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  1. @Blue73Appreciate this is an old thread but thanks for the inspiration to create an auto-switching F16 mimic CRUISE page and AJS37 waypoint/CK output/fuel state/alt 16x2 LCD output
  2. I'd recommend focussing your efforts on the argument at hand rather than attempts at personal attacks. The original context of this point was commentary on imbalance regarding the AJS37 being able to carry six IR missiles, well so can the MiG21 or up to 8 IR missiles mission permitting (i.e. where the R60m is available at bases for other types and the MiG21 is willing and able to do the transit, appreciate this is not the way it is meant to be played or every mission in the CW server rotation). Hence the original point on the Viggen being able to carry six was a poor argument w.r.t
  3. You are incorrect. Having just hopped on the server it allowed 6xR60 to be mounted, and as you say it is possible to mount 4 R60 and then 4 R60m where these are available in the mission. Probably not a realistic loadout but the MiG21 can currently mount 8 R60 type (i.e. R60 and R60m) missiles.
  4. Very interesting, cheers for collating. Going to go give my AJ-37 a try
  5. Lets check out some in service dates of the modern jets just to keep any bias in check and address that "bit of a stretch" comment: (Source Wikipedia) KA-50 - 1995 Su-25 - 1981 (note access to 2xR60m*) Su-25t - 1990 (note only 8 production aircraft irl and also that the Su-25t has access to 16xVikhr, 2xR60m*, various kh-25 versions) MiG21Bis - 1972 AJS37 - 1992/1972** (Restricted to Rb75a, bombs, rockets. No Bk90, Rb15f or Rb74) Av8b/Av8bNA - 1981/1989 (NA adds FLIR and cockpit interface improvements, for the majority of CW server daytime missio
  6. It feels like you are attempting to introduce strawmen to the argument? For what it is worth I think the F5e radar might be also overperforming as well based on some basic research. The comparison with the Sea Harrier radar is because it is also a small dish, light fighter monopulse radar but with a more modern design and digital signal processing, so you would expect the Sea Harrier radar to perform better whereas this doesn't appear to be the case, hence the comparison. I also note some modules do model degradation of radar based on the environment and usage, so this can be model
  7. From some Lightening pilot interviews I understand the radar alt warning was more a night time flying safety feature rather than an F16 style MSL and hard floor warning or when to pull up from diving attacks.
  8. Seeing a lot of AIM120 inexplicably failing good shots in the F16, missing at high mach, supported and high closure with no chaff or manoeuvre by opponent. Feels like the jammer bug is being abused. I suggested before it might be worth universally disabling jammers / ECM effects if this is the case as a quicker fix, or fixing the missiles.
  9. No need to try to put people down in your response, I'd also be careful not to assume people's backgrounds and experience. It seems to be repeated a lot that the RCS value is static in DCS but with no reputable source I have found so far. Just wanted to check the source of this information and by my own admission I wouldn't be surprised if DCS did it this way to keep things simple. I would take your direction on where this information is if you want to share? Though having done some analysis of DCS files and submitted a few bug reports I suspect I have probably seen a few of the da
  10. Not demanding changes, asking for a confirmation that the radar is performing as intended. Trying to promote a discussion on this following the recent big changes and based on publicly available information. Also as we have seen many times with DCS just because it has been that way before doesn't mean it is correct. I stated the RP21 ranges as some accounts indicate the radars are related. I also provided some RP22 ranges from http://www.flyshark.ayz.pl/Stacja_angielska/sapfir.htm, but you seem to have either overlooked or ignored this. The MiG21 / F5e / typical small fighter plane
  11. I will keep testing but based on one test flight last night and then some MP sessions looks to be resolved.
  12. F14a seems a lot more sprightly now, easier to get to mach and also corners without losing as much speed. Feels like a fighter again.
  13. I'm fairly sure closure rate and notching means more to a doppler radar, target aspect and the variations in reflectivity as a result of target aspect would be more important to a pulse radar and possibly it is this variation you are seeing. Typically radar dishes and jet engine compressor blades make for good radar returns in a frontal aspect, planform aspects can also enhance return but unsure how far DCS or the MiG21 goes to model this. On clutter, the target/clutter distinction is a lot clearer in the MiG21, with a distinctive symbol for target, vs the F5 presenting clutter as potential ta
  14. In a brief few tests on the cold war server it is nice to see that the MiG21 is now without the FPS hit that has plagued it for over half a year, but it does seem to work remarkably well now at low level. Reliable target detection of Sabre and F5s at max distance, while at low level and with hills in the back ground. Does anyone know what references are being used for how well the MiG21 radar performs? For comparison the Sea Harrier FRS.1 radar is stated as picking up fighter size targets at 8-12 miles and the MiG21 appears to outperform this atm. Granted I need to do some proper testing on th
  15. You know now you mention I rarely take F14 tanks back to base but when I do it has had the same problem, and I had forgotten it. Perhaps a moderator can move this to the appropriate DCS world bug section. I posted to re-highlight this issue in the hopes of an update, guess it is still reported and present for a year now.
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