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  1. Hi, Souce wikipedia Aircraft Catapult No Track, please follow my initial post description to reproduce in mission editor. It would be nice for the players to be able to manually adjust the catapult end speed manually within the allowed performance range through the in game radio contextual menu. Best,
  2. Hi, Unable to contact wingman in the correct 255 (Preset 1 setup in mission editor) frequency with UHF ANARC159. Worth noticing that I was able to contact the KC135 with that radio. It seems to just not be working with the wingman. Using VHF UHF ANARC182 on 255 (Preset 1 and was able to contact the wingman). It is currently not easy to fly like this since VHF UHF ANARC182 is used for CVN ATC. No Track Please investigate Running last open beta Best, Lau
  3. Hello DCS Dev Team, It is nice that the supercarrier catapult adjusts automatically it's target end speed to compensate for relative wind, for example CVN at 0 kts giving a new catapult end speed of +30 kts or inversely -30kts if CVN is moving at 15kts with a 15 kts wind (hence 30 kts apparent on deck). That being said it defits the real life requirement for a CVN to sail in to the wind prior to aircraft launchs as well as being unrealistic if we take in account the normal performance of a US CVN catapult. "A catapult used in USS Nimitz, called C-13-1, is 99 metres long
  4. Hello Flappie, Thanks for the feedback, my initial post mentioned succesfully trying what you suggested but thank you. There is something in my mission preventing it from working. Meanwhile I am using a rather satisfying alternative: I am using a vehicle with precise waypoints times to trigger the mission options, just make sure nothing can hit it and it works like a charm. Best, Lau
  5. Good Day, Currently using TIME MORE 30 (read short delays) without problem. Make that TIME MORE 5400 (read long delays) and I am not getting any positive outcome Any limitations hard coded in the engine? Best, Lau
  6. Hi, To replicate: C101EB FL270 after around 30 minutes flight TEM on both batteries Isolate "OFF" on both to no avail Prior to the caution advisory, I tried to fly on one batterie to keep one cold, but even the batterie that I kept as a backup moved to TEM Repaired DCS with the same result Can anyone confirm if you are also experiencing the same failure on your end. No Track Best, Lau
  7. I should have wrote: shoots before lead and then circles in front of the carrier waiting for lead = unrealistic if we consider the NATOPS patherns around the boat. Thanks for your contribution, Best, Lau
  8. ED, It is appalling to see the level AI is performing, yes more planes, more maps and we are stock with the same AI. Fly MP you would say and I will agree, but come on AI is part of your product and as such deserves the level of attention that you would put in the knob of one of your 3D planes. -AI turning in circles at each waypoint before continuing to the next one, highly unrealistic. -AI turns always at max bank angle and using burners if allowed via editor, flying formation with AI is good training and highly unrealistic. -AI diving or climbing always at max performance, even with
  9. Hi Elysian, Thanks for flying along. Did a new repair this evening and I am pleased to say that the TACAN is working fine including Y channel. I use Y channel for AA (air) and X channel for T/R (ground) Happy flying, Best, Lau
  10. Emmy, Thanks for trying to help. This is a regular mission that I am flying all the time, 56Y AA is what is setup in the mission editor, I did check the tanker setup just to make sure and everything is ok in the mission editor, after beta uptade TACAN needle stopped pointing at the AA station. As usual I installed the beta update and did a DCS repair. Did you test your TACAN on a AA station? Try it if no one can reproduce this I will try another rapair. Best, Lau
  11. Hello Heatblur Sim, One more attempt to ask if you could simply make the night lights work on the RIO pit. Even with the DCS flashlight it is currently not possible to read the current switch position. Yes, they are ways around this, like jumping in the front seat, asking the pilot in MP, checking the TACAN range and bearing, but just some light in this switch will be awesome for the folks that love flying at night. Thanks in advance, Best, Lau
  12. Hey everyone, Possible broken TACAN on last BETA, from souvenirs needle is not pointing in the right direction while trying to intercept a tanker (yes I did double check 56Y and AA mode). I unfortunately have no more time to test this further and would be glad if anyone can confirm and reproduce this on your end. Thanks and best, Lau
  13. Good evening all, Enjoying a night mission that always start by AAR with NVGs, noticed that activating the tanker also activates very bright navigation lights. Since it is unlikely that ED adds an option to turn off the Tanker navigation lights in the comms menu, I was wondering if Heatblur Dev Team could consider making the AAR probe light much brighter. To have an idea of what I mean, please reference the F/A-18C probe light, it allows to AAR without NVGs, hence no problem with nav lights and NVGs. I like using NVGs but just found the brightness of the nav lights kind of disturbing.
  14. Good Day! AMPCD Night/Day blightness selector fucntion inverted but working. Best, Lau
  15. Hey guys! EL indicator light not operating (to be able to see radar antenna elevation in a dark cockpit) TID contrast selector light not operating TID bright selector light not operating TID NAV Mode selector light not operating AN/ALE39 panel light not operating TACAN CMD switch light not operating Keep it coming the planes cockpit looks very nice at night. Best, Lau
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