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  1. In the interest of fullness and clarity: The Warthog costs roughly twice as much as the X56 and you need rudder pedals (sorta). But the X56 not only doesn't provide half of the value of a Warthog, it's not adequate to the task at all, in my opinion, after wasting a week trying to get any use out of it. If you can afford an X56 and your T Flite is doing an OKish job for now, then continue to use the T Flight a little longer while you save the other half for the Warthog because buying an X56 is just a waste of your money and you'll have to start saving all over again. Again, this is based on
  2. I just went through the process of trying to get the X56 to work. I finally gave up and got a Warthog. Wish I had done that in the 1st place. Here's my review in the Saitek part of this forum. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=229463 Bottom line on Saitek/Logitech X56: DON'T DO IT!!!
  3. No, Crab, it really didn't have anything to do with the software in the end. I gave up on that quite a while before I finally gave up on the X56 altogether. While I don't foresee using the Thrustmaster software much (if at all) I can honestly say that's because I don't really foresee any need to use it. Aside from adjusting the output of a few of the buttons on the throttle and stick, there's nothing left to be done. The Warthog just works. The inconsistent function and operation of the X56 also wasn't a software issue. It was cheap hardware, poorly assembled. Push a hat this time (if you can
  4. I just watched a video where someone did something like this. Don't remember who it was. The stick and base was Warthog, but the short extension (really just a piece of threaded pipe) was made by Virpil. The base didn't move. The axes all remained the same. The only thing that changed was the angle of the grip to make it more comfortable in the hand.
  5. I wouldn't be too concerned about that Master Caution during the start sequence. In fact, you may even consider it a confirmation of a properly functioning warning system you're not likely to hear any other time. When the AC Gen L&R switches are in the ON position, either generator will come on line as soon as the engine spools up enough. At that point, it will come online and trip the APU Gen offline. ( The electrical system is redundant, like everything else, so one generator is sufficient to power the entire aircraft.) When the APU Gen is tripped offline, the system senses that the swit
  6. If you're going to be doing very much of this kind of work, you might want to consider something like: http://www.dcskneeboardbuilder.com/ It makes short work of importing, grouping and placing pages in kneeboards for everything or for specific missions or aircraft. All I have to do is get the document that I want imported formatted to suit my purpose and this utility does the rest.
  7. Final verdict on the X56 Rhino HOTAS. It's junk and I'll be the proud and happy owner of a brand new Warthog the day after tomorrow. I've spent 5 days trying to get it to work as advertised. The fact is I can fly a little as long as I don't need to be very precise. The stick is so sloppy and spongy feeling that I really can't use it. The controls (switches, knobs, buttons, etc...) are so poorly laid out that most of them are unusable. There are no latched switches. Only momentary. That could be remedied within the software if it weren't completely useless, but even if I got it to work, the phy
  8. I just bought an X56 Rhino on Amazon. I had some reservations because it wasn't a Prime item and the price was about $20 less than every other one I saw. It's new, but I guess it's an older (blue) model. Can't say I'm terribly impressed. I never am with any Logitech product. The software is useless for DCS and the physical units look and feel cheap. Lots of slop in the stick, the buttons and hats are very poorly placed and I'm only able to use 1 of the 3 modes. I didn't have $450 (plus pedals) for a Warthog or I would have bought it instead. In researching HOTAS I discovered that both Amazon a
  9. In TrackIR, look at the profile you're using and you'll see where the CENTER, PAUSE, etc... commands are listed in a drop down box (above and to the left side of the graph window). Next to it is a button labeled with the key that triggers that command. Click the button and press whatever key you want to use. A lot of people use 5 on the Num Pad. Then you can also assign a switch on your HOTAS (or other controller) to do the same thing in the DCS config utility. Here's a link to a REALLY good video that helped me a lot.
  10. I've been having no problem getting the engines up and running. If you're rolling on startup, maybe need to make sure throttle lever is in idle position. It doesn't take much to get this bird moving. That master caution is normal. The way I handle it is by adjusting my checklist so that the AC Gen switches are in the ON position prior to engine start. Then when the L Eng gets up to speed, the L Gen will will take over and set the APU Gen offline. (That's what generates a Master Caution because the system knows that the switch is still in the ON position.) At this point I just switch the APU Ge
  11. Ok, crab. I have 3 questions. 1. When I look at the programming options for some of the controls, I see "Latched" at the top of the list. What does this mean? 2. How exactly do I get DCS to see and read the profiles created with the Logitech software? 3. If I go to the trouble to set everything up with the Logitech software, will I be able to finally use all 3 modes? * Of those 3 questions, #2 is probably most important. Nothing I've done so far in Logitech has made any difference in DCS. Thanks for any help.
  12. I'm starting with the A-10C, but I can see how a lot of the more basic functions would apply to almost any bird. I've got a few things figured out, like flight controls, trim, flaps, gear, speedbrakes, wheel brakes... Still got some tweaking to do to get it all nice and smooth, but it's usable. I managed to complete the takeoff and basic flight maneuvers mission. Not very good, but good enough for now. I'll watch the WAGS video and see if I can learn something new. As far as the Saitek software is concerned, I gave it the old college try, but it's pretty much useless for DCS. Nothing I di
  13. Yeah, I kinda think I have an idea of what the Logitech software is supposed to do, but they really didn't document it very well. I'd like to be able to get set up so I can use the modes. Maybe 1 for ground stuff like startup and taxi. Another for general flight and nav. And the last one for weapons and combat. Just a general idea floating around in my head at this point, but I'll get it sorted out a little at a time. I'm really surprised that there isn't some sort of basic template profile for DCS somewhere. Everything in my Logitech and DCS is blank for both the stick and throttle. I won't b
  14. :helpsmilie: Ok. So I'm very new to DCS. I just got my X56 HOTAS and I'm trying to understand what I need to do to get all set up. Logitech provides some programming software and a profiles pack. The documentation about exactly how to use it is lacking in detail, to be very kind. There is no base profile for DCS, but there is a profile named Lock_On_X5x. I have no idea what's in it. Then DCS has its own set of configuration settings. My confusion has to do with whether or not I need to load/create and configure/adjust a profile within the Logitech software specific to DCS, but general i
  15. I've only had DCS for a little over a week. I bought the A-10C and the training modules while they were on sale, but I didn't have TrackIR until yesterday and didn't have a joy stick until today, so I've been working on reading the manual and trying to get the cold start procedures down pat. What I discovered is that to use the radio(s) you have to select the one you want on the intercom panel. I had the same problem as the OP when I tried to contact ATC to request start up. Everything greyed out and no response. I reached over and clicked on the button for the AM radio (labeled VHF) and voila
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