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  1. If I had to guess... the project could be stuck with Bell (Textron) if it's being officially licensed. I know of a certain someone who did some work in university for Textron and it was an absolute joke. They were supposed to get NDAs before the start of the work in the fall. Those never came through so the contact ended up just giving the team some information. Flash forward to the end of the spring semester right before graduation and the Textron legal department finally had their stuff together and wanted to erase their whole team's PC hard drives.
  2. So this SEEMS to be working so far. Just curious, wherever you heard it, did they say why the Gen 4 vs Gen 3 PCI-E lanes were causing an issue?
  3. Turns out ALL of my controls, to include all the keyboard commands were erased. That will do it.
  4. Update: I found another post on here of someone with a similar issue where if you have a 3000 series gpu in a PCIE 4.0 slot, it causes some issues. As he recommended, I went into the BIOS and changed to PCIE Gen 3 and it seems to be working better. However, a new exciting issue has presented itself. Now when I switch cockpits, or even enter some cockpits for the first time. My throttle, keyboard, and stick all cease to work. Any ideas? When I alt+tab they all work fine. Seems to be DCS related. Log peripheral_log_3.txt
  5. I was having this same issue. I have also been having an issue losing tracking with my headset. I will try this fix.
  6. I have uploaded log from last attempted flight. I am continuing to have VR issues. I have installed a PCI-E usb expansion card with hopes to fix my issues. It now seems a whole new set of issues have started. I now start up DCS and everything is fine. As soon as I load into mission I get a message from oculus that says "Something went wrong and your device cant track the movement of your head." This causes my tracking to go all wonky as it did people. I can turn and look around but the forward and backward movement takes the cockpit with me. dcs.log
  7. I'm going to bump this back up. Tried to get a few flights in the past couple days. I had issues with every flight. The other day all was working as expected but after about 30 minutes my VR headset goes black. It essentially turned off and back on again, but the image did not return to the headset. However, on the mirrored image on my monitor the headtracking continued to work. This morning I decided to give it another go. The first flight my audio through my headset (I plug earbuds into the VR headset jack) was stuttering. Eventually, the audio cutoff all together. I restarted and routed my
  8. @Ironious is this the no_device_hotplug = true that you are talking about? This was a fresh install of DCS and I did not re-make my autoexec from last install. I will do that and give it a shot
  9. Hopped on for a flight this evening and ran into some issues. I tried to start an A-10C II training mission and as soon as I loaded in all the peripherals of my computer took a dump. I'm talking mouse, keyboard, headset, VR headset, the lot. Rebooted my computer. Flew JF17 free flight just fine. Went to fire up the P47 Free Flight on Channel Map and the same thing happened. All usb devices just stopped. Is there a power issue somewhere? The build of my current rig is relatively new. Less than 3 weeks for all the parts together. Build is as follows: Ryzen 7 5800x (new) Gigabyt
  10. A PCI usb expansion card?
  11. I have. My cable doesn't seat well as it is and has a tendency to get snowy so I have it rigged up to prevent it from coming lose. But I suppose I can try and reseat it again.
  12. Yet another Rift S problem. I haven't exactly been keeping count, but I am going to guess at least half of my flights are cut short by some sort of VR issue (the past few days it's been close to 100%). See my other thread about the sound/video cutting out. This morning I was doing some single player training in the F16 and my tracking goes to hell. This issue has been ongoing, and I don't know if it's related to the issue from my other post( https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/255614-soundvr-headset-issues-in-multiplayer/?tab=comments#comment-4511860). What happens is, out of nowhere, my forward and
  13. Update. The issue does not appear to be SRS related. I was not running SRS and turned off auto start SRS and it seemed to be working. Took my headset off, and when I put it back on the audio took a dump again. Any idea? Have there been any issues with NVIDIA drivers with the RTX 3000 cards?
  14. So I just upgraded some hardware yesterday. Upgraded GPU to a 3080 and upgraded mobo in anticipation of the 5800x that is currently lost in the mail. Excited for all muh new framez, I put on the Rift S headset and hop into some instant action free flight. Overall, my performance seems to have doubled (frames hit 80 and stay there for the majority of flight for the first time). So I decide to hop on multiplayer and then my system has a fit. This issue persists across the two multiplayer servers I have tried it on. When I boot in and spawn into aircraft, my sound goes out and sometimes even my h
  15. I had a similar issue last night. Was on a multiplayer server last night where your ranges are marked by smoke. The smoke washed out the tpod screen in IR mode for all the targets in the area, whether they were actually masked by it or not. To investigate, created a quick mission with 3 targets grouped together and then another target a bit of a ways away. IR modes were all working as intended. I then destroyed a target and could no longer use IR for the grouped targets due to the smoke. Also, may or may not be related, on the MP server I could not obtain a point track during this while in TV
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