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  1. Especially on busy servers, or in Liberation, I notice that if I cycle through too many external views, or load into too many unique airplanes my frames will start getting very jittery until I close DCS entirely and restart. It makes everything in VR jittery, even the oculus menu. Once DCS is fully closed Oculus home returns to being smooth again. Feels like memory management issues. i9-10850k 32GB RAM EVGA 3070 Rift-S latest nvida drivers
  2. Someone linked me here as what appeared to be an explanation that it was working as designed because 80 and 160 aren't meant to show. But only one of them shows. So I clarified here.
  3. The UFC option on the DL13 screen doesn't show up until all the SLAM-ERs are fired. So if you have 4 and fire 2, you won't be able to switch video channels until you fire all 4.
  4. Only one of them shows in Syria. 5 - Blank 10 - Shows 20 - Blank 40 - Blank 80 - Blank 160 - Blank
  5. Sort of, but it seems like CA is a dead product. The topic is most pertinent to helicopters. CA in multiplayer should be free in my opinion. It's closely tied to helicopters and their usefulness is severely limited without it.
  6. I accidentally flew past the south border of Syria and when I put in the GPS coordinates of Ramat David it lead me even further away, more South. Eventually I flew over what looked like a demolished Ramat David. The dirt outline of the airport was there but none of the buildings. Then I realized they were tiling the edge of the map squares, except the GSP coordinates were tiling as well. I'm fine with recycling the ground map but you should not recycle the GPS coordinates too.
  7. On Syria, it only shows at map scale 10.
  8. On Syria on the SA page, when you enable the map it only shows up if the scale is set to 10nm. Also, when the map is on, the colors of the text are completely unreadable in VR.
  9. My point is, it works again if I cycle to training mode laser and back. Which wouldn't make sense if it were burned out.
  10. How does cycling to training and back to laser fix it if it's melted?
  11. I've noticed more than once that the laser works for a random amount of time, then quits working. If I cycle the laser off and change mode to training/cycle back to laser mode I can get one shot off, then it stops working again. It's flashing L the whole time.
  12. The bigger effect from rain is how blurry the windows are if the wipers aren't on. While there are "drops" it's really just streaks that you see, and a lot of blur when the wipers are off.
  13. deathbysybian

    VR clouds

    They're doing some sort of low resolution clouds on the vertical axis so the aliasing is really pronounced. If you roll your head 90 degrees you'll see the effect is almost gone. (most clouds are flat not vertical) Thus, they should reduce the X resolution instead of the Y resolution on the clouds. Then you would only notice the jaggies during a 90 degree climb/dive. @NineLine
  14. TTI also used to allow CA and had to disable it due to trolling. I fly helicopters still because I like flying helicopters, but they're almost pointless without CA.
  15. One of the core roles of helicopters, cargo transport, is effectively killed off in multiplayer servers because limited ctld features. Because there are no viable ways to control permissions or punish team kills with combined arms assets server hosts end up blocking combined arms entirely. You need CA for helicopters to really fill out their role and you need better management of CA users online for any server operator to embrace it. Now that you've got at least 3 helicopters on the horizon, please put some time into features of Combined Arms that allows
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