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  1. Thrustmaster A-10C Warthog Throttle and Joystick, Thrustmaster Pendular Rudder Pedals and Rift CV1 VR Headset. I removed the middle spring in the joystick (if you got one, and you fly helos, remove it, thank me later) to get more authentic feel for the cyclic, left throttle for throttle, right throttle for collective. It works fairly well.
  2. Yesterday i reached an altitude of 26,000 feet. Calm weather, calm wind, temp above 10k was -10C and dropping. According to the official Flight Characteristic charts, a huey utility helicopter have a max altitude of 14k feet, 10k without oxygen masks. *Shrug* Video of the accurance
  3. As a rotorhead who have flown the huey since day 1, there is alot to be desired. Work on the huey, as we all know after all these years, are very much slow going or even halted at times. We can wish, desire and hope all we want, but the timeframe we're dealing with here is nearing a decade, not just months or years. I fear that we wont see much "update" to the huey, other than the recent multicrew, for a long, long time.
  4. Im gonna go on a limb here and say UH-60 Blackhawk.. Just a shot in the air..
  5. I was looking forward to multi-crew and got really excited when it was announced. But alas, we got bamboozled once again. I would love for the Huey to get multicrew going for cockpit support and to decrease the learning curve for recruits with instructors onboard.
  6. I feel like that slingload in the Huey is Natural. When i start and approach my load, i pick out a reference point infront of me, be it a tree, rock, road or riverbed, dosent matter, any static reference point is valid. You use this to stabilise yourself during hover, listening in to the voice directing you whichever way the slingload is located. Usually when picking up load i sit on the right side as i have good view of my EGT. When the load is hooked, i continue to look at the reference point as i increase altitude slowly till the line is tight, then i switch my attention to my EGT
  7. Yeah. Im really really really hoping for a UH-60 variant. Its such an iconic helicopter, and just pure awesome to fly. Oh how i remember BF2 days..
  8. Just updated, and everytime i start up SRS, i do a microphone test, however now theres a constant buzzing, sort of a feedback, which SRS picks up. Ive checked my microphone in a different program, but theres no buzzing, its not caused on my end (that i know of). I cannot record it as none of my recordings pick up the buzzing. I have no idea if i just hear it on the test, or if the buzzing gets broadcast over the network on the servers i join. https://i.imgur.com/JkcHZFP.gifv I hope this is just a fluke though.
  9. Now we all know that FLCS is great at some aspects, however it feels like the F-16 is lacking the sensitivity it deserves with default sensitivity settings. I've dabbled a bit in changing the sensitivity for the pitch\roll, but i havent really made it feel "natural" yet. Has anyone found that sweetspot yet ? Warthog Throttle and Joystick!
  10. They all added some good points here. However this is a simulation, and thus we must treat it like such, adapting the senses that would feel feedback, towards the sensors given optically. What i usually do is i take a long approach to the target by adjusting trim and vertical speed as needed till i am nearing the target. At this point i adjust to takeoff-trim while either holding neutral Vertical speed if the situation requires it, or descending in vertical speed. While i do this i make sure im approaching headwind, as there is no use to fight the wind and pedals at the same time, i check a
  11. I found a community in which i could fly with semi-professionally, and i have not experienced any problems in that department. I have been a Huey instructor for about two years, and weirdly i have not experienced that phenomena yet. However that might change when multi-crew for the Huey will release. But hey, i do like to teach the Huey, so i would'nt mind it.
  12. Heh my dude, im using yours. It is extremely informative, and frankly, with your checklists, i would not have to create my own, so thank you for your contribution. I'm also using a few scraps of checklists i found on the internet for the C-101, but yours makes the bulk of it. Yeah i fly mainly in multiplayer. I'm guessing there is a clear line in-between single- and multiplayer users on DCS.
  13. Now let me just firstly state that i love the C-101-CC\EB. I am a Huey rotor-head by heart, however as i dislike screens in my cockpit, this is a perfect addition to my valued collection of aircraft's i properly value. Dials and gauges are highly undervalued. I bought this aircraft a while ago, however its just in the past few months when i found a buddy to fly with i really started to do a deep dive into its systems and flight procedures, and i don't think I'll ever go back to the way things were. As an avid user of kneeboard's, as i fly in VR, it is now filled up with checklist for nea
  14. Apparently you dont know the Huey. It is regarded by many as the hardest module to learn by far, not only just being able to fly safely, but also its engine and systems. You should try to learn it, see what you're missing :)
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