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  1. Yep just tested it. I used the same very simple own made mission which i've done 100 times now. Except this time the 105's land a few hundred meters from aim point.
  2. Just Meme-14 things. Was the ECM blinking thing ever sorted ? Probably not. Just meme-14 things.
  3. Oh i listened to the vlog. The guy very specifically repeats numerous times , that THE F14 as a whole was designed for the soviet bomber thread. .... Meanwhile in DCS
  4. "The F14 was designed for the soviet bomber threat " "If you had aggressive fighters out there you had a problem" Meanwhile in DCS .....
  5. It pains me to see OP only plays a few games. When you get that nice new rig, do me a favor: You MUST play Read Dead Redemption 2. It is ... magical. And do it on an nvidia graphics card because DLSS is awesome.
  6. That's quite an essay. (copy pasted from a word document i'm guessing, it's quite a b^tch when the server logs you off when you click post isn't it . And indeed, it's also REALLY off topic. You are quite the skilled pilot apparently. I do ok'ish myself as well though (don't make me post my 'kd' please, so stop right here), so i respectfully decline the tips and tricks if you don't mind. Back on topic (i thought we were done a while ago but apparently not) I'm curious what this trail entails, how it suddenly appeared now after years, and if HB will share the information. Unless DCS developers have a special status where they have access to classified information of course.
  7. I see,.... the trail has already lead to a confirmation? Anything you can share about it ?
  8. Kind of a weak argument. "Prove that god does not exist" ... yeahhh ok. Heatblur could build lasers into the phoenix missile and i would not be able to disprove it. HB have 'held the line' for quite a while about the phoenix not going active on their own. But reading this (yet another) thread about F14 owners making all kinds of "you can guess we don't mind" arguments, i could literally feel it happening. I could actually feel that they would turn around and just go 'fck it because they won't stop whining about it ' . And when i saw it happening, to me it kind of felt like the Epstein 'suicide' thing, just hilariously obvious. (again , to me at least, opinions may vary!) And please, i understand it. The amraam and other missiles have been changed many times because of whining. I personally just don't buy the "we suddenly found a trail that will probably mean you get what you want". If there is evidence that the phoenix actually did go active i would be very interested to read it though. Maybe HB can provide it once they figured out more. Anyway, will the MK60 also go active on it's own by the way ?
  9. Ok you keep going at it i see. Bringing in another topic and lying about me, again. Here is the exact DM i sent you, please point me to the 'name calling' you liar : =============================================================== Your friend is 1 feet from the ground, and are these missiles ever tracking at all ? Looks like they are going dumb right off the rail, and/or getting run into the ground. A bit more distance and altitude try for yourself, try to properly notch that ancient MK60 it's more difficult than nothing an modern aim120. I honestly think if you were a bit more honest you'd admit that the MK60 is borked and it's seeker overperforming insanely for such an old shitty missile . But since you're an F14 pilot , you never will . These 'tests' only prove it ===============================================================
  10. Freedom of thought and freedom of expression is important guys. Peace out
  11. 1 That does not really represent "most"
  12. The apple fanbase is kind of crazy. (timestamp) : I think apple can literally do whatever they want and their fanbase will still revel over it.
  13. You're just catering to your buyers and from a business point of view that's completely understandable. It's a bit tricky though in the simulator business but your buyers are happy and that's the most important thing i guess. You caved to the pressure. I mean come on it's pretty clear. I honestly saw this coming from the very first "aim54 should go active on it's own" thread over a year ago. It was just a matter of time At least Ironmike is can also laugh about it judging from his comment
  14. "we found a "trail" that will PROBABLY lead to the desired changes" Absolutely did not see this coming /s
  15. What i meant is, the bigger the 'margin of error' between the closure rate of the (missile vs ground) and the (missile vs aircraft) , this in effect also widens the 90 degree angle a bit. So if you could set a margin (tolerance) in the closure rate you can effectively also widen the 90 degree angle. p.s: I just did some more amraam notching. Because after watching the tacviews i find out that notching them for a short period is not that hard. But they do re-aquire a lot, and because of the drained energy (low speed) they have to lead so much they just fizzle out. In a server that is enough to let your own missile go active and bail or terrain mask or whatever. But, admittedly notching an amraam over the ocean, and keeping it there the whole way ... not so easy as i initially thought anymore. I just wish the F14 A.I would shoot at me in TWS mode instead of STT all the way so i can test more with phoenix
  16. seeker performance we've been talking about it the whole time. Notching aim120 is REALLY easy. Notching MK60 is .... fubarred and damn near impossible. I also watch a crapload of tacviews, does it even go after chaff ever ? I see the aim120 do weird crap and miss for no reason all the time. The MK60 (again, it's SUPER OLD) grabs on like a bull-terrier and doesn't let go. If you come up with some decent video/tacview showing that it is not harder to notch an MK60 than an Aim 120 (note here, it SHOULD be EASIER but whatever i'll settle for just as hard) , i'd like you and me to go in a server and have you shoot some phoenixes at me. Because I'm not to proud to be told i'm doing something wrong, but unless notching a phoenix should somehow be done differently than notching every other missile .... Is there some secret trick that makes it different from notching other missiles ? Because again, notching 120's is REALLY easy. But with that super old MK60 it's always a shitshow of disappearing RWR signals , or relentless laser locks for some reason. @Naquaii I do not know if the 'notch angle' is programmable by developers but i honestly think heatblur should have a look at their MK60 and compare it with the aim120 to see what's up. Is there a value that you guys set and if so could you tell me what it is and what the aim120's 'number' is ?
  17. How do i now a 70 year old missile should not outperform a modern missile in every way ? Well, do i really need to answer that ?
  18. 3090 big baller club welcome to master race.
  19. Yes yes phoenix missile is never at fault, everything else always is. p.s: I would really hate it if they actually 'buffed' the aim120 to a point where it becomes basically un-notchable. It's a big part of the gameplay. So once again, in the "DCS universe" AND in real life, there is no way an antique 70 year old missile should outperform a 'modern' missile in every way. It's just ridiculous. I go eat now
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