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  1. I recently asked ED on the steam forum to give some love to the Yak-52. @BIGNEWY answered that they will reallocate some people when other jobs were done, so I hope they will have some commitment to this module this year. I'm quite enjoying the module specially on Syria map, but it's needed to complete at least the basic features like navigation - we actually have similar system on the L-39C so I think it has to be an "easy" development...
  2. I would say Syria. Best theatre for now by far (seriously I have them all except The Channel, and although I like PG and NTTR, this is another level), and with incoming improvements like Cyprus. And you can use it with all your modules. I have the Viper and I love it but I have parked it in the hangar for a year or so, right now still have the feeling of unfinished and unpolished. I would recommend to learn the F-14 if you haven't touched it yet. I love this plane even when flying solo. And you can get the Viper on the Summer sale or so.
  3. Hi AD, Would you mind to share the settings are you running? It's at 1080p res or 1440p? I have an i7-8700k, 32gb ram, RTX 3070. Running at 1440p. All settings maxed out except cockpit displays res (1024 but no every frame), depth of field disabled, heat blur on low, MSAAx2 instead of SSAA, and the performance in Syria it's absolutely terrible, like 20fps (or less with a medium sized mission) on ground, and like 50 in the air. Any idea or tip to improve?
  4. Any progress on having the NS430 available for the C-101 on Steam? Which is the status? I have bought the NS430 on Steam and I don't care even to pay the addon again, but still no options at the moment...
  5. Any progress? It's really frustrating and annoying that I can't make advance on this campaign.
  6. Please ED/NineLine could you fix these??? It's almost IMPOSSIBLE to finish this mission. Seriously, I've tried like 10 or more times and it's impossible to trigger the right conditions to get success in the mission. Most of times helis doesn't count as dead (they land in bad conditions, they become immortal in the ground and doesn't count as destroyed and after a certain amount of time without anything happen, it fails the mission.
  7. They said they wanted to finish this module in 2020. More than half a year in 2020 they didn't make any progress. I think I've learned enough with the Yak-52 and the Viper to consider buy any early access module.
  8. I have the NS430 bought in Steam from long time ago. There is just a pack and there is no different bundles. How can I use the NS430 in the C-101? Regards
  9. I've been playing this campaign and I'm enjoying it, but I've found the next bugs, the second one particularly annoying: Mission 1: One of my T-72 got stuck BELOW a bridge. Not a big deal but ugly effect (like if it has magnetic tracks). Mission 2: Air Defense: I've got attacked many positions and defended them all. I've had a problem on the first attack on position A, I shoot down a Hind but didn't explode. I've had to move my Shilka to a position where I could see the Hind, shoot and explode it in the ground.I spent some time until I've realized this. Then I've refused like 3 or 4 a
  10. Yes, there is some carrier comms in the game already. I've been requested by the LSO to call the ball, but not always.
  11. Really nice addition! Would definitely make easier AAR for people like me. Can't wait to try it.
  12. Absolutely trust on those, but better to look on eBay as stated by the previous colleague -even more cheap - have been using these keys for years on multiple rigs (for personal use, not professional) and no problem at all.
  13. The 30% discount is already applied to Steam price (32 EUR in my case), so you have the same discount as in the e-shop (30% preorder + 20% hornet). I paid 26 EUR on Steam few days ago (when I published in this thread that I got the coupon).
  14. Ok, I've just received a 20% discount coupon for the DCS Supercarrier on Steam... and it's available for preorder. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1120305/DCS_Supercarrier/
  15. Would be great to have at least some kind of navigation system. ADF system could be ported directly from the L-39 and some integration with the NS430 would be perfect.
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