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  1. Yes. It's actually something ED needs to change so HB can update the F14 so you can hear Jester over your headset. I am hoping that ED will acknowledge so we can see this change occur. Thanks!
  2. Anyone from E.D. want to respond to this?
  3. I asked HB and it looks like they are waiting on ED to do their part.
  4. Hi Guys, I am writing this to hopefully help progress on trying to get ED and HB to give us separate Jester sound so we can direct it over our headsets like the other modules have COMMS and RWR, etc. I can't imagine this is a big deal and just needs a little attention from ED as well. The F14 being such a intricate module deserves us being able to use it to it's full potential. To be clear, some of us use headsets and speakers. All COMMS/equipment warnings are directed over the headset and all other aircraft sounds are over speakers. Keep up the great work on such a wonderful sim and hobby gu
  5. Hi guys, as you know I LOVE the HB Tomcat. As in my RW flying, I use a headset for communication audio. Is it possible to get Jester audio to be separate from the engine and other sounds. I can receive other comms over headset but then I hear my backseater(Jester)over my speakers. It's not very immersive and removes me from the Virtual Reality of the situation. Maybe other guys could chime in here to give you an idea of how nice it would be to have this. Thanks for all of your hard work on this module. It's fun and detailed and its my favorite RW jet fighter! Will
  6. Hi guys, anyone experiencing this weird issue with looking off center from the VR cockpit it pulls you in a few inches then pushes you out when looking back to center? Whatever it does it is now disorienting... Help and thanks in advance!
  7. Can you guys direct me to a thread that discusses the weird effect that I am having in my Pimax 5k+? When I look or move offcenter, it pulls the view in and out and looks really weird. Very disorienting. I figure that you guys already know all about this. Thanks.
  8. So here's what I did after reading your post on unbinding the ministick... I clicked on the pitch field under my joystick and hit the DEFAULT button. I shut down, restarted my system and it held the pitch command for Y axis. We will have to wait for a fix to use the mini stick as DLC control.
  9. Looking to purchase T50 base with or without grip. Virpil VPC desk mount too! PM me. Thanks
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