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  1. There are two variants in the game, but you cant change the controls separately in-game, since only one shows up in the controls menu. But there are two folders in saved games. SpitfireLFMkIX and SpitfireLFMkIXCW And here comes the problem, I NEVER EVER fly the CW, but the game sometimes chooses to use CW controls (from saved games). And sometimes it chooses to use the non-CW controls(from saved games). And it creates even more problems when you try to change something in the controls, sometimes it saves to the CW, sometimes it saves to normal variant.
  2. JDAM guidance is kinda off for a really long time now, I've been having issues with them since early 2020. You need to nurse them carefully, drop them around mid range, and always drop them high, at least above 6000ft AGL, I always drop them above 8000. This would give you good accuracy. The bomb guidance needs to be fixed I think, the glide path is very wacky in some cases. Sometimes the bomb flies right above the target, then take a 90 degree nose dive, and it misses because it corrects too much at terminal. And its really random, replaying the track a
  3. The manual says 600-1100 RPM should be avoided at all costs to prevent engine damage. So should you retard the throttle to full idle after touchdown when landing, or keep the RPM above 1100? I find the A8 quite hard to slow down on the ground (and in the air) compared to other warbirds, I find myself needing to use brakes heavily to get it stopped in a short distance. And in the air it doesnt slow down fast too, in the spitfire, if you pull the throttle back its like an air brake. So I sometimes sideslip the anton, or use manual pitch to max RPM, and pull the
  4. Its very very easy to do, all you need to do is to set up a vehicle, - then go to advanced waypoint actions - Perform Command - Set Frequency (anything u want). - then add a new action, Transmit Message. And check the loop below, it will loop your music. Then you can select a audio file to play, note the file must be a specific format, .ogg and one other format is okay, not sure what the other one is. Then you can spawn your huey, tune the radio to that, and you will hear your music ;D
  5. I had the huey multicrew self destruct on me 3 times, im not sure what causes this, i think its lag but it just seems to happen randomly? One time when i was starting on the ground, with another person sitting on the copilot seat, during the startup, the helicopter just broke down and self destructed on its own... The rotors were barely spinning, then it broke off in pieces, then the engine caught fire, then the skids broke... And another time i was on approach slowing down, I was flying very stable, then at about 20 feet my helicopter self destructed again. I aske
  6. This has been happening for a long time. GBU-54 does the same. The best you can do is release them at about the half point of the release window, if it still falls long them release them a bit earlier, but if you release it too early the bomb will fall short. Its really annoying getting a good JDAM hit is like rolling a dice, and ED is not fixing it.
  7. Why did u find mi-8 unenjoyable to fly? I love how the mi-8 flies, its just so stable, smooth. Its heavy so its hard for beginners to handle, but if you got enough hours to get the hang of it, its the most satisfying helicopter to fly.
  8. I have 32gm ram and a 2080. The problem didnt happen before, and the FPS drop seems to only happens on nevada map, ive tested caucasus, syria, PG, and the channel.
  9. I didnt play DCS for about 3 months, coming back to it, I noticed my FPS tanks hugely after going into the F10 map and out(didnt happen before). And im wondering if someone else has this problem as well. Heres what ive noticed: The FPS drops after you go into F10 map, as you move farther and farther away from your aircraft, the FPS drops more, then it slowly regains FPS if you stay at the same place. If you go back to the cockpit, the FPS will drop hugely, then it slowly regains, as the map textures load back up again. Same thing happens if you jump to a far awa
  10. Im having this problem as well, did u find a fix for this? Didnt play it for 3 months. It didnt happen before. Going into F10 map drops FPS, then it slowly regains in the F10 map, then if you go back to the cockpit, the FPS drops hugely, and it slowly regains as the map textures starts loading back in. Do you have this same issue?
  11. The team had done a great job. I was delighted to see that they got APKWS details right, the rocket comes out spinning for a bit, then the fins deploy, de-rolls the rocket, so it can achieve guidance. And if you fire it out of range, the battery on the rocket will actually run out, so the rocket will go back to spinning. Great work ED!
  12. Yeah both methods work, i find that your method is more precise and my method is faster (for me at least). Thanks for the help! :D
  13. Found a workaround: You actually dont need to set your HMCS as SOI to slave your TGP using DMS right long. So set your TGP as SOI, then DMS right long to slew with helmet, then quickly move your TDC cursor, and the TGP will achieve ground stab.
  14. If you slave your TGP with HMCS, it seems like the movement of the helmet gets carried over to the TGP, and TGP wont ground stabilize. Is this a bug or working as intended? It makes it quite hard to point exactly where I want it to. Heres a video showing the problem, anyone else getting this issue? Edit: Found a workaround: You actually dont need to set your HMCS as SOI to slave your TGP using DMS right long. So set your TGP as SOI, then DMS right long to slew with helmet, then quickly move your TDC cursor, and the TGP will achieve ground stab.
  15. I've been having a lot of trouble with sling loading in the mi-8. no matter how stable i fly, the cargo will just swing side to side. and if you get the cargo to stabilize, and fly as stable as you can, the cargo will just swinging side to side again in 5 seconds for no apparent reason. I watched some youtube videos, where they did their oilfield campaign, and they had no issue with sling loading. their cargos just hang straight and stable. I dont think the cargo behavior im experiencing is correct, anyone else having this issue?
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