évolué, une fois le master arm enclenché tu reste quand même en mode navigation même si tu as joué avec le PCA. Il faut que tu mappe le mode AFT/FWD pour passer du mode "nav master arm on" en "combat master arm on". Tu peux aussi mapper sur un bouton 3 position le PCA select/release ... pour switch canon => MAGIC => 530
  4. Thanks a lots, for this future plane ! Unbelievable this M2000-D by Heatblur. <3
  5. Before wanting to create another plane, RAZBAM should rather correct existing bugs ... :p
  6. Thanks you for your file. As usual Razbam prefers to advertise for the Mig and AV8 rather than fix a bug on the old M2000 ... $$ power
  7. +1 We are two ! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=231009
  8. Hello Jojo, Thanks for your support ! This video is not mine. I just published it as an example of how the lightning should be ;) Thanks also for your advice and by the way, I'm French too ! :p
  9. Hello, Could you fix the refueling light power of the M2000-C? This light is not strong enough. During the refueling at night, we can't see anything. As you can see in the video below, this is the right lightning we should have, and we actually don't: ${1} PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM. Thanks a lot. :joystick: Regards
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