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  1. Maybe not whatever the Apache has, but I think most people asking for a movable gun turret in the Mi-24 are asking for it because otherwise the Hind wouldn't be similar enough to the ultimate attack helicopter, the Apache. And that's not good.
  2. Too bad. Because the Apache has that beloved gun turret and the Hind doesn't.
  3. Yeah well, FC3 was killed by the Hornet, the A-10 is kind of a dying breed already, and the Ka-50 is 100% going to be killed by the Apache. The good old times I guess
  4. How many people do you see flying the modules? How many servers do you see focused on the modules? How many clans, how many tools, how many campaigns? They're there but they aren't the most numerous Just wait. Either the Hornet or the F-16
  5. Well seeing that many of the big systems of the F-16 were pioneered on the Hornet... And how popular is Redfor to make the module not flop? Seeing just how many people fly the red modules...probably not much. In terms of players, attention given to it by the devs themselves, attention given to it by the content creators and mission makers... for example look at the F-5. Sure it has its cult following, but you will never see someone saying it's the main DCS module.
  6. The Hind is just a prototype for the Apache tho. They're making it because it's simple and allows them to spend more time polishing the AI gunner thing, to then use it on the Apache and hang themselves a medal for a job well done. It would have been disastrous if the Apache released without an AI gunner, or if the AI gunner was bad. Just a huge loss of street cred right after the F-16 fiasco. ED can't afford that. But the Hind getting a half-assed or non existent AI gunner at first? That's not so critical. The few who were going to buy the Hind are still going to buy it, the ones that just wan
  7. Well the MiG-23MLA was introduced more or less around the time the F-15C was introduced... They aren't, that's the point lol. They're not going to make it.
  8. However that AIM-7 is being used by the best fighter ever made, and the Tomcat was numerous enough to make those Phoenix count. Not to speak of the agility of both planes. They're legends for a reason. Even the AH-1S/J/W is way better than the Hind. Also yes, the Mi-24P is absolutely a contemporary to the Apache because Russia itself still uses it widely. I mean, yes it's kind of boring, but that's just because it's so good it almost fights by itself, and people loves that. They're going to be getting it just for the thought of not having to spend any effort on ge
  9. The reason why the Hornet is the most popular module isn't just that everyone loves it. It's by far the most capable module at the moment, and it will still be until Razbam's F-15E reaches a playable state. The Eurofighter is a good *fighter* not a good multirole. People will gravitate towards the most capable thing in general, which the Eurofighter isn't. The F-15E will be the king if ED doesn't release their F-35 soon. And yes, I'm sure many people in DCS plays the modules that they like, but those aren't the majority of people. All I see around are Hornets, Hornets and Hornets. So there cle
  10. I very much doubt it'll sell well, specially in comparison with the Apache. Just look at the MiG-19 and F-14 situation for example. NOBODY owns the MiG-19, meanwhile the F-14 is almost as universal as the Hornet. And the Mi-24, how is it an icon? It's just a fat helicopter from the enemy side, how can that be iconic?
  11. Let me explain why: First of all, Russia. Their laws have already blocked the Su-27 and the BS3 from being made and I don't see any reason why the MiG-29 would be allowed to be made in the first place. Yes, it's older and it's basically MiG-23 tech, but it's still a MiG-29 and surely has stuff that Russia keeps using nowadays and they wouldn't want to have it being seen publically. Even if the laws don't kill the project, it'll be Russia's own complex what will kill it. If the MiG-29 is made in full fidelity, it'll be seen that it was just an overhyped plane during the Cold War, an
  12. Yes, SAMs. SAMs that would get SEAD/DEAD'd on the first day of conflict and nobody would be able to prevent that because the air force that was supposed to protect them simply wasn't good enough. So to prevent complete destruction the sites are switched off, which leaves the fighters defenseless before the horde of F-15s. SAMs aren't a reliable thing either, they're not magical things that when they shoot, shoot something down. And if the airspace is very contested you aren't going to be firing them anyway for fear of hitting your own planes. So really, the air force was alone. The SAMs are al
  13. However the Soviet philosophy and doctrine is deeply flawed. In an air war you can't just spam aircraft at a technologically superior enemy and see if it goes away. The arabs already tried that and it didn't work. Plus, the pilots would also be relying 100% on GCI to be useful at all. Which means when the GCI network gets, inevitably, destroyed or jammed, they're going to be like headless chickens because their radars won't allow for self-search and even if they did, their weapons and aircraft are simply not up to par. By late 70s the best thing the Soviets had was the...MiG-23. The F-15 was a
  14. Literally impossible. They're scraping the BS3 because Russian laws forbid them from making stuff that new. The Ka-52 would only be worse. Besides they're going to need the manpower for the Apache so don't even bother with the Ka-52. Yeah, because the 70s/80s are so fleshed out in DCS...We have what, the MiG-29, Su-25, -27 and the F-14? Russia has been trailing behind the US since...I'd say Korea but it's more like WW2. I can't think of a single thing that the russians have ever done better than the US (except making vehicles that lose wars of course). The Apache
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