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  1. Introduction Are you looking to up your realism game in DCS? TAW DCS's EU-based JTF-88 battalion has you covered! Founded in autumn 2018, we in the JTF-88 strive to create the most realistic and immersive experience for our pilots. Take part in a brand new, handcrafted campaign mission every weekend! Our Field Specialist team consists of multiple mission story writers and mission engineers, trained to create realistic combat scenarios with immersive progression! Fly in a package of multiple flights, with flights of different aircraft types in order to execute a well-planne
  2. Hi, encountering the same issue. Seems to happen when flying around the Ticonderoga and/or Oliver Hazard Perry. Was just flying a mission, taking off from Tarawa & Stennis about 30 miles behind the line of cruisers. I kept crashing with the same bowwave message shortly after reaching the cruisers.
  3. Client. We got it working by spawning 2 uncontrolled AI harriers (since they "came first", they took the 2 spots in the front), and then the Mi-8 clients spawned properly in spots 3 and 4. The problem is that the AI harriers are wonky and make this super loud rattling noise 24/7. It's just a gigantic pain to set it up and use right now.
  4. Except it doesn't work. It disregards the parking spot settings and spawns front to back, in order of who takes the slots first. If we had Ospreys or Super Stallions spawning that close to the island, they would not play nice either.
  5. Hello, The other day me and some friends were trying to set up a joint rotary + harrier mission out of the Tarawa, and we've ran into a number of issues; A friend was using an Mi-8 and whenever he would spawn in the front 2 spots, he spawned with his rotors clipped inside the island. He wasn't able to spool up or pick another spot, as the spots on the Tarawa seem to work in a "whoever picks a spot first goes in the front" way, even if the spawn slots are explicitly defined in ME. Because of this, there seems to be no way to take off from the Tarawa with an Mi-8 unless there's already
  6. The new helmet model might be sporting some top secret concept bulletproof material. :D
  7. Encountered this multiple times last night, version
  8. The animations also introduce a significant delay. For example, I have the Flaps switch bound to a similar 3-way switch on my HOTAS, but in DCS, the switch only starts to move once the physical switch is flipped all the way. This introduces quite a delay and can be a disadvantageous in some situations (Master Arm is also affected).
  9. Since the Jan. 16 patch, there is a big white triangle on the harrier when viewed from a distance. After some testing I came to the conclusion that this is most likely the landing light's white cone. On the LOD model, it is being drawn even with lights off (even cold dark), and even if the wheels are up (clipping through the canopy). Here are some screenshots and further explanation: https://imgur.com/a/ywqtdbH I've seen this with multiple skins, including the default one. This bug makes the Harrier incredibly easy to spot and is a giant pain to work with in multiplayer PVP. For this
  10. Definitely a design oversight. The question is not that this should be implemented or not, but how long ago should it have been implemented. I fly the Harrier with VR pilots and it's always a gigantic pain for them to change the radio. They have to either mess around with their mouse wheel, or use their numpad and enter the frequencies manually. Pretty daunting, considering how high end off-the-shelf HOTAS setups have encoder rotaries just for these. I hope this gets some attention after RAZBAM's finished the M2000 revamp.
  11. I've also noticed some inconsistencies about waypoints since the Dec 20 patch. For me, boxing TCN and then WPT again on the EHSD fixed the WP information shown on the HUD. Also, on some missions (that come with existing waypoints), I came across a weird behavior when trying to add WPs manually. The coordinates would keep resetting to 00 00 00 (or their old value, if editing an existing WP) after pressing ENT. The only way I managed to change the existing waypoint was via TDC slew.
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