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  1. Also the MiG21 low speed flight model atm for human players is quite generous and has been for some time. Anyway, tips for the F5 (apologies for overlap with existing tips but would like to emphasise them): Speed is life, try to stay above 350 knots and ideally above 400 knots. Turn gently, with the mild LERX like wing on the F5 and small engines it can bleed speed rapidly. I generally leave flaps on auto during turning for best turn performance, but bringing the flaps in can be useful to help regain speed quicker. The gun has a low rate of fire, so you need to practice getting a good track on the target If using missiles, learn to uncage and lead to make them more likely to hit. Gar8 / aim9b is pretty trash but the aim9p and p5 are quite usable.
  2. Yep, but as per the earlier comment you can recalibrate the base to remove this (using the Virpil software)
  3. Yep, thankfully I went straight to centreless cams with the heavier springs and love it.
  4. Have just switched to a Virpil Warbrd base, from a TM Warthog base, tt is a lot nicer to use mostly due to the smoother centre but also you can customise spring force and cams. The spare cams it comes with can remove the centre "dent" which is quite liberating for fine flying. They also have a B-grade store on ebay that can be a handy way of finding stock. Also, using the standard TM stick it is heavier than Virpil offerings so likely to make things off centre. But nothing a calibration can't fix. The TM stick does feel odd with the softer spring that are fitted as standard.
  5. No need to question Bonercat's skills, imply he is ignorant or he's only interested in airquake to try and make a point. I'm pretty sure he is aware of the RWR spike and radar range issues among other non fm bugs. Speaking of ignorant, you might want to check out this mature bug thread on low speed handling. It isn't just the wing rock. I would also recommend anyone liking your post to read the same. What is your opinion of this situation? Do you still endorse the flight model as "fine"? "So, at 0.347M time of the turn has to be 37.5 sec = 9,6°/sec. We have in DCS now 12,9 sec. As I said before - the reason of this fact is over performed G-load!"
  6. While the MiG21 is enjoyable, it is not without some significant and in some cases long standing bugs. I would recommend checking the bugs section for any of the module developers you are interested in, and also any self hosted bug trackers they have, to come to your own conclusion of if these are bugs you are content to live with.
  7. F14 is a great module, full of stuff to learn. I'd suggest learning to fly it first, then A2A and then A2G stuff. 1) As hinted before, airframe is unforgiving and will kill you if you handle it roughly. But flown well (smoothly) it is a difficult airframe to beat in BVR or BFM. Also has incredible endurance (~240 knots for endurance, ~330 knots sustained corner speed) and speed. 2) The AIM54 is incredible, the AWG9 can also be great but has its limitation for low closure targets particularly over land. 3) Human RIO is better than Jester, the F14 is a lot more enjoyable if you pair up with someone. Alternatively why not try being a RIO yourself, you can load up a single player mission and switch seats to have a quick go. 4) Don't forget it can also do air to ground precision strike, and the adm141 drones can be fun to assist with SEAD/DEAD situations. The LANTIRN functionality really requires another joystick, you can map a modifier switch in DCS to switch between A2A and A2G button asignments and use a single joystick for both.
  8. Seeing a lot of people "gaming" the system and shooting down incoming missiles, is this intended by ED?
  9. 1 year anniversary Any update on this? The MiG21's low speed handling still seems generous.
  10. These were the settings, it does matter which variant of bomb you use and if you are dropping singly or in pairs.
  11. Also affects the Viggen. weapons and pylon drag is wonky and enables a higher top speed compared to a naked aircraft by 200kph.
  12. Has been discussed many times, try the search function
  13. I've always considered this situation an unfortunate balance of bugs. We appreciate your efforts trying to balance @Alpenwolf, thank you for trying suggestions. If there is a RIP here it is the MiG21's broken RWR lock indications to others and radar overperformance issues that have been seemingly ignored since formally posted months ago (and there are earlier comments on these issues also ignored or overlooked). Most players are blissfully unaware of these MiG21 advantages as it is not as obvious in game or in tacview as the Viggen's speed bug. The availability of the unrealistic ASP pipper, that tracks targets, is also questionable. In the mean time the F5 has RWR functionality missing and the jet nozzle scheduling bug are still present. The Viggen speed and damage issues have shown improvement with the recent patches and show some hope of being resolved (and also HB were fairly honest and didn't say the recent patched fixed the issue, but were tweaks they could do while busy finishing the F14 and Forrestal).
  14. Reported, and also there is an IC breaking hotfix available
  15. Great news, that video is such a good teaser. Looking forward to the outcome.
  16. Anyone retested since the patch given "Updates to sidewinder pylon drag coefficients."? I did a quick test (standard ME parameters for Caucasus, 10-20m above sea level): 1580kph for a Viggen spawned in without weapons 1450kph for x-tank and rb24j/rb74 1540kph for x-tank jettison but retaining rb24j/rb74 1710kph for an x-tank and rb24j/74 fire off, pylon retain 1630kph for an x-tank and rb24j/74 fire off and pylon jettison Still too quick it seems, odd behaviour with the pylon jettison slowing the jet down.
  17. Can also confirm this is an issue for me
  18. This was posted on the discord and apparently works? So the actual procedure is: 1. Designate a target using any sensor. 2. Press UFC TOO button 3. An options menu will appear in the ODU: WPT, MRK, TGT (TGT will be selected by default) 4. Select TGT. 0 will be shown in the UFC scratchpad indicating T0. 5. Enter any number between 1 to 10 and click Enter (Just press enter, entering a number will not work -> it will still just increment by one) 6. The Designation coordinates will be stored in the selected targetpoint. 6.5 Press UFC TOO button AGAIN or wait till the TOO function disappears from the UFC automatically: (Otherwise things will NOT WORK, it will just set the next target point to the location you designated previously -> All your Target Points will be on the same spot) 7. Repeat until you have filled all 10 targetpoints 8. Do an absolute JDAM release. Tell me if that works for you guys or if it is just me doing something wrong. I'm guessing this feature is still a work in progress.
  19. As per the other thread I personally paid for the AV8b(NA) as advertised and with the fuller range of weapons it carried over its operational lifespan, not a specific model. Why not leave it to the users and mission makers to decide which year they are simulating / flying?
  20. The F16 is a fun jet but buyer beware, the dev team are mostly working on the F18 atm (after we were initially told F16 and F18 would not interfere with each other's development pre F16 release) which means the F16 has had slower then expected development and also that the feature list for the F16 is "dynamic", the sniper pod and AGM-154c have been dropped recently.
  21. Good research regardless! Thanks for sharing, might help me fix my broken board.
  22. The Aim9p5 is the best, but generally not available on CW server these days. The Gar8 is an early Aim9b variant, quite difficult to use and get kills with unless the enemy is unaware. The Aim9p is probably the best one you have access to atm.
  23. It is a joy to see Razbam commit to the Falklands conflict, MiG23 and EE Lightening but as you say who knows what rate they will be released at, presumably not as quickly as people want. I think the Falklands, Sea Harrier, F15E and MiG23 are the priority (and also that's my guess at what order they will release in over the next 2-3 years).
  24. 1) 9 normal navigation points, and also has take off base, landing base and alternative landing base (there are more waypoints but these are the normal navigational ones) 2) It is pretty drama free apart from keeping it straight down the road. 3) Unsure in meters, but zone 3 with a brake start can be as short as 1/3 or 1/2 of your typical runway like Kutaisi with a lighter, undraggy loadout (a full set of bombs is a lot drag) 4) Nope.
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