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  1. I have a new problem, JF-17 now shows UFC but no text on the Data Display Fields. Scripts are up to date.
  2. Excellent! This update solved my problem with Nexus 7 tablet.
  3. I'm having problems with few panels. A-10, JF-17 and AV8BNA ufc panels look like they are missing graphic layers. F-16 ICP and F-18 UFC panels are working fine. I'm using Nexus 7 (2012) with android 7.1.2.
  4. If you start the mission from mission editor it behaves correctly but it is bugged when starting from main menu.
  5. You need to hold down TDC Depress button to slew it after uncaging, sameway as using infrared Mavericks.
  6. Your mission is to land at Kobuleti but completion trigger zone and all static assets are at Batumi.
  7. Here's track file. If wake turbulance is enabled in the options, you can hear violent wind noises when F-15 to your right start to taxi and then you flip and crash. edit: Cannot upload track file, it's too big. edit2: removed huge png files from trk file and attached the file. F16 on ground turbulence crash.trk
  8. Most kneeboard keybindings are orange and not usable if in Options -> Controls page any other plane than JF-17 is selected when game is loaded ( See attached picture). How to fix: edit defaults.lua in DCSWorld\Mods\aircraft\JF-17\Input\JF-17\keyboard folder as follows before --local res = external_profile(folder.."common_keyboard_binding.lua") local res = external_profile("Config/Input/Aircrafts/common_keyboard_binding.lua") local inputpath = folder.."../../../Input/JF-17/" local cscripts = folder.."../../../Cockpit/Scripts/" dofile(cscripts.."command_defs.lua") dofile(cscripts..
  9. If you push S1 forward twice, ACM mode won't quit if you press S1. I'm guessing it just loops the ACM mode again and again.
  10. Great! Thanks for the reply.
  11. From the changelog: Added ability to change bombs laser code on ground (like in F-5). I can see the codes on the kneeboard but I can't change them. I have GBU's loaded, keybindings are correct but nothing happens? Am I missing some steps or is it just bugged at the moment?
  12. Maybe it's not implemented yet. I can't get it to work either.
  13. Jester doesn't turn on the liquid cooling when doing cold start; assisted or normal startup.
  14. I assume that at the start of the mission the camera is supposed to show the target area but it's underwater pointing at the sky near the target area. Also engines won't turn on if throttle is at zero position, you have to move throttle slightly to get the engines started. HUD is in russian even though I have it set to english in options. It was ok in the first campaign mission.
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