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  1. Try changing the polarity of the FLIR with SSS right.
  2. Hit the OBS for the J82's again and on the ODU hit TGT then go thru and deselect the first 10 tgts and select the next ones you want.
  3. Not sure what you are asking, I just want to have Aggressors in the enemy (allegiance) list since my squadron runs a lot of red vs blue skirmishes and red are the Aggressors. This is because when I fly as US I can't pick any of the other US forces as the enemy allegiance. Am I not explaining this right?
  4. Hey Ansirial, could you add Aggressors as an allegiance?
  5. That is proper operation, you want to put the Dogfight switch in Dogfight position (Aft).
  6. I was agreeing with you and pointing out the single button you have to hit to launch DCS without VR with Skatezilla's app.
  7. There is literally a button to launch without VR with Skatezilla's utility:
  8. Not true, I've used both together multiple times in the last week.
  9. Is it just me or do the LGB's not track a JTAC laser like half of the time? Seems like they track one time then the next nothing. I'm using the exact same procedure every time.
  10. Now if they could just fix the damage on takeoff...
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