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  1. Thank you very much, that distilled it down perfectly
  2. At the risk of asking yet another redundant question, could someone explain the: Differences of the Steer & Page dial knobs? Through reading the manual and online videos I’m okay with building waypoints/mark points & flight plans. It just gets real confusing as to what the functions of each dial are and how they relate to each other regarding a desired outcome. Also, this is driving me crazy, on the TAD when I’ve hooked the cursor to BULLS I can’t get an in screen set of information that tells me the MH and distance from BULLS to the curser when the cursor is not on another pre-e
  3. That will get fixed as well, again thank you all for the input and making this more accurate, as you know the first turn is based on the G's the second turn is (in part) based on the initial of 27 to 30 degree of bank angle...
  4. And that was corrected to 52' as in the height of the deck from the waterline
  5. change to the change Damn it..... lol.... I'll make the change and just leave it version V02 thank you!
  6. I apologize,,, that was a typo... I meant 90' as in 90' above the water line.... :\
  7. To All! Thank you for the input, I made changes to both PDF files. The newest ones are re-downloaded in the original thread. Both are V02. I included every comment, I think! :) Ken
  8. The 290' is AGL of the deck.... The area to write it in was so small I elected to forego. On my next rounds of corrections I'll see if I can squeeze it in. Thank you!!!!
  9. You're welcome, let me know if anything is incorrect, I can make changes to the illustration. :)
  10. This information was taken from Jabbers You Tubes... I work better with visuals... anyone want to comment and or look for accuracy? F18C Carrier Case I ILL V02.pdf F18C Case I Check List V02.pdf
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