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  1. Otter, I go with gazelle as wingman, rain :thumbup:
  2. unguided rockets hit over piper +1
  3. This is Otter, please remove me from the list, SU25 red, I could not attend the event. thank you all. :thumbup:
  4. Please remove my name Otter from gazelle mistral, I could not be present to the event, best fun for all and I'll wait for the next helicopter event
  5. I got fire on engine, just before landing, flare to runway and landed. Repaired with ground PSU connected and electrical system running. Then tried to start the engine ITT goes high and N1 RPM did not spin up, stayed at 0. N2 reaches 26% and then decreced to 0. Immediately I cut off the fuel and abort ignition, got fire alarm again and ITT oscillates between 924 and 1056 oC. After a complete stop, requested a repair and nothing happen, tried to start again, but same state.
  6. Otter - su-25a <red>
  7. The skhval screen on ka50 is light saturated, c101 digital instruments are unreadable, poor visibility on HUD and MDFs on f-18 & f-16 errata: after some tests, on C101 setting light knobs to max, make the instruments readable
  8. 718th -LnG- Otter - red AV-8B
  9. Hi Satarosa, I thank you, Rogago and me, Otter, can't participate, however Hellrequiem will be in the event
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