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  1. Added zoom and drag. Mouse wheel for zoom view, hold left mouse button for drag view. Release v1.2.1.0 · ataribaby42/WarthogChart (github.com)
  2. Yeah I though it will be cool if mission can detect fleeing choppers unfortunately it wasn't case. Mission complete appeared when I destroyed last landed chopper on the ground with maverick.
  3. Yeah Sting! Just that boat is small ... too small! Nice to see you again BTW
  4. Hats off! Very nice campaign. Even FPS are fine in VR. Just finished prolog and mission 1 and 2. Mission 2 was bit funny, after we destroyed speed boats and turned into copters I trashed both my winders into ocean and when run out of gun there was still 2 copters flying although damaged and smoking. AI wingman refused to attack them, probably winchester as well at that time. Damaged copters turned into their home base at island and I was about to refly mission when I realized I still have two mavericks. I just waited for both copters to land and then mavericks did rest
  5. Very nice, just small bug. Actual skin in missions is set to "iraqi air force" and it differs from recomended skin name. After I edited skin name in its description.lua all was fine. Otherwise you will get French skins. So open description.lua in Iraqi skin folder and change name to name = "iraqi air force" I also renamed skin folder to "iraqi air force" but I think it is not nessesary. Hope it helps.
  6. I think you can't access net. stuff in mission lua. I am sure it fails at line with net.get_player_info call.
  7. Yep noticed same. Slight roll and WP indicator jumps to side when level back roll it jumps back. It was No Fly Zone mission shipped with module somewhere around WP4.
  8. Very interesting campaign. Looking forward to it. I tried create ACMI pods that evaluate kills without actually firing. It works fairly well. Only problem is that it is useable only in MP as AI refuses attack player without gun ammo. Created single player prototype with AI but even didn't released it as it is very unrealiable hack. In MP, ACMI pods works fairly well DCS VR - A-4 vs F-14 - YouTube Of course this ACMI pods code do not account for real gun piper lead or firing solution. It is simply configurable
  9. With latest patch radar seems work ok again and without FPS bug.
  10. Seems Phase 1 cockpit rework introduced small bug with cockpit lighting knobs. Both start always in middle position regardles of actual lighting level set. Happens with cold or hot start. It get synced when player move both knobs a bit.
  11. Still a problem for both A-10C and A-10C II. DCS Open Beta
  12. Still a problem for both A-10C and A-10C II. DCS Open Beta
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