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  1. Really sorry to hear about your misfortune with the Rift S, I hope you'll enjoy the Reverb. But with your comment... You made my day !!
  2. Hi Nalfeyn. Sorry if it was confusing. I'll try to be clear: I very much liked the Oculus software. As you told, just install it and very few things to tweak. You can then fire up DCS. With WMR, it's a whole different story: Install Steam > Install Steam VR > Install WMR portal to SteamVR > Configure WMR > Configure SteamVR > Check the WMR portal beta version > Disable the multi-monitor allocation > Drink a beer to have rest and calm down > Fire DCS correctly (I'm not even completely fine with the correct process: start DCS desktop icon, or directly in WMR, or
  3. Oh, and as Gruman said, the flickering (I should say shaking as hell) loading screens are terrible... It's a WMR bug, I red.
  4. Coming form a Rift S, I finally received my G2 from Amazon Spain on 31st of december (so barrely can say "last year"!) I would join Gruman on his feelings, the first thing that stroke me (and disappointed me a bit), was the narrower sweet spot compared to the Rift S. I've got a pretty standard 65mm IPD, and using the RIft S was perfect (edge to edge clarity), Oculus devices have the best Fresnel lenses regarding sweet spot. But I must say that after two or three days, I got used to it, and it's nowhere a game breaker for me now (and yes, I set the IPD correctly in the HMD and also tried t
  5. I think you're talking about MRTV's video, but it was about the Reverb G2 not the Quest 2. Coming from a Rift S (Oculus devices are generally the best Fresnel lenses regarding sweet spot), I was indeed a bit disappointed by the smallest sweet spot of the G2, that's why I was so interrested in his videos. But yesterday, he released a new video where he tried a new G2 coming from Amazon Spain (same as me, probably the same batch), and sweet spot was exactly the same. He is also awainting 8 other headsets from the community to check if there is a difference, and may be, a lens batch with low
  6. Ooooh my gosh, just watched the new "2021 and beyond" video, those new clouds look so gorgeous!! Can't wait to see them in my (coming) G2... By the way, wonder which one arrives first, new clouds or G2 in Europe!!
  7. Oooh my... Where do those pictures come from??? They're amazing!!
  8. Ah thanks, sorry I can't see your sig on my phone...
  9. Hi Bignewy, Could you please remind us your system's specs? The performances you get with such settings seems quite high and give me high hopes regarding my upcoming G2 and my own rig...
  10. Yesterday I finally received an email from Amazon Spain, and I was really scared that they were announcing the cancellation of my preorder... But they just told me that, due to the "unexpected" delay of the delivery, they will cashback 50€ on my account... Sweet!! That brings the final price at 550€, so 200€ less than the official retail price here in France (VAT included). Unfortunately, no new ETA so far. Of course I would prefer to get it this week, but I don't really care if it arrives in 2 or 3 weeks. I just want it at the preorder Price (and even less now)...
  11. Same here... Based on Systemactive information, and assuming it is applicable to all european suppliers (Amazon Spain included), I don't expect to receive my G2 before 10th of December (ordered 8th of August.) Gosh!!
  12. I had this too yesterday evening... When I saw that, I almost had a heart attack!! I just disconnected/reconnected and all was fine.
  13. Hi Don and Imacken, and thanks a lot for your tips and advice, they'll help me a lot once I receive my G2. Ordered it on 8th of August on Amazon Spain, but still received no notification for any delivery date... I guess we'll still have to wait a bit in Europe. Don, you really seem to be much impressed by the WMR Reprojection (let's call it Motion Verctor, I guess), how do you feel it compares to Oculus ASW ?? I'm actually a bit bothered by the occasionnal tearing and artifacts in the Rift S.
  14. You will not lose your Oculus library, even if you sell your Rift S. Just don't uninstall the Oculus Software and get Revive for Steam VR, you'll then be able to enjoy all your Oculus games with the G2.
  15. Hi Rocky, Speed-of-heat's settings are a good start, but considering you rig, you should be able to crank up settings a little bit. Have a look also on Thud's web site below, it has a dedicated part for owners moving from Oculus HDMs' to Reverb: https://vr4dcs.com/
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