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  1. hi i am not amd drivers version 21.3.1, should be the latest i have also tried setting all those driver options to either "use application's settings" or disabled. it made no difference.
  2. LMAO i literally only asked a question why it cant carry bombs in the bay, devoid of any emotions, because i genuinely didnt know and the post i replied to said "loads of" (which i assume means more than 2, im not native english speaker tho). amazing "adult", to use your expression, response. if you cant reply without personal invectives (appears to be a common theme after clicking your profile), then simply dont reply to me in the future. i would truly appreaciate it, thank you DD_Fenrir.
  3. i confirm this bug, automatic lasing cuts too soon.
  4. of course it is unlikely the game would damage itself in the same exact way for all 3 of us with the same GPU family...
  5. yes beside being off detailed part of the terrain as Bunny Clark says, there is a bug that sometimes makes a part or all of hornet's map be replaced with black. usually the map returns back after about 10 seconds for me. rarely, it flickers on and off for a second. i dont know what triggers it but it happens uncommonly and fixes itself after some time.
  6. some new info when im parked in hornet in novorossiysk, it happens. when i take off from hornet in novorossiysk, it stops happening. when im parked in hornet in batusmi, it doesnt happen. when im parked in l-39 in novorossiysk, it doesnt happen. when im flying any aircraft at any place, it sporadically very rarely happens for a fraction of second. when im parked in hornet in novorossiysk and i switch to free camera but dont move (= it stays in cockpit head position), it happens. as soon as i move the camera, it stops happening (same way as when i take off).
  7. i can make it carry only 2 bombs at most. thats not much, spitfire can carry more. why cant the bay carry anything?
  8. +1 german side doesnt have any serious bomber right now, its very limiting for missions.
  9. i have no idea what caused this but all UI elements containing icons and so disappeared. it happened in the middle of a mission while i was looking at F10 map. restarting the game fixed it. i dont know how to replicate it.
  10. not bug, performance tradeoff flat shadows means horizontal grey transparent texture at the objects base, thats it. and the terrain thing is as old as dcs. for some reason, dcs just cannot correctly compute when shadow of a particular object is still in players field of view, so shadows of anything keep popping in and out randomly.
  11. did clouds even have any effect on AI in the past? ive never noticed it.
  12. so i take it back, it doesnt happen only on ground in novorossiysk i was now flying spit in normandy and i just saw it around me for a couple of seconds. this time intermitent, as the guys above me say.
  13. is this still a thing? i just had my sights disappear. its possible i did something wrong, i just bought the module and this was second flight. but as far as i know, i didnt press anything its reproducible from this x.trk
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