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  1. Try changing the polarity of the FLIR with SSS right.
  2. Hit the OBS for the J82's again and on the ODU hit TGT then go thru and deselect the first 10 tgts and select the next ones you want.
  3. Not sure what you are asking, I just want to have Aggressors in the enemy (allegiance) list since my squadron runs a lot of red vs blue skirmishes and red are the Aggressors. This is because when I fly as US I can't pick any of the other US forces as the enemy allegiance. Am I not explaining this right?
  4. Hey Ansirial, could you add Aggressors as an allegiance?
  5. That is proper operation, you want to put the Dogfight switch in Dogfight position (Aft).
  6. I was agreeing with you and pointing out the single button you have to hit to launch DCS without VR with Skatezilla's app.
  7. There is literally a button to launch without VR with Skatezilla's utility:
  8. Not true, I've used both together multiple times in the last week.
  9. Is it just me or do the LGB's not track a JTAC laser like half of the time? Seems like they track one time then the next nothing. I'm using the exact same procedure every time.
  10. Now if they could just fix the damage on takeoff...
  11. Hey YoYo, not sure if the ME should transfer the waypoint elevation or not, but why would you want to have the waypoint to be at an altitude above ground level anyways. It's going to be a big problem if you decide to designate that waypoint as a target point. Also if you really do want it to be up in the air you can modify the waypoint on the EHSD using the ODU/UFC.
  12. Don't go past 82 degrees on your nozzles for one, 82 is the setting for vertical. You're inducing rearward velocity at 85.
  13. So I am having a similar issue to Survival. I tried to sync my mission last night but there were over 600 events that all wanted me to assign a target type. It would take me few hours to do that many.
  14. Sorry for any confusion, we all have the exact same skin, named the same, but even though we are all selecting the same skin during a session, we see that skin on our aircraft but everyone else in in the default skin.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I guess I left out some vital info tho. We all see the skin fine individually, but when we fly together in MP we only see our squadron skin on our own plane. Everyone else has a default skin. That is with us all putting them in the saved games folder. That's why I wondered if it needed to be in the main game. I guess maybe something else is messed up.
  16. So if I make a squadron skin and share it with my mates, as long as it's named the same shouldn't we all be able to see each other in it? Does it need to be in the game directory as opposed to the saved games?
  17. Here is a graphical version of the Case 3 recovery out of the NATOPS manual "V/STOL SHIPBOARD AND LANDING SIGNAL OFFICER NATOPS MANUAL"
  18. Auto start has always worked for me...not that I use it anymore since it is so easy to start.
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