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  1. it isnt a big deal on SLAM because its videofeed becomes unusably noisy beyond like 30nm.
  2. if it is a carrier, keep clicking on the icon until the carrier is selected. then move it, planes on it will move with it. if it is a vehicle group, move the first vehicle of the group. that moves the entire group. if it is a heli/plane flight, move any. they always stick together. in other cases you cant. the editor seems bad at first, but you get used to the quirks and become reasonably efficient.
  3. why isnt it possible to create markpoints using radar? it can already make designations for CCRP, so why not markpoints?
  4. Hi, how do I manually lase? Switching AUTO to MAN on the WMD7 page does nothing, neither does pressing the trigger.
  5. According to the newsletter from last Friday, ED is working on an improved ATC for the airfields (like the ATC of the supercarrier) but there is still no ETA they said that in the 2016 new year newsletter as well (along other same items as the 2021 one, like new FLIR system) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2016-01-29_DCS_World_Future/ the roadmaps tend to be extremely optimistic.
  6. i confirm this its like there is a hole
  7. Because it is mandatory. It saves time of both ED and the person reporting it.
  8. i hoped this would be fixed, so i could finally buy the module during winter sales. shame. its been two years now.
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