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  1. My bad, you're right, haven't noticed it was for stable...
  2. Ohooo, new patch planned for tomorrow... What's gonna be in it? Bug fixes, or cloud edges shimmering fix for VR... May be (one can hope...)
  3. Done also, and I mentionned 2 other VR games to make sure they look into it. I don't remember if they stated that FSR would work natively in VR...
  4. Well, I don't know what to say, except that there's something I don't understand... After having lauched the same mission several times which was causing stutters (M2000-C FF in Caucasus), now it's back to butter smooth without any stutter. I didn't change anything... Tried also low flight above Las Vegas with light clouds, scattered and overcast, butter smooth (clouds always set to low, anything above that causes frame drops)... Only the usual stutters above Dubai and Syria as before. Is that possible that you need to load the same mission several times for the shaders to fully build?
  5. Yep, same here... Maybe they are cooking some better rain effect!!
  6. Well, not many people seem to complain about the loss of perfomance that came with the latest patch... I'm a bit worried, is there something wrong on my side? I went from nice and smooth with the wobbly cloud correction patch, to stuttery/barely playable with the SSAA correction patch... Would be a pitty if I have to degrade visual quality while it has always been fine before...
  7. Thanks, you saved me some time!! Aslo had a SteamVR update yesterday (stable) but I don't think it's related. Used to be on beta before without impact on framerate.
  8. It's even worse on my side with the latest patch... M2000C FF mission in Caucasus, yesterday was OK with clouds on "low", now unplayable, lots of stutters and FPS drops as soon as I fly over a city... I didn't change my settings, shadows already on flat (I have a less beefy rig than SOH, though). The only other clue is I also had nVidia drivers update (466.63) this evening. Maybe related, I'll try to roll back and test.
  9. For sure aliasing is one of the VR tech weakness so far, but the cloud edges shimmering we are discussing is on a whole different level!!!
  10. Great job, Speed-of-Heat!! That's exactly the experience I have currently. Ultra settings is a lot too taxiing for me. To meet approximately the same perf as before, I have to put them on low. Seems like I had no room regarding the reprojection at 45 considering my rig specs and the pretty high graphic settings I have. And it's true that anything but ultra is showing distant cloud edges hard shimmering, which is pretty distracting... I would say that the other good new is I find the clouds on low to be less blurry than before (and maybe a bit more contrasted as well.) If they ma
  11. Well I just gave it another shot with clouds on "low" setting, and I actually wouldn't say they look the same as before, contrary to what I said before... On the previous patch, what stroke me the most, besides their jumping behaviour, was the blurry look of the clouds, particularly when looking to very defined terrain through scattered ones. Something was odd and not consistant. Now on the latest patch, I don't have this feeling anymore, it looks much more consistant between land and clouds. In fact, they're much less blurry than before, at least to my eyes. I think @BIGNEWY is
  12. Well I just tested all the other settings, and it appears my perf is back only with "low" clouds, which makes sense since they actually look the same as before in that setting (maybe a bit more contrasted, but that may be only placebo) Well I think I will have to live with that... I'd hope I could have the same visual quality as in 2D, I was a bit fool!! At least they don't jitter anymore, and that's pleasant, well done on that. The thing that still is annoying to me, is the heavy distant clouds shimmer edges (particularly when you tilt your head), which is much worse in low tha
  13. Fixed for me as well. And their quality/contrast has also been greatly improved, at least for "Ultra" setting. But gosh, the performances are suffering right now...!! Not able to maintain 45 FPS with the same settings as before (buttery smooth previously) in single free flight over Caucasus. I'll try the other quality settings and see if it is improved, otherwise it's unplayable at the moment. And I hope it will not hurt too much visually speaking with clouds on low.
  14. Yep, cloud jitter seems to be gone on my side also, and the quality is much improved. Except for still noticeable shimmer on distant cloud edges, they look gorgeous now... But unfortunately at the cost of heavy FPS loss and stutter for me... With same settings as before, I'm now almost never able to maintain 45 FPS with Reverb G2, where it was previously buttery smooth (except for some demanding situations)
  15. I put it on wherever it's possible (F-18, M2000C, SU-33) right after cold start. I miss it so much when it's not there... I'm with you on it @Rosebud47, I have a Hotas bind just to quickly make it appear/disappear when I need to reach a side-panel knob. To me, the best looking body is the M2000C one (besides Kelly Brook's one, of course...!)
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