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  1. Sorry, in response to your original query the pilot does start heavy breathing at around 4-5g usually so that can be a helpful hint. Pilots indicated they did go over this IRL "accidently", you're probably fine up to 8-9g unless you want to follow strict realism NATOPS.
  2. Cheers for the detailed response, wasn't disagreeing with that limit just curious where he had picked it up from. Suspect the original point today was made on the ED Discord. I tend not to go too far with the G's myself being a survivor of the weak wings patches and also that INS.
  3. Any source for the limit, was this a peacetime thing? Given the low corner speed of the F14 the G-limit is less of a concern no?
  4. I guess once the hook mechanics are refined and return to carrier weight is more critical to successfully trapping hopefully we will see more realistic loadouts carried by people, that or more than a few people complaining the hooks are now bugged... I have not know many crazy Bobs in my life but that seems like quite a crazy Bob thing to do.
  5. On a slightly different topic it feels like clearing the fxo and metashaders folders would be a nice thing for the updater to do, if possible.
  6. Seems to be evidence here in Hellreign's video at 2:46-2:55 though he admits overclocking (also this is after he has damaged a B17)
  7. I was amazed by the new sounds, for both A and B, but admittedly have not tried sound mods or spent any time comparing them against real life footage.
  8. It's explained nicely in the HB manual, at http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/ge...draulic-system . One slight omission on my part, the bi-direction hydraulic pump will auto shut off if one system goes below 500psi so there is a degree of protection there. I have had battle damage in the F14, from lower end IR missiles and aaa, that has resulted in hydraulic damage so it is useful to know how the system works. This also assumes that it was not both hydraulic circuits that were damaged, otherwise you will "bleed out" eventually anyway and then be dependent on the emergency flight hydraulic pump,
  9. The Airbus is not an F14 and the F14 is not an Airbus... I previously suspected the variable geometry wings would complicate flaps and flight control surface operation, a hypothesis that was later confirmed by @Victory205 when he provided some comments about the electrical motors, torque tubes and spline system used to control the flaps and wing flex. To me at least it makes sense why the flaps are susceptible to overspeed and G jamming (having worked on cars I can appreciate the mechanics and mechanisms that Victory205 described). I also put in a similar comment against the MiG21 when I no
  10. Also as a further clarification most missions and servers will probably not have random failures enabled, unlike real life. Therefore the main reason you are likely to have hydraulic fluid loss in the game is battle damage rather than a system failure or defect. @Victory205 Great story as ever :)
  11. The bi-direction pump will basically flow pressure from COMBined-FLighT hydraulic systems or vice versa in the event one systems pressure is not being replenished, i.e. an engine out situation. In the event of a suspected leak you definitely want to shut off the bi-directional pump to isolate each hydraulics circuit and preserve what you can / figure out the situation (this is modelled, if you disabled the bi-di pump and shut an engine off you will notice the pressure drop eventually if you keep moving things, flight surfaces, wing sweep or cycle landing gear. Eventually the affected circuit l
  12. Yes, we would be interested to see the "plenty of evidence to support this" if you please? What is your basis for this statement?
  13. Yeah, pretty much. As before it can be useful to get a glance on your rear for DL targets and waypoints etc. When I RIO I usually switch between ground stab and aircraft stab when not in combat to give the pilot an alternate perspective. Believe ground stab is north orientated.
  14. If you are referring to what I think you are this is to do with the TID. The TID (Tactical Information Display) is normally aircraft stabilised, i.e. your aircraft circle is fixed on the TID and all over things, waypoints and tracks move around it. When you select Ground Stabilised, aka GND STAB, it will mean the TID becomes stabilised w.r.t ground (for the specified duration of time with Jester) rather than your own aircraft. This means your own aircraft will now move around on the TID as it move across the terrain, the TID projection will be stabilised around a static ground point. This can
  15. It operates as a separate plane for mission editor / slot selection purposes but it is part of the F14 module, it should come with a future update. I guess you need to go back to ED for a stable update estimate. Also it would be wise to backup your control mapping folder (in your user files saved games DCS config folder), the new F-14 folder for controls makes the old F-14b folders obsolete but "should" leave them in place, backup to be sure.
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