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  1. There is a problem then with this mission as no TPOD is given
  2. You dont get a TPOD in this mission. I assume you dont need one for GBU-12 JTAC bombing as you are using thier laser to track not your own? Unlike the Harrier which im used to and has the LST using the DMT in the nose, does the Hornet have the same function without using a TPOD? And if it doesnt, why in this mission are you not given a TPOD?
  3. Hi Im currently giving the JTAC GBU-12 mission but no matter what I do, Im unable to find the laser from the JTAC. Using correct code-1688, JTAC instruction to fire laser has been given,STORES settings using AUTO, MASTER ARM on, A/G on, EFUZ INST, GBU12 RDY etc. Flying towards or over target I`m never getting the azimuth steering line, or target location etc on HUD which means i cant release the bomb. What do I have to do to get this to work? What step am I missing? There is nothing specific to JTAC lasing for GBU12s in any guidance ive looked at. Chucks Guide focuses on droppin
  4. Ah apologies, thought my screen shot would show up :( Basically at the start of the Cold & Dark mission for the Harrier, the radio message at top right states: "On the parking ramp at Nellis Air Force Base in a cold and dark F\A-18C Hornet Use this mission to become familiar with the cockpit and how to start the Hornet" Hence my confusion, considering its the Harrier....
  5. Er... It kinda of looks like a Hornet..its not yet daylight..but I'm certain this is a Harrier not an F/A-18 so not sure why that message is showing up... :huh::music_whistling: Cold & Dark AV-8B Instant Mission on NTTR:
  6. Hey Following my previous thread, and reading the advice, I decided to get pick up the Harrier in the well timed current sale and what a great aircraft. Haven't had this much enjoyment from a module in DCS for a while. Yes its full systems are incomplete and some things are clearly buggy (like when the HUD tells me I`m out of weapons - 4 diagonal lines but clearly there are some still on the rail) but overall, its great fun to fly. Vertical landings and take offs are a blast, even slow short landings are great fun. Still no idea how anyone can manage bombing though (CCIP and CCRP) as
  7. I think I've been spoiled with the A-10C being so fleshed out,systems wise and very little bugs. I suppose the only thing holding me back on the Harrier is the fact it seems to be the most expensive DCS module bar the Hornet, hence why I was getting opinions and pointers on any game breaking bugs. A possible sale might be the plan to pick it up and go for one of the other modules first I've been looking at.
  8. Hi, Eyeing up a few new modules but still remain undecided on which one to go for. Just wondering what the current state of the Harrier is? I note from reading through forums that there are still a few bugs and complaints around it, but overall its a very good simulation? I'm not a natural dog fighter so is the Harrier a good platform for A2G operations? (Coming from the A-10) The Harrier has always been a favourite of mine, so I am keen on getting it, but just wanted opinions on whether it was currently a recommended module.
  9. I did crank everything up for a laugh... It looked stunning... My 970 and CPU temps weren't so stunning :smilewink:toasty warm.... Sounded like a vacuum cleaner...
  10. Yeh I'm definitely not running it on Ultra :) Only x2 with FXAA through Nvidia inspector. Shadows low, trees at 70%. So it doesn't look that good but I prefer running at consistent 55-60 as it seems to help with head tracking smoothness. Again I'd love to run with all the bells and whistles on as EDGE does look fantastic but I'm realistic in my expectations... Including zero multiplayer enjoyment sadly.
  11. No VR, don't think my 970 would handle that, but running at 1920 res with head tracking. Think I've manged now to find sweet spot in settings to allow me to run it at decent fps. Just wish there was something to do about the jaggies /shimmering on shadows and terrain and the occasional stuttering, but just have to deal with it at the moment. Always got 1.5 to fall back on if it annoys me too much. Was quite funny though as it maxed out my 8GB of RAM so when I doubled it, it basically said I'll have that too and now it's running at around 12GB usage.... :smilewink:
  12. I can actually run 2.5, both in Caucasus and Nevada but I have to realistically turn settings down (especially the AA) to get it to run with a decent FPS ~60 most times, but dips to 35-40 during larger engagements, and it looking worse and ugly shimmering seems a step back. Granted, EDGE looks a million miles better than old engine, but i can run 1.5 with over 100 FPS with dozens of units at a time - on 2.5 same type of mission, it is stuttering and looking borderline crap...hence why i wanted to roll it back to at least use the NTTR again. At least until a PC upgrade can be sorted ( My
  13. Followed the method using CMD prompt but still saying "Version is not available" so it looks like I`m out of luck with rolling back. Strange, as that's the last "old" engine build, you`d think it was available somewhere to roll back to.
  14. Well going by what Matt said in current PC Pilot interview, MAC is a totally seperate entity, and both "MAC and DCS will operate as unique apps within the Simulation Operating System" . I'm guessing that's an overall umbrella type thing that contains everything from ED. I think it makes sense to seperate totally MAC for the people that enjoy simplified aircraft, using it possibly as stepping stone into the higher fidelity modules in DCS. I always thought that the FC3 module was a bit of an unloved child of the DCS franchise. Saying that I still think it will be popular, not with existing
  15. Yes the last release of the 2.2 but again I may have done it incorrectly. I'll try the manual command prompt method and see if that works.
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