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  1. This... I wonder if it's the same document which I read eons ago which said the F-14 could fire an AIM-54 on datalinked targets painted by other aircraft... fun to re-read those articles today with more knowledge!
  2. They are only supposed to go active in TWS mode. In PD-STT they are Fox 1 all the way to target. If you drop lock in either mode (or Jester switches on you), you'll trash the missile. Prior to the Missile API update, it would act like an AIM-120 and go active if lock was lost, but on Open Beta at least, it will go dumb if you drop lock for any reason. In real life, if launched in PD-STT, they are Fox 1 (SARH like an AIM-7) all the way to target. In P-STT they get initial steering information from the AWG-9, and then launch mad dog (hot off the rail). In TWS, they are a Fox 3 a
  3. I've noticed the F-14, both the B and A just HANG in the air around 33k feet at between 250 and 200 knots indicated... I was struggling one day to get the Pilot LANTIRN mod working (ended up just VR walking through the bulkhead and flipping it on manually lol) and put it in that configuration through all four GBU's I dropped (2 GBU-24's and 2 GBU-16's) and when I turned for home I had about 15k lbs of fuel remaining after about 400nmi of travel. On the campaigns, in the B, I've been doing the same and I have so much fuel left after the CAP/FAD mission, I end up in burner on the way home
  4. Full Zone 5, 45k feet, clean bird... is taking FOREVER to get through the transonic region... been at this altitude and configuration for quite some time and just now breaking the Mach 1.1 zone. But curiously... full AB and only 2900lbs of fuel per minute? Seems a touch... low for full AB? Topped out at Mach 2.1 when the engines went out. Was at Mach 1.9, again, completely clean, with 1k fuel left!
  5. The AIM-54 is far from an I-Win button as well... it's not an AIM-120... you have to support it until it goes active. Launching at long ranges is the ONLY way to safely engage with it and it has a surprisingly low PK against half aware targets. As it is now, the missile does not smoothly travel in an arc... it lofts to whatever altitude and then sharply bleeds all of its energy as it turns to lock onto the target when commanded active. This is not how the missile would behave in real life, but is a limitation of the DCS game engine and the missile API ED is using. In PD-STT it's a SARH mis
  6. That'd be cool to see... This video claims to be IRST footage... but the IRST box isn't selected on the right hand side and later it shows near perfect top down views of an airbase... seems more like a TPOD image to me.
  7. Wish we had better info on them... the IRST footage you see online doesn't appear to be IRST footage, but instead is TPOD footage...
  8. Really? After this latest patch, I jumped in the -A again in the Caucus Free Flight Mission (used to do the cold start as well), and with the default 2 sidewinder, 2 AIM-7MH, and 2 external tanks loadout, at 36k feet I burned through over 12000lbs (a Hornet's worth ) of gas at ~Mach 1.1 before I emergency jettisoned the stores and instantly the speeds started climbing rapidly until I nearly ran out of fuel (was able to land at Sokhumi with about 700lbs of fuel). I finished this acceleration around Mach 2.2. So in roughly 5klbs of fuel, clean, I went from Mach 1.1 (where I burned ~12000lbs
  9. These two guides are a perfect starting points. For starting the aircraft, Jester has a guided start up procedure for you which you can use any time you fly until you are comfortable starting the aircraft up. Once you get used to his check list, you can parse out the "BIT" (built in test) procedures since DCS World doesn't usually start you with failures! In the mean time, there are a BUNCH of helpful people on the 107th Through the Inferno Discord server which would be willing to help answer all your questions if you want more immediate help with something! https://th
  10. I just figured I'd update this since ED announced on the Book of Faces they intend on adding the GBU-24 to the Hornet. It appears to be WORKING now on the Open Beta servers on the F-14. So ED must have done a stealth edit to it. It does appear to have Paveway-II Bang-Bang guidance logic, which is fine as a temporary behavior just to get it working. So with that great news, time to "GBU-24 ALL THE THINGS!"TM
  11. I've relegated the -A to the A2G mission anyway with the Pilot LANTIRN mod being a godsend which works in multiplayer. I get some odd looks, but given the -A developed quite the reputation for that role, I wont complain! :D
  12. A couple of my observations. 1.) Overall, LOVING my Sundowners F-14A with the Pilot LANTIRN mod and moving dirt. Also loving the added challenge of dogfighting in the F-14A. It certainly does NOT retain energy or GAIN energy like the F-14B does, but it seems to do fine when you unload it going down hill. Overall, enjoyable! Looking to mess around with it more. 2.) Visually, I think you guys have done a beautiful job on both the -B and -A. My biggest gripe with the -A is the FS9 level of detail when looking straight down the engines from behind. I know you've said you don't inten
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