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  1. My birthday is on 12th of march...guess I´ll just get my present a day after :D
  2. F-14, have fun: http://www.free80sarcade.com/2600_Tomcat_F14.php ...cockpit looks a bit spartan vs heatblurs version :) and for folks with PC: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/f-14-tomcat-w3/play-w3 (make sure you have VGA-capable gfx-card :) warning: do not use headphones during the game intro!
  3. For those tired of waiting the release: http://www.arcadespot.com/game/f-14-tomcat/ ...sadly no trackir support, but the music is quite catchy -still I prefer Meteor´s tracks. :P
  4. Hi, I have a slight issue with my instant action missions in the MiG-29. The problem is that there are no instant action CAUCASUS missions at all, only for the other maps (Persian gulf, Nevada). a bug perhaps? ran repair install: still no instant action missions Those other missions can be found on dcs install folder. (path: H:\Games\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\MiG-29\Missions\QuickStart) ..but no caucasus missions? EDIT: training missions also missing (mig29 and Su-33).....whaaat??? (Dcs 2.5.4 non-steam version)
  5. F-105 Thunderchief A6 Intruder A7 Corsair
  6. The pilot looks a bit "stiff" just sitting in there, maybe the developers could improve the movements/animations by adding some shaking etc physics...atm its just so robotic looking. something like in this video: + maybe some more audio effects like in that F-14 when doing high G-manouvers ...rattling / squeaking etc. ...well, this is a wish-thread :)
  7. Awesome, thanks...doh, should have eyeballed more closely those keymappings.
  8. Is there any plans to implement a 3d-pilot in the cockpit of the hornet? ..sorry if this has been asked already.
  9. @strikeEagle345 Haven´t compared the actual fps readings between msaa / ssaa since everything runs so smoothly on high settings with my rig but I found that by using ssaa 1.5 gives a better image quality. (monitor also g-sync 100hz) Both them enabled is a bit too much for 1080ti, so I chose ssaa on and msaa off.
  10. I have best results in fidelity with MSAA = off SSAA=1.5 3440x1440 all other settings on high / max distance (8600k/16GB/SSD/GTX 1080ti) At first glance I thought this clip was from DCS but it was "real"...damn, I wish DCS would have gfx like this...maybe someday (ground textures / engine heat bloom)
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