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  1. Gazelle L version not flyable anymore? (been away so sorry if this been asked)
  2. Fixed, it was Nvidia CP that has for some reason added some funky setting to my monitor colors, so now even the pictures above look normal, weird stuff
  3. Resetting shaders, repair all the normal stuff, still game looks real washed out at night. Any ideas?
  4. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3310654/?sphrase_id=2615289
  5. Click on a base, open base menu. Yes. just start a new one.
  6. Sorry for the bad picture, snapped it on my phone on a train ride :) Anyone know if this plate in the pit is still available for the new pit?
  7. New VR user, rift S. So trying to get my viewpoint set in my modules, using zoom (Hornet used as example) the letter stay perfectly in the hud as it did with my trackIR, but then the rest of the cockpit seems off for some reason. Using the "Move camera" back keys.... it brings the lettering in the hud with me, so it becomes way to big to fit in the glass...... Hope that made sense :) Any ideas?
  8. Can get a great deal on a 34", but doubt my system can handle 4k on a steady high framerate. i7-9700K [11:52 AM] GTX 2070super 32gb of ram Game on a M.2 Just a little worried it will become blurry playing at 2k on something that big :huh:
  9. Have no idea why this worked since neither of them should have anything to do with the runways:huh: Having Black and White T-Pod for the AV-8B mod, i NEED to enable that first then im fine, enabling this before that T-Pod mod my numbers disappear..... Just DCS being DCS i guess :lol:
  10. Love this, but...do the airfield numbers ect disappear for anyone else?
  11. Thank you, i messed around with the contrast to much, this was better
  12. I know bud thx, just annoying as hell, hehe, i'm old and grumpy ;) Thank you for checking
  13. Hmmm, can you see any text at all on the TV from start? Mine is all grey
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