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  1. I'm finding it really difficult to do certain things when Jester isn't there to magically switch everything how it needs to be. This means in multiplayer mode with two human players in the plane. I've hit rock bottom trying to figure out how to get the WCS to show any targets in TWS Auto mode at all. Is there some kind of documentation or tutorial which takes you step by step on how to get targets setup on the WCS in TWS Auto?
  2. My experience mirrored exactly what you mentioned here. I also sent mine back the same day.
  3. I updated weeks ago, no issues. Prior to installing 1903+steam update I had similar issues and had to look at the sky for about the first 15-20sec of flying until the frame rate "settled" then it would run ok to look around again. I don't get that anymore after the updates.
  4. Happy to have the F-16 again! Woohoo!! I felt it handled with a lot of character, meaning it has specific handling characteristics compared to the other planes in the sim. I'm used to the F-18, F-15, and F-5. I think the F-18 has made me a little aft-stick happy, and so probably why I felt a little out of sync with the F-16 at first with roll and high AoA. It was quirky to me for some reason. Just more character I guess. In a podcast about the F-18, real pilots divulged the AoA for the F-16 as 25degrees, with a manual override switch to go further. Interesting. They confirme
  5. My friend with a 1070 was able to get decent FPS, but he had a 4770k CPU running at 4.8Ghz OC'd. He also had 32GB ram. What is your PD in Steam and in DCS?
  6. LOL, man that would suck! These had a blue sticky plastic stuck on the lenses which I removed. I assumed there was nothing more than that... let me know if I missed it though! I don't think I did. The lenses look very quality, quite clear.
  7. SDE and weird rainbow effect on the sides of things...
  8. The three biggest things I've found that effect FPS are: Pixel Density setting in SteamVR, Pixel density setting in DCS, and MSAA setting in DCS. Other things certainly affect FPS, but not as drastically as these three. Given your system specs, try as close to 1:1 resolution as your physical headset per eye resolution in SteamVR PD setting, MSAA in DCS at 2x to start, and PD in DCS at 1.2 or 1.3. From there see what your frame rate is and if good, see if you can get away with MSAA 4x in DCS. It might also help a little bit to cut back the trees and clutter settings in DCS to about half.
  9. When I adjust IPD correctly for my eyes with the O+ it says around 68mm on the screen. My buddy had his IPD measured and it's 71mm, and he didn't have any issues. The fact that his headset didn't have the IPD issue for me their tells me it was either my headset or my DCS install that has the IPD tweaked. I just don't know which as I didn't swap headsets with him to test, unfortunately. I don't think anyone needs to worry about this one, it was just something with my headset or DCS install.
  10. I just went back through the whole battery of tests with the HP and compared back to back with the O+ again. Hopefully I can add better descriptive detail this time. I tried to get some pics but my phone camera and my professional camera were just not able to get a capture of what I see. -The sweet spot in the HP is very small, like about the middle 20% of the whole FOV, maybe even less. Outside of that it drastically reduces and in addition you get a this effect, which I forget the name of, but basically the edges of things in the image get a gradient color coming off of them as they
  11. I just unpacked the HP again and inspected the headphone with a big magnifying glass. Indeed, there are two tiny screws which are unscrewed inside. I'm not sure how to get to them, it appears I have to unscrew the large single screw that holds it to the headset to get to the small ones. The wiring also broke off just due to the weight of the headphone not being connected, so not much point in trying to fix it now. Just wanted to validate what was suggested above. The screws are either stripped out or came loose. Not a super easy fix though given the broken wiring too.
  12. I've got the O+, rudder pedals, FSSB, TUSB, keyboard, mouse, and a blue tooth USB receiver installed for USB devices. As far as power consumption goes I think just the HMD is using any significant power? I read some threads about the power issue, but seems like the issues people saw were disconnects and major things, not bad SDE. Would I really see an SDE improvement potentially?
  13. Send me your recommendation, I'll buy one today.
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