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  1. Thanks for the video, Flappie. Way worse on my end. I'll see if I can record and put up a video as well. Edit: Interesting, but my testing just now is better than it has been over the last few weeks. It's still not smooth, but better. I can keep track of my cursor whereas before it was like ollk22's issue of not being able to find it due to the stuttering. I would move my mouse maybe 1/2" or so at a time so I didn't lose the cursor. The only reason I can think that it's improved a bit is because we're here talking about it; it got concerned and is trying to act
  2. Same here. Main Multiplayer server menu is slooooooow and has been for some time.
  3. Yeah, that's probably more likely. I know the Su-27 and similar are usually pretty easy to knock down with the gun. Thanks!
  4. Don't know if it's a bug, or something weird going on in the server, but I just fought an invincible Su-27 on the Just Dogfight server, lol. Went through all of my ammo (F-18). It was missing the entire left wing, left horizontal stab, verticals were both shot up (jagged w/pieces missing), both engines were on fire, and right wing was smoking and leaking fuel. He flew around like nothing had happened. The only way the fight ended was me running out of ammo, and at the same time he ran out of gas. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a screen shot during the action, a
  5. CL30

    Rift S Tracking

    At the risk of sounding like Oculus Support, have you tried re-seating the cable at the headset? I have had issues in the past with my Rift S, and that resolved it. My display would get some static/snow in it, and it would occasionally lose tracking much like yours. However, unlike yours, mine lost total tracking. Really hope it's something simple like that, but I'm guessing they probably already had you go thru these steps. Good luck though!
  6. Good info, thanks for the reply! I'll see if I can re-create something here in the coming days. With family arriving soon for the holidays, I won't have much available time. One other thought, I had the same stuttering and poor FPS even on a single-player mission I made. Me vs one or two other planes, no other objects in the map. But yes, I'll get you some more info/logs/feedback when I get a chance. Thanks, Vyrtuoz!
  7. You bet. Is there anyway this can be improved though? I've never had a problem with it (having to disable exporting) until recently, as described. I find a lot of value in watching TacView replays, so having to turn it off sucks. Thanks, Flappie.
  8. My post here never got any traction, but I wanted to post back that I'm still running smoothly after disabling the TacView export. Additionally, I may have helped someone in the PC Hardware section as well. His issue sounded very similar to mine. After I posted my problems and resolution, he said he tried the same and got a 20-30 FPS boost. Hope it helps someone!
  9. You bet! I only wish the team would've looked into my issue in the Game Performance thread. Maybe I'll post in there again!
  10. Okay, thanks! It definitely makes it interesting. I would say maybe 20 minutes later would be enough. Much appreciated.
  11. I have no idea if what I did is correct or not for my issue, but I posted mine problem in Game Performance and never received any replies. Like you, I lost a lot of VR FPS performance here recently and made no changes to my PC, DCS settings, drivers...nothing. Great one day, bad the next... My specs are: 9600k @ 5.1 GHz, 32 GB RAM, 2080 Ti, Rift S. My performance has always been super smooth on high settings (shadows low). I could always fly, record and play music and have a great VR experience, but then I started getting horrible stutters out of nowhere. I stopped recording,
  12. Hey Flighter, any chance you can push the mission start time back at least an hour or so? When the mission restarts, 1v1 Area 3 is dark. However, if this is by design and on purpose, no worries.
  13. Been following the other recent threads about VR FPS loss, and I also just found this thread. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/englis...tacview-enable I've experienced the same poor frame rates after that last big Hornet update a few weeks ago. My temporary solution, when nothing else worked, was to deleted my Saved Games folder and start again. That worked and all my low FPS issues cleared up. I flew around for several days completely fine until I realized TacView wasn't recording (was removed/not linked). I ended up installing TacView again and once it was installed my FPS issues ca
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